Are you a lazy affiliate marketer? Here’s 4 EASY ways to start putting more money in your pocket.

Let’s face it. We are all a little lazy when it comes right down to it.

Promotion can be boring. You know that the only way to generate leads and sales is by promoting though. So what’s a lazy marketer to do?

Here’s some sure-fire strategies you can use to make sure your promotion gets done quickly leaving you more time to do other fun stuff.

1. Use a Password Manager program like RoboForm to reduce the time you fumble around looking for passwords. Autoform filling and managing your passwords instantly saves you time every you promote. RoboForm has been around for years, safe, secure, easy to use, low cost.

2. Set at least 30 to 45 minutes aside every day to do your promotions. Use a tool like Worldprofit’s link manager to store all your favourite promotion sites in one spot for quick instant access. Being organized will save you time too!

3. For Bloggers you can use an automated blogging tool like HootSuite to promote to all your blogs and social media at one time. Or better yet use Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger system, it’s simpler to use and costs far less.

4. Use an Automated Text Tool like JitBit so you can save your ad copy as short cut keys. For example if you have 10 ads you use on a regular basis, you can use a key code to paste the copy quickly. This is a HUGE time saver that I use all the time. For example I might just type, SSS* and that keycode instantly pastes my ad copy out. No need to type your ads out over and over and over again. Jit Bit is great for ad titles, ad copy, and URLS. There is a minimal cost for Jit Bit, and easily one of the most valuable time saving tools affiliate marketers can use daily.

There you have it. Four easy ways for even the laziest of marketers to tend to their promotions to keep those leads and sales coming in!

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