It is our pleasure to feature Mr. William Buck in our Member Spotlight!

William Buck
William Buck

Worldprofit’s Featured Member is…

It is our pleasure to feature Mr. William Buck in our Member Spotlight!

William is one of our elite Monitors and a long time loyal Platinum VIP Member for the past five years.
He started as a Silver Member to get his business off the ground, then he decided to train to be a Worldprofit Monitor so he could better learn actively about online sales and help others in Worldprofit’s Home Business Community. As William’s business grew he decided to get more serious about online marketing and upgraded to Platinum VIP Membership.

You may have already met William in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center where he helps people from around the world – from all walks of life, take the first step to changing their life by starting an online business. William faced some difficult challenges in his own life but he didn’t let that get him down. Instead he made the decision to join Worldprofit, to learn about online marketing, and focus to work hard to grow his own online business. Today, by making that decision, William is a successful internet business owner. William is also changing other people’s lives by volunteering as a Worldprofit Monitor. In that role, he introduces others to the opportunity to use the tools and resources offered at Worldprofit to start their own online business.

I asked William to share a little bit about himself and what brought him to Worldprofit.

Here’s what he had to say.

“I was sidelined from work due to back problems. My spine went out on me and I was down on the floor for over 8 hours. But I did not stop or give up, for I knew there was something out there that I could do. So my wife got me a computer and I began to look for a new way to earn not willing to give up. I was still having severe pain with my back but I was determined to continue to effect a positive change in my life. With my computer I was able to find Worldprofit and with the help of the Worldprofit staff, I was able to learn, I felt empowered to move forward.”

I asked William if he had any advice for others just getting started, or who are fearful about started their own online business.

“When someone tells you NO or tells you to give up, step up to the plate and say YES I can and I WILL. Don’t give up.
Some of you may have problems of your own, or you may have debilitating back problems like me. Don’t feel defeated, instead let it empower you to go for the goal in your life. I was cobbled together with titanium in my back… but I had unequalled resolution in my mind. The Lord is my shepherd and I rose to the task at hand. You can too.”

Ready to change your life? Start your own online business?

Connect with William Buck for honest, reality-based assistance.
Phone# 502-298-2004
Let William help you grow your own online business. Believe in yourself.

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