Congratulations to ANTHONY SLATE for being our Featured Worldprofit Member.

Anthony Slate
Anthony Slate

You may have already seen Anthony Slate in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center. In this interview he shares a little about himself and his experiences at Worldprofit as both a long time Platinum VIP member and a dedicated Monitor. While growing his own successful business, Anthony has been giving back to our home community by serving as an elite member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team. In addition to growing his own online business, Anthony has helped so many others around the world do the same by utlizing Worldprofit’s training and earn-at-home income system.

1. Anthony, can you share a little bit about yourself? Your background? Experience?

My name is Anthony Slate. I am 42 from Rochester NY. I have my own house of 8 years. I have no brothers or sister. I have a Goddaughter Vanessa she is turning 14 next month. I been working online for over 5 years but never starting making money till I joined Worldprofit over 4 years ago. I pretty much learned everything I know about making money online from Worldprofit.

2. How long have you been with Worldprofit? What keeps you motivated?

I have been with Worldprofit for over 4 years. What keeps me motivated is knowing every day is a new day and its never the same – I love it.

3. Are there any specific tools or resources provided by Worldprofit that you use to build your business or improve your understanding of online marketing?

The training is the best that you will find online. From a newbie to an experienced marketerer. I love having my sales closed for me. There is so much good I can say about Worldprofit. All the tools and resources are top notch.

4. What do you enjoy about being a Monitor? What have you learned?

What I enjoy about being a Monitor is helping others get started with their business and closing sales for the Worldprofit community I love. Being a monitor for over 4 years I have learned so much about marketing and telling others what I have learned about my positive experiences.

5. Based on your experience as a long time Member, do you have any suggestions for new Worldprofit members just getting started building their business ?

The number one thing I can say to all new members is to follow the training and do exactly what George Kosch says in the vidoes every day and follow your ad tracker. It all works when you stick with it.

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