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Review of Ad Rotators: What are they and are they good for Affiliate Marketers?

By Sandi Hunter

Ad or URL Rotators have become popular recently but are they good for your affiliate marketing business?

First though, what is an Ad Rotator (also called URL Rotator) ?

Simply put, an Ad or URL Rotator allows you to submit one or more URLS to be added to a rotation for advertising purposes.
Your Ad/URL then appears in rotation with other participating URLS, either on one site, or a number of sites.
Your ad is not static and does not appear all the time, it gets exposed or shown/viewed in random order along with all the other URLS entered.

Benefits of URL Rotators.

Low Cost.
Using a Rotator is very inexpensive advertising. The cost goes up for the amount of time your ad appears in rotation, the number of URLS you can submit, and the number of sites included in the system. In general, the bang for your buck is very good. Expect to pay about $20 to $50 depending on the type and terms of the Ad Rotator service.

Affiliate marketers have long relied on low cost methods of advertising like safelists, banner ads, solo ads and so forth. Ad Rotators open up a larger market and increased exposure especially if your Ads appear on a number of sites, not just one site.

Time Saver.
By participating in an Ad Rotator that includes your Ad on a number of sites, you save a tremendous amount of time by just having to enter your Ad one time.

Target Marketing.
If you want to sell leads, opportunities, traffic, or low cost products and services to a home based, affiliate type audience, you can’t go wrong with Ad Rotators.

Easy To Use.
Rotators are extremely easy to use. Essentially you just enter the Title of Your Site and the URL of your site.
The system does the rest to enter your ad into the rotation cycle for the advertising term specified.

What to be aware of..

1. Make sure you are provided with some type of stats or interval reporting to indicate the exposure for your ads, and the click rate.
This is very helpful and valuable information to you as an Advertiser. Any reputable provider should include this for advertisers, it’s vital data.

2. Ideally you should be provided with a list of websites, either before ordering and or after to show you where your Ads will appear. It’s an added exposure benefit if your ad will rotate on many sites not just on one website.

3. If you are given the opportunity to change your Ad/URL without cost during your advertising term, that is ideal. That way you are not locked into promoting just one affiliate link, you can swap it our for another if you like.

In conclusion, Ad Rotators are very good advertising value for Affiliate Marketers.

If you are looking for recommendations, here is a URL Rotator that we highly recommend.
You can enter up to 5 URLS for ONE YEAR of Advertising. Your URLS show up on over 1500 sites 24/7.
This Rotator actually takes a snap shot of your website so both your Ad and an image of your site appear in the rotation.
Price is great at $37 at the time of writing this, although it may go up as the service is very popular and a cap will be introduced to limit the ads.

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Affiliate Marketers: Here’s 10 Easy Ways to INCREASE your commissions!


Internet marketers are always hungry to make more sales – and to make MORE money.

Making money means not just more promotion, but SMART promotion that gets you results!

Here’s ten easy ways to do just that.

1. Promote your Affiliate program with a landing page or squeeze page – never your website.

Most Affiliate programs offer you a ready to use landing page for generating leads. This is ideal as it should include a compelling offer to get people to fill out a lead form. Websites are sometimes multi-purpose and are not usually as effective for generating leads as is a landing page dedicated to that ONE affiliate program. Using a landing page for EACH of your Affiliate programs is far more powerful than a one size fits all approach.

2. On every landing page or squeeze page include an OPT-IN Form for your Autoresponder, Newsletter, or Aweber or Get Response List.

Why? You can generate both a LEAD and get a new subscriber for your email marketing list, at the same time! Double the benefit!

Your lead may not proceed with the offer on the table, but encouraging them to subscribe to your email marketing list means you can send future offers. Then you can use services like Aweber or Get Response to email them with your other offers, follow up emails etc. More on this below, it’s really important to increasing your sales.

3. It’s CRITICAL to include an Offer on your landing pages.

Not a boring, yawn-inducing offer but an EYE-POPPING, BLOW YOUR MIND offer! You and me and everyone else in the world likes a good deal. We respond to benefits, we want to know what we are going to get and why we should get it right now. That’s where a benefit-laden headline comes in followed by a scintillating offer that motivates action. Offers entice people to take action NOW. The better the offer the better your results will be. Without an offer your landing page is just like so many others out there without any juicy meat to get the bite. “Free” is the most motivating offer of all. Risk free and No Obligation offers get more bites than any others bar none. Be clever, be believable but get that lead! Test your offers, tweak them. Ditch the dud ads and rewrite till you get a formula that works.

4. Add a personal bonus to your offer. By including your own bonus you make a great offer an irresistible offer!

This makes your offer more authentic when you, a real PERSON are making the offer and promising something extra. It’s like offering a child an extra scoop of ice cream! The first scoop is so good, the second FREE scoop is mouth-watering!

Don’t give people any reason to say no to your offer. All you have to do is include something like this.

To get your Special Offer, fill out the form. When you have done so, just email me at xxxx to get my personal added bonus to THANK YOU for your time.

** Not sure where and how to get offers and bonuses? See # 10 below.

5. Build your email marketing list.

By including on all your landing pages an optin form, you are smartly building your mail marketing list.

Failing to build your own email marketing list is the BIGGEST mistake new affiliate marketers make. When you own a list or have access to a legitimate email list, you have access to a list of buyers. If you are not growing an email marketing list you are throwing away one of the best and most powerful ways to earn online. Think about it this way. Why do well known people like Oprah ask you to sign up for their newsletter on the website? Easy! To get you on a list. Why do they want you on a list? So they can send you stuff including special offers and products to buy.

Do you see the value of YOU having access to your own growing email list?
By being the LIST OWNER you become the SELLER not the BUYER. I hope a lightbulb is going off in your head right now! If it is, your future and your profits from affiliate marketing are looking a whole lot brighter already!

Being a list owner allows you to send offers, and promotions out to a growing list of interested people in your target market. So then it doesn’t matter if your affiliate programs change you still have access to your own list of people that you can email your NEW affiliate links, new offers, product launches etc. Understanding this ONE concept and implementing it will help take you from earning a little to having the potential to earn a whole lot more!

6. Be a real person, a genuine marketer, not a robotic email blaster.

Brand yourself. Include your photo, your name and contact details on your offers. Make it your goal not to just get sales but to build trust relationships with your buyers. The best way to get repeat sales is to be a nice guy or gal. Deliver on what you promise, follow up, do your best to make sure your buyers are happy. Respond to email and inquiries and complaints quickly to resolve problems quickly.

7. Stop buying cheap, garbage advertising.

You know what I’m talking about you’ve seen them in your inbox. The offers for a year of traffic for $5. Or 5,000 Double Optin Subscribers for $10. Buy advertising from trusted sources. A reasonable price for quality leads (not harvested recycled, computer generated leads), is about $3 each. Beware of leads mass produced by shady vendors using bots to create lists that look real but are fake. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to use an Ad Tracker. When you run a promotion, track the ads, look for strange trends that giveaway fakes like identical IP addresses, similar name styles and data entries. if you get leads with phone numbers actually call a few to see what the response is if any. If you have control over your leadpages, add in a Captcha like the free one offered by Google. By requiring that a Captcha (puzzle) be completed prior to form submission, insures it’s a real person filling out the form and not an automated bot.

8. Expand your marketing reach.

Too many marketers have one or two places they like to promote and they stop there. Expand your marketing reach by testing Safelists, Exchanges, Ad Swap sites. Safelists are a very good low cost place to advertise, for best results do the low cost upgrade so you can post more and don’t have to surf / view ads to earn free ad credits. Rotators also offer considerable exposure for a modest cost. The best rotators are ones that rotate user ads on a number of sites, not just one site.

9. Mix it up. Use a number of methods to promote including text ads, log in ads, banner ads, forums, rotators, classifieds, signature files, article marketing, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. The more you promote the better the results. Need recommendations? See below.

10. Use a proven systematic approach for promotion to get results you didn’t even dream were possible!

Too many marketers use the “post and pray” method. They jump hot on a program one day, promote it – give up – move on to the next one – then the next. Jumping like fleas from dog to dog. They don’t ever tap into an actual system for promotion that brings consistent reliable income not just today but for the long term. I’m talking about a system that pulls in effective use of landing pages, lead tools, email marketing lists, SEO, article marketing, social media tactics, branding, ebooks, bonus offers, traffic generation and training all with support and help as needed. Most affiliate marketers make small amounts of money from this or that program. What they don’t realize is that a whole lot more money can be made consistently for the rest of your life if you tap into a system that provides a way of generating constant leads, traffic and sales from a number of reputable sources. Everything talked about in this article is what we teach and provide to our Members. The key is having access to legitimate income programs, recommended trusted advertising sources, sales closing offers, a proven marketing system to implement, a go-at-your-own-pace training program to follow, and help and support when you need it. Affiliate marketing is easy to start. What isn’t easy is knowing how and what to do to earn good money as a marketer. Notice I didn’t say “get rich”. You will never hear us say that. We teach you how to earn online by offering you HELP not HYPE. For over twenty years now, Worldprofit has been helping people worldwide make solid consistent income by providing the tools, resources and training to not just DO affiliate marketing but to make real money at it – today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

About the Author

Sandi Hunter, is Co-Founder and President of Worldprofit Inc. Started in 1994, Worldprofit has helped people worldwide grow their own online business with comprehensive training, support and resources from newbies to more seasoned affiliate marketers.

Note: If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

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