Updates from George Kosch, Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp

We have some exciting new updates for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members!
Read on to see how YOU benefit from these new free services!

1. The Article Publisher is ready!

We have now made it easy to instantly add ALL of the articles
in the Article Directory to your website! Articles that you can use in your blogs to build content and backlinks to your
site. This is a critical key component for generating traffic to your site. Members get these unique,
timely articles (currently numbering over 100 titles) at no cost. With the new Article Publisher, these
articles (and more) can all added to YOUR site. To see the Article Publisher and get started, within your
Member area. Follow the posted instructions to quickly and easily add all of the articles to your site.
PLUS, when you do so we AUTOMATICALLY update your Site map, and your RSS feed for you –
two absolutely critical steps for search engine optimization and traffic generation.

2. New PLR Store products.

To access these login to your Member area. Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get all of these products free!
Use them for your own knowledge or sell them to collect 100% of the sales. If you are a Platinum VIP Member you also
get (at no cost) the PLR Store for installation of all products on your site for easy sales.
Details are within the PLR Store/Vault section, and click on PLR STORE link.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get them free AND these are now available for sale to
outsiders and visitors to your Website if you are a Platinum VIP member.

3. Update for those of you using the ClickBank Promo Kit.

We have just added a new STAR system to the ClickBank Promo Kit.
Those products that are marked with a gold star are the products that are the TOP SELLING PRODUCTS!

As you know the products listed are already ordered with the NEWEST products at the top.
Now you will also know which products are selling the fastest by looking for those products marked with a gold star.

Here is how to access the ClickBank Promo Kit.
1. In your member area, on left menu select CLICKBANK STORE.
2. Follow the instructions posted and DO watch the TRAINING VIDEO recorded by George Kosch to get off to a good start.

Remember, we have made arrangements so you keep 100% of the sales you earn by selling these products!

4. NEW Credit Transfer Area now ready!

GREAT NEWS! We have just added an exciting new service for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
It’s called the Credit Transfer System. This allows you to transfer credits you’ve earned in your Safelists,
to another Worldprofit Associate, or Silver or Platinum VIP Member. The purpose – to help YOU make sales!
A video overview of the system will be added later today.

5. Last week’s Advanced Home Business Bootcamp Training, in case you missed it was all about blogging,
article marketing, and SEO Strategies!

The latest new Bootcamp Advanced Training Video is posted under “Training” on the top menu.
Be sure to watch it for some great advanced tips on how to get “organic” traffic to your blogs
and hence Website! Easy to learn and very profitable in the long run.

6. Reminder of the next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training on Friday Jan 28th at 10 AM CT with George Kosch.

Finally, Members, if you have any questions, contact our Support Team by submitting a Support Form linked in your Worldprofit Member area.
Our team is here to help you and happy to do so.

Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online.
Details at

Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, session on Jan 21, 2011.


George Kosch, Instructor for Home Business Bootcamp started with the Beginner’s Session.
Worldprofit welcomed a number of new Members recently, and many took advantage of today’s training to learn how to earn from home.
Time was spent reviewing the bootcamp levels necessary to be completed in order to graduate as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.  
George showed on-screen the exact tasks that new members need to do to get off to a good start and on the road to earning online from reputable sources.
After answering questions from Members, George concluded the Beginners Session.  
For those Members unable to attend the live training, the session was recorded so can be viewed later today with the Member area.

Following the Beginners Session, George moved on to a specialized training session for Members who have graduated from the basic training and earned the designation of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.
Today’s training focuses on SEO Strategies, Article marketing, and Blogging, all three being critical components for building an online business.

Bootcamp Topics included:

-WordPress Blogs
-Mango Blogs
-SEO Tools accessible by Worldprofit members
-Article Marketing – The Article Directory and the Article Publisher (free for all Worldprofit Members)
-What you need to know about the major search engines and getting your content indexed
-How to generate more traffic using tools included in your member area.
-The Free Promo Code Center – free advertising for Member access
-Business building strategies that work.
-Recommended Marketing Tools

Comments from today’s Bootcamp Training Participants

Annette:  Wonderful as always George thank you.
Anik: I will really like that George !!!!!
Wayland: Thanks George – you always get me energized to go a little further
Lance: Awesome, I was wondering how that worked
Allan: George. I love how you take this things and breaks them into pictures easy to understand, and REMEMBER!
Wayland: Blog – what we are looking at – it is the best
Lance: Very Nice
Arvell: great!
Mary:: Thank you George and have a great weekend
Lothel: Thanks George!  Very informative as always!
Lance: Hooah!  Great Training!
Susan: are you going to be doing this type of session on a weekly or monthly basis
Gregg: Thanks, George
Anik: Thank you George for this great training
Jonathan:George Thanks that was ausome have great weekend
Allan: WOW! Great training again George. Thanks a lot.
Wayland: Thanks George, Sandi, Justin and everyone else behind the scenes making this all work!
Jonathan: Well Said Wayland huge thanks from me as well

Thank you to each of you who attended the Live Training!
We appreciate your comments, feedback and for using the training we provide.
Your input helps us develop and refine services for the benefit of all Members.
We look forward to seeing you at next week’s Home Business Training Session

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Worldprofit Support Services
The Online Home Business Experts
Celebrating our 17th year in business in 2011.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, Marketing Expert at Worldprofit Inc.



If you missed today’s LIVE online Home Bootcamp Training with George Kosch – you missed a tremendous demonstration of how to earn from home.

George started with the Beginner’s Session with step by step instructions to get all our New Members off to a good start at building their home business.

Following this, he moved into the Advanced session with Bootcamp Training Level 2 which is for the graduates of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.

George demonstrated use of the tools and strategies that Members have access to,  showing on screen exactly what he does to generate traffic and sales .

He took questions from participants throughout the program. We had nearly 70 people in today’s interactive training sessions lasting nearly 2 hours.

He concluded with a preview of the new Design Layouts which will be released in coming weeks for the benefit of all Silver and Platinum Members.

Participants got a peek at just one of the new Design Layouts which will have more integrated options, added Social Networking capabilities, the new Article Directly plugin and much more. 

Thank you to all who attended today – we know YOU are ones working hard and who are serious about building your online business. You are the ones showing the courage to learn new skills, then roll up your sleeves and get busy! Bravo!   

If you missed the LIVE session you missed the chance to ask your questions directly to marketing and technical expert, George Kosch AND  get immediate answers.

You missed the opportunity to learn and exchange information with other members of Worldprofit Home Business Community.
The LIVE session was recorded and is now posted to your Member area so Members can watch at your convenience.
George will be LIVE again Friday Jan 21st for his next Bootcamp training at 10 AM CT.
Mark your calendar and make 2011 the year you earn from home following the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.

Here are just a few comments from participants.

Susan: this is fantastic…..
Mari: I like it 🙂
Mary: Awesome!!!
Scott:: ohhhhhhhhh ahahahahahah  eeeeeeeee
Neil: great way to monitize!
Wayland: gimme! gimme! gimme!
Heidi: Wow.. That’s really great.. 🙂
Jonathan: Holy Smoke thats wicked
Tony: Great stuff as usual
John: Thanks for everything George -  you da man!!!
Heidi: Thank you George..It’s been very interesting
Charity: Thanks George…Great Training as always!!!
Lou: Bag of gold, Thank you
Wallace: Well Done George, Carry On!
Alun: Brilliant, George. So many things to think about….. Have a great weekend
Tony: Folks Worldprofit is the real deal. You have to work it.
Tony: I appreciate the knowledge I get from you. You, Linda and Worldprofit are the reason for my success.
Heidi 🙂 VERY educating

We hope to see current Members next week at the LIVE training session! Our new and improved webcast center accommodates more participants and enhanced video and screen sharing options.

Not a Member yet? Get a free Associate Membership at



Worldprofit Inc. The online home business experts
Now in our 17th year of business!

The # 1 MARKETING MISTAKE that 90% of Marketers are Making. Are you doing this?

By Sandi HunterI’ve been an online marketer for nearly 18 years, my business partner has been marketing on and offline for over 30 years.

 I’m going to tell you what we’ve learned and know for a fact so you get better results from your advertising NOW.
If you are like most marketers you have a snazzy website that you either spent good money on or you have laboured to build yourself.
Now all you have to do is promote it. Right? WRONG!
Before you spend one dime to promote your website, read this article. Don’t make the same mistake made by 90% of marketers
that costs them thousands and thousand of dollars, lost leads and lost sales.
You do NOT want to promote your website as your primary method of generating leads. Here’s why.
If your website is like 99% of those I have reviewed, it’s copy dense. You’ve got links, video, flash, offers, affiliates, graphics, pages,
charts, forms, RSS Feeds, blogs, Twitter feeds, the Daily Weather, and a little or a lot of other organized chaos.
The viewer (your potential buyer) doesn’t know here to look, what to click on, it’s information OVERLOAD.
(This is all great for key word content for Search Engine Optimization or general promotion but NOT the best way for generating leads).
The result is immediate. If they don’t instantly see what they want they click OFF. Say Goodbye to your lead!
You might as well add, “Sorry I wasn’t a little more clever about helping you get what you want so I could get what I need.”
The SMART marketer understands this and says, I want to meet the needs of  my viewers. I want to convert my viewers into leads.
That means giving your visitors a positive FAST loading experience with an immediate offer and a call to action.
This is a very precise experience with a very specific message and directive.
How do you this?  By creating what is called a Landing Page strictly for promotional purposes.
What is a Landing page?
It’s also known as a Squeeze page because you are squeeeeezing information from the viewer, converting the looker into an actual lead.
The concept is simple, pitch an offer, the looker completes a form.  They are enticed by the offer, you get a lead. You’ve converted a looker into a LEAD!
Why is the promotion of Landing Page(s) INSTEAD of your website critical?
It’s simple. Keep your potential buyers happy and YOU will get better advertising results.
Specifically, a fast-loading landing page that includes a headline with an immediate benefit and a call to action.
Example: HERE’s what you GET! Followed by punchy benefits of what else they get, concluding with an offer and a lead form.
Now, here is a critical point for all you advertisers who think graphics are the king, that more is better.
Take a  quick lesson from an experienced marketer (who is also a designer). If you do nothing else to improve your ad copy –
get rid of the fancy and weighty images. Often an overabundance of graphics detracts from your marketing message.
We have tested boring simple text ads against the exact same ad copy on a rich graphic landing page. Guess what?
The simple ugly plain text ads consistently got higher click rates than the graphical ones. We eliminated
instant play video, got rid of flash, and used just really good ad copy.  Landing pages with no video perform better than those with video.
Why is this? Videos can take a while to load and may not add immediate value to what you offer. You often have less than 30 seconds to get
your message into the brain of the viewer. Well-chosen key words get in the brain of your potential buyers IMMEDIATELY when time and
limited attention is critical.  We humans are greedy. This is a fact. We have short attention spans. We want something and we want it now.
Smart marketers recognize this and tell people what they can get and how to get it if they act now!
One of the powers of a Landing Page comes from the fact that you can create a specific Landing Page for EVERY product you offer.
You can create them quickly and test them. If you create a dud that gets no result, replace it by creating another.
Many advertising sources offer an option to pause a campaign which means you can cancel one ad and replace it with
another more effective one before your ad dollars are depleted.  Compare this to making edits to a web site that can
take considerable time for major marketing changes, while a Landing page can be put up and taken down in minutes.
Finally, remember where you are marketing – online.  Full page colour graphic ads do well in a full page print ad.
My guess is that you don’t have the 10 K + for a fully page glossy ad.  You are most likely relying on the tried true tested forms
of free an low  cost advertising like Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.  These are powerful ways to promote your product or service
and are ideal for simple Landing Pages. In fact you WANT a fast loading simply ad for Safelists and Traffic Exchanges because you have
a very limited (20 sec or less) to get these people attention.  Keeping it simple is just as effective now as it always has been.
Graphics used effectively can bring your ad alive, but very few other than professionals can master this combination of copy and graphics to solicit response.
Ok, I want to make sure I have made this point clear as it is so very important.  Use LANDING PAGES to generate leads for
specific products  or services.  Use your website to promote your company in general.
Landing Pages are ALL about the reader and turning them into a lead.  If you want to stock your website with page after page about product development,
research,  your years in business, how wonderful you are and your customers think you are, put all of that on your website.
Content about your company, products and services is of course valuable for many reasons, post it to your site but don’t rely on this as you one and only lead generator.
Now, let’s dig a little deeper into your advertising strategy.  Look at your ad or your landing page. I mean really look at it.
Do you have a clear benefit headline to get attention.
Do you follow this headline up with benefit-laden offers, reason after reason why people have to act now!
Do you include an invitation to DO IT NOW offer that will motivate your reader to become a buyer!
Or if not a buyer at least to take some action –  to respond to your offer, join your newsletter, try a free sample, participate in a free trial.
Whatever get them to DO something!
You accomplish this with well written offers not with blinking links, and boring videos that take forever to load.
Have you included an OPTIN to your company mailing, newsletter, product updates etc?  This is a CRITICAL inclusion.
A Landing page doubles as a List Building Tool.  Do not underestimate this. Landing pages and list building work hand in hand as required marketing tools.
Review your advertising material. Is it about YOU or is it about your potential buyer?
If the ad is more about how wonderful you are then about how beneficial your product or service is to the user, you have what is called an EGO ad.
Your ad should NOT be about you, or your company, or that you are family owned business, or that you support charities.
Your ad has one purpose: to tell people all the benefits of what your product/services offers and why they need to act now to get it!
Want a quick lesson in this strategy? Watch late night infomercials. See how these infomercials verbally hit you over the head
INSTANTLY with all the BENEFIT OF X product. You are drawn in more and more because they offer you X, then add Y to it.
But wait if you buy now you get X, Y and Z too!  Watch how they give you the pitch, make the offer, then make a better offer, and
then a limited time offer to motivate you into action NOW!! Great marketing offers value and a sense of urgency to get an immediate action.
Ok here is your homework.  If you don’t have an ad strategy that accomplishes this you have failed your first lesson in online marketing.
Go back write it again, take away distraction of video and flash. Whittle your ad down to ONLY what matters to the buyer.
Get back to basics. Your goal is always to compel action. Don’t risk making anyone wait to see what you offer.
Get to the point instantly. Web surfers are easily bored.  Get their attention INSTANTLY or they are gone! You may get a hit on your ad,
but you can quickly send people away with a poorly thought out advertising strategy.
Advertising that does not generate leads and sales will eat up your hard-earned dollars faster than my dog woofs down his doggie chow.
About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at http://www.Worldprofit.com
Worldprofit has become known as the Home Business Experts as a result of the company’s home business bootcamp training.

Worldprofit is pleased to announce a new value-added service for our Valued Members

We call it the Worldprofit Traffic Injection Service. You’ll call it one of the most powerful advantages of being a Worldprofit Member!

Each month, Worldprofit is providing exclusively to our Members a Free Traffic Injection.
This Traffic Injection consists of advertising credits and solo ads that you can use to promote ANY product, service, or opportunity!
The purpose is to help you get more traffic and more sales at no additional cost to you.

Silver Members receive our Basic Traffic Injection as follows:

http://www.TrafficCenter.com – 2000 visitors, 2000 banner views, 2000 text ad views
http://www.SafelisteXtreme.com  – 10,000 credits
http://www.DragonSafelist.com – 10,000 credits
http://www.UltimateSafelistExchange.com – 10,000 ad credits
http://www.TrafficAdLinks.com – 10,000 ad credits

Platinum VIP Members receive a Mega Traffic Injection as follows: 

http://www.TrafficCenter.com – 5000 visitors, 5000 banner views, 5000 text ad views
http://www.SafelisteXtreme.com – 20,000 credits
http://www.DragonSafelist.com  – 20,000 credits
http://www.UltimateSafelistExchange.com – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 5916
http://www.TrafficAdLinks.com  – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 5711

NOTE: If you are currently a Silver Member and would like to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership submit a Support form from within your Member area.
We will get back to you with cost along with details on the extra tools, software, and commission, traffic and leads included in the  Platinum VIP Membership.
We have a Limited Time Offer in place now that will save you money and provide you with $700 in free bonuses. Don’t wait and miss out. Inquire today.

It’s super easy to activate the Traffic Injection, Worldprofit Members just login and from left menu select "ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC" then click on TRAFFIC INJECTIONS.

Remember if you have any questions or need help, submit a Support form from within your Worldprofit Member area.
We are here to help you and it is our pleasure to do so.



George Kosch Developer, Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.
Come to my next Live training session Friday Dec 10th at 10 AM CT.  Beginners and Advanced Marketers Sessions.
Members access at http://www.worldprofit.com 

Not all Online Advertising is Equal. Read this to get results and keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

By Sandi Hunter

Many online entrepreneurs are using various advertising sources that do NOT produce good quality leads. It is your choice where you promote but we want to make sure you understand that all advertising is NOT equal.  Read this important information below to save yourself wasted dollars on advertising, save time and avoid blood boiling, hair-pulling frustration.

Here is a very basic but essential summary of what you need to know about online advertising.

1) Be aware of the difference between VIEWS and HITS.  Hits usually refer to someone, a person actually CLICKING on your ad.  Some sites promise to deliver hits, when really they are providing only views of your ad. This means no one actually clicks on the ad, your ad just appears somewhere lost on a page.

2) Some sites use a computer-generated script that has a computer CLICK on ads meaning you think you are getting hits, but no human has actually seen your ad. 

3) Some sites pay people a very small amount of money to complete forms. These people have no interest in purchasing and are usually not good leads.

4) Some sites deliver leads to you but the leads are names of people from countries that do not have the ability to make secure verified purchases. 

Below is a list of countries which DO provide their citizens with secure online order processing. Leads from these countries are acceptable.

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom

Every week we hear from people that tell us they are promoting all day every day but no results!  We look at their Ad Tracker stats and guess what? They are NOT advertising in reputable places. They are NOT advertising at the places we recommend and list in the Member area!   They are not getting any clicks on their Ads!   The reason Worldprofit has provided our Members with the Ad Tracker Tool is so you can post and analyse your results. This is far more effective and cost-saving then the POST AND PRAY method that many people rely on.

Below are our suggestions to get the BEST VALUE from your Advertising and Promotion Efforts.

1. The Safelists and Exchanges listed in your Member area under Advertising/Traffic are ones that we recommend for both paid advertising or credit-based free advertising. The list we provide is a GOOD place for paid ads.
YES! Safelists and Traffic Exchanges DO work and DO produce results  – if you know which ones to use – we tell you!  If you are saying to yourself, Good grief I don’t have time to earn credits in safelists and exchanges" then DON’T!  Pay for advertising at those sites. It is low cost and effective. We even provide you with ads you can use.    

2. When you get notification of a Worldprofit Associate sign up pay close attention to the COUNTRY that the lead is generated.  If the lead is not on the list of countries above, be sceptical of the quality of lead.

3. If you get a an Associate sign up that has bogus letters entered or a fictional name, then just disregard the lead. It is a person or a computer bot wasting your time. 

4. Use your Ad Tracker tool that we provide FREE for your use in your member area.  If you purchase advertising somewhere and you get ZERO hits tracked on your Ad Tracker  then you KNOW that advertising source is NOT a good one.

5. If you want to check with our Worldprofit Support Team BEFORE you buy paid advertising from a source we don’t have on our recommended list, you can submit a Support form request.  We will be happy to provide you with some advise.

6. Follow the steps of the online Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training, and attend the Live Weekly Training Sessions with George Kosch.

7. If you are a new Marketer, avoid placing ads at Google unless you know what you are doing and have a considerable budget.

8. The Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training in the good hands of Instructor George Kosch teaches you many ways to build your online business incorporating a number of tested strategies, low cost advertising sources, link tools, promotion vehicles, and software to automate the process. Don’t expect to learn this stuff overnight, you won’t. Be realistic and build your online business over time. 

The bottom line is this. One of the fastest way to DOOM your online business, is buying paid ads in places that don’t produce good quality leads. You may think,  "I am advertising and promoting but not getting results!" But know this:  If your ad is not being seen by real people at a reputable advertising source you will be out of money and make NOTHING!   Be wary and wise when purchasing online advertising.   Save yourself from wasting your money and the frustration.

FINAL WORDS:  Worldprofit offers you training every week to help you avoid problems like this. PLEASE come to the training.
Listen. Learn and apply what we teach you.  We ONLY Tell you to do what we KNOW works because we are DOING IT. You can too. 



The Author:

Since 1994, Sandi Hunter has been the the Director of Website Development at http://www.Worldprofit.com
Research, development, customer service and online marketing are Sandi’s areas of expertise.
Read more business-building articles at

Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Nov 26, 2010: What You Missed During Today’s LIVE Training.

Today during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Instructor George Kosch delivered step-by-step strategies for earning from home.  No hype, just solid, practical information you can use right now to build your successful online home business.  If you joined us – thank you for participating. If you didn’t join us, here is what you missed.

Master Marketer and self-made Internet Success, George Kosch covered the following topics:

-Overview of Home Business Bootcamp Levels
-Requirements to graduate as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant
-Twitter marketing
-Associates: why you want them and what you have to do to get them
-Safe List marketing – how to know the best ones
-Posting your newsletter – generating content
-Traffic Exchange Marketing – the best ones and how to know which ones they are
-Ad Traffic Tool how to use it to measure your ad effectiveness
-Social Networking Marketing – important! You better believe it!
-Blogs what you need to know about this popular and effective SEO Strategy
-ClickBank Marketing – sell digital products easily with our ClickBank tools
-Multiple Income Streams from reputable sources
-Backlinks, how to get ’em and why you want em!
-Promotion: What you Need to Know and why you must promote DAILY!
-Advertising Warning what you MUST KNOW about advertising. Not all advertising is equal. Don’t get burned!
-List Building:  how Worldprofit helps you with this
-Why you MUST use Landing Pages to get leads and NOT your home page

George also included an overview of Tools and software included in Worldprofit Membership

– The Banner Manager
– Ad Tracker
– SEO Promo Package
– Prospect manager
– Content Management
– The Resellers Club
– Training ScreenCasts
– Article Marketing Directory
– Twitter Promo Kit
– Money Makers Promotion Kit
– Forum Marketing
– Your Member Profile
-Traffic Injection System (release date December 2010).

And George made a really big announcement during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training!

In the next week Worldprofit is releasing a new service: The Private Label Reseller (PLR) Store.

George previewed the PLR Store today which will allow Members to sell hundreds and hundreds of digital products within their website.
The store will be stocked with products and includes regular uploads of new products – all handled by Worldprofit. The PLR Store once installed by our Techs require that you simply click to activate! Simple and Profitable.
George revealed that other companies offering a similar service with far less sophistication and automation charge $800 – $1200 !  Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members will get the new PLR Store at NO COST!
Silver Members have the option of upgrading to Platinum Membership to receive it free, or Silver members can purchase the PLR store at an exclusive Member rate. Details will be announced next week.

PLUS George teased that the NEW Super Advanced  Bootcamp Course will be ready in January and topics will include: 
CPANEL hosting, backlinking, blogs, cloud computing, SEO, themes, WordPress, Bing, Google, FaceBook and other advanced topics for marketing and building your online business.
This training will be an add-on to existing training programs included in Membership and geared to the more experienced and savvy online marketer.

Here are a few comments from today’s participants – thank you for joining us today and for your input.

Lance: Thanks for the Awesome Training, you make it easy to understand
Christopher: I am some what a newbie, I am very excited, and also your training so great
Diane: Thank you again so much George.. going to eat left overs now
Allan: Thanks Gerge
Charity: Thanks George
Carl Mortimer: Thank you
Vanda: Thanks so much for another great training program George!
Steve: Thanks George, training is awsome as always

REMEMBER!  If you missed the LIVE training, the recorded version will be posted within 48 hours to your Worldprofit Member area. Watch at your convenience from your corner of the world.
Join us next week for the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training on Friday at 10 AM CT.



George Kosch
Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, Marketer and Developer

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for November 5, 2010 now concluded

George Kosch, Bootcamp Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp just concluded nearly 2 hours of training.
Following the Beginners Session was an Advanced Training Session for those who have graduate and are now Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultants.
If you missed the training it was recorded it is now posted to your Worldprofit Member area.
Thank you to all who participated in today’s training!
YOU, our committed Members motivate us to continue to research tools and strategies that are easy to use and effective in helping you build your online business.
We appreciate your comments and your courage to try new things. You are the people rolling up your sleeves and getting busy to do the work.  Give yourself credit for your efforts.
Thank you to each of you for your feedback, comments and suggestions.
Join us next week for another session of Home Business Bootcamp we hope to have finished some developments we are working on and can then make some formal announcements.
These are just a few of the comments from participants of today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.
Michel : Thanks George. Great session again, and thanks Sandi for your support
Darian: Thanks!
Elissa: agreed, thanks! enjoyed both very much
Gregg: Great session… I’ll have to review the recording.  When will it be posted?
Diane: Phenomenal as always .. Mr. George Kosch and Sandi.. Thanks so much!
Marie: Thank u George, Have a good day !!!!
Joanne: thanks George, very good session
James:  George and Sandi – Thank you for your commitment to making Worldprofit the best program on the Internet!
Paulette : Great training — clear and thorough.
Michael: Thanks George – Great session
Mary: George and Sandi – Thanks for  everything. Training is Great
Sarah: George and Sandi – Thanks for  everything. Training is Great
Victor: thanks for the good info
Wallace: Well Done George
Myrna: WOW! what a awsome business and the training, thanks George.  ps. thanks for new safelist. Amazing.
Not a Member of Worldprofit yet? 700,000 people around the world are already Members. Let the Home Business Experts help you build your successful online business. Become a free Worldprofit Associate member at http://www.worldprofit.com

Microsoft announces blogs to be shifted to WordPress, great NEWS for Worldprofit Members!

This week Microsoft announces it is closing its Windows Live Spaces blogging platform and moving all it’s 7 Million+ users over to WordPress.com  This is a dramatic move but is a clear statement about how web users (bloggers) have made WordPress such a valuable commodity.  Microsoft has jumped all over it. 

This is what Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Windows Live Product Management had to say:

"As we looked at customers’ blogging needs and what different companies were providing, we were particularly interested in what WordPress.com is doing. They have a host of impressive capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading spam protection, to great personalization and customization. WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress.com is seen by over 250 million people every month. Not only that, Auttomatic is a company filled with great people focused on improving blogging experiences. So rather than having Windows Live invest in a competing blogging service, we decided the best thing we could do for our customers was to give them a great blogging solution through WordPress.com."

Those Worldprofit Members who are graduates of Worldprofit’s Certified E-Business Consulting Program are already familiar with WordPress. Worldprofit Inc., incorporated WordPress into it’s integrated Member services early last year.    George Kosch, Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., had this to say.

"We are really excited to learn about Microsoft’s decision to move to the WordPress blogging platform. We already have countless numbers of our Members using WordPress resources.  In a tech company decisions for corporate growth can be based on trends but sometimes they have to be based on gut, and user feedback.  Blogging has grown far faster than I originally thought possible. When we noticed how badly the web community wanted easy-to-use customizable formats for blogging and web applications we decided to move on integrating into our Member services.   We got on board with WordPress last year and were very happy with the scalablilty, the theme options, the anti-spam integration, and the oh so important search engine friendliness. As a company that helps our members build an online home business, blogging as part of this strategy cannot be ignored especially when it comes to search engine marketing.   Microsoft’s announcement reinforces for us that we are moving  the right direction.  What WordPress and Microsoft decide to better profit from ad revenues remains to be seen.  For now, what it means for bloggers, and for Worldprofit Members in particular is that applications will continue to be developed with more scope and as they are, Worldprofit Developers will continue to find ways to help our Members exploit these options for their business’ bottom line.   Already being familiar with WordPress and it’s capabilities puts our members in a very unique advantage point.

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