Affiliate Marketers! Here’s 5 Things you can do right now to increase your sales!

1. EXPAND your promotions.
Too many marketers promote to just one or two places.
You will get better results if you expand your promotion to more places including Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and Classified Ad sites.
Use a password management tool like RoboForm to save your passwords so you aren’t wasting time entering passwords over and over again.

2. Target it! Some promotion sites allows you to target specific countries so your promotions will only be seen in the countries where you can sell to.
By targeting specific countries you will get more bang for your advertising buck.

3. Mix it up. Vary your ads by content and subject line. The best ads are short, punchy, easy to read. Lead with a catchy subject line then make your copy full of benefits. Tell people what they will get, if they act now. Test your ads for click rate. If you see certain subject lines are getting better click rates, then take notice of that, vary the words you use to keep it fresh. Short subject lines are best. Keep your content brief too. Point form is ideal, use formatting and spacing to keep it easy to read.

4. Schedule promotions! If you are using an autoresponder or newsletter service like Aweber, be sure to use the scheduled mailing features. It’s a great time saver. Just enter your newsletter copy and schedule the dates to send it out. This way you spend 15 minutes entering your ads to go out over the period of time you specify.

5. Optin-baby! Always include an optin for your newsletter on any sales copy you send out. That way you generate leads at the same time as you are growing your own email marketing list. A list is pure gold because your offers may change but you will always have a list of prospects.

That’s it for now. Happy promoting.

Sandi Hunter

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