Worldprofit Releases New Money Makers Program

This month, as part of expansion plans for 2010, Worldprofit announced an addition to it’s home business program.

The new Worldprofit program called “Money Makers” is a result of research and evaluation of various online money-generating and traffic generating products. Those programs, products and software that pass Worldprofit criteria are approved and then posted for the Worldprofit Membership.

Members can select the products or services they wish to promote and use the accompanying Money Makers Promo Kit to do so using a variety of online marketing systems that are intiated with the click of a mouse.

Commented George Kosch, Technical Director and Instructor at Worldprofit about this recent addition. “If there is one thing we’ve learned after all these years in business, it’s that you have to make things simple and easy for people. There are so many online home business programs and products people don’t know where to start and who to trust. We took it upon ourselves to use our experience to find the programs that are effective, and of good value. We buy them, test them, and those that meet our criteria are offered to our Members along with resell rights. Members can promote these digital products from trusted vendors and earn $50 – $500 and more on resale commissions. It’s one of the advantages we offer our Members, after being in business for over 15 years we have experience but also first hand knowlege about what works and what is a waste of money. We know what to look for and can separate the gravy from the meat to pick the products that are current, in-demand, reputable and of excellent quality. Once members have products that they can sell online they need training in online marketing. That’s where we take it one step farther and provide an online Bootcamp Training program covering the basics to advanced SEO tactics.”

George added, “We service the home business market which is often part-time for extra income, most have a limited amount of money to spend and a limited amount of time to research these things themselves. People are smart but skeptical about most online home business programs. People they have come to trust us at Worldprofit to provide the training and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t saving our Members time and money, while helping them build a profitable online business.”

Worldprofit Members can login to their Member area now to view the products in the Worldprofit Money Makers Program. New products will be added as product evaluations are completed.

2010 Marks Service Expansion for Web-Business Provider Worldprofit Inc.

2010 marks not only a new year, but a kickoff to several business expansions at Worldprofit Inc.

Once known only as a website host and web development company for small business, in the last year, Edmonton-based Worldprofit Inc, has completely revamped their business model and service mandate.

Sandi Hunter, President of Worldprofit Inc., had this to say about the changes. “Over the last year we’ve worked hard to research and evaluate the tools that the small or home business owner needs to build a successful online business. We’ve analyzed what products and services are in most demand and determined the most effective and low cost methods of promoting those products and services. We had no choice. We’ve long been in the business of supporting the small and home based business owner. The economic situation has meant people have less money to spend but greater need for extra sources of income. Once a small hosting and site development firm we’ve grown into a total solutions provider. While we continue to offer domain hosting, website design and development we’ve expanded our service provision into consulting, training, search engine optimization and recommended resources. The web has changed dramatically since we started Worldprofit in 1994 and we’ve had to meet the changing needs of our customers. People come to Worldprofit looking for expert advise, legitimate sources of income, and training on how to build, promote and profit from an online business. We no longer offer only Reseller opportunities for Worldprofit services, we’ve expanded to offer a variety of digital products and resale programs from other trusted online vendors. In 2010 we’ll continue to make announcements about these partnerships as we bring on board new vendors who have met Worldprofit’s standards of excellence. One of the key changes we`ve made is to put an emphasis on training. Once people have something to sell, and the tools to sell them they need to know how and where to sell. That`s been a primary focus`, we`ve worked to expand our online home business bootcamp training, our online video training library and simplify a number of our applications.”

George Kosch, Technical Director for Worldprofit Inc., added this`about the company`s growth. “The Internet offers plenty of options and methods for making money online from the comfort of home. The problem for most people is that there are too many choices, some legitimate and some not, the average person doesn’t know where to start. The challenge is finding reputable ways to make money online with proven systems. That’s where we come in. I made it a personal challenge to buy and test a number of programs to see if they delivered on what was promised. We incorporate the best ones, the truly effective ones into Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training. Essentially we are saving people time and money by providing expert training on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to online home business programs and online promotional campaigns. You are going to see more people empowered by what the web offers by way of money making systems. Affiliate programs will continue to be popular and people will be involved in a number of programs so they can maximize their online earning potential. What we are trying to do at Worldprofit is connect people with trusted and legitimate sources of online income then provide the training, tools and resources they need to promote and build a consistent source of income.”

For more information about Worldprofit, go to

What’s included in the Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Membership?

Worldprofit Inc, offers two levels of Membership, a Silver Membership and a Platinum VIP Membership.

Both Memberships are PACKED with value! Check to make sure you are aware of ALL that is included and how you get paid! Pay special attention to ALL the various sources of income that can be generated from your Membership.

You get all of this included in your Silver Membership:

– Your own www. address and website with lead capture
– Prospect Management software
– Newsletter software and optin subscribers to get you started
– Leads to get you started
– Content Management System for editing your site
– Membership in the Resellers Club/The Vault ($400 of new resale products are added each month, use them and/or sell them)
– Advertising aids, banners, copy, landing pages, call scripts, and more
– Trusted Traffic Resources
– Access to trusted advertising resources
– The Live Business Center – people working 24 hrs a day to help close your sales.
– Lead capture, and prospect login notification
– The Offer Builder Tool
– The Magic ListBuilder Tool
-The ClickBank Store with 10,000 products ready for sale
– 24 hour Home Business Bootcamp training with online instruction, video and tools – this is the only training course of it’s kind anywhere online – accompanied with LIVE weekly interactive training.
– Ad Tracking System (exclusive to Worldprofit)
– Ability to Graduate from Bootcamp and earn title of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC)
-Search Engine Optimization Promotion Package including free 225+ backlinks tool – other companies charge extra ($50 – $500+ for these specialized SEO Tools), we know you MUST have these so have included them as part of our standard membership at no additional cost)

Both the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Memberships have a strong emphasis on Training and Support. It’s not enough to give you the tools to build your online business, you need expert instruction, proven strategies, and tested marketing resources. We’ve been helping people build their online business for over 15 years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We pass this information on to you in our 24 hour online training, supplemented by our LIVE weekly interactive online training Bootcamps. These valuable training sessions with Home Business Bootcamp Instuctor George Kosch are always packed with George showing you step by step exactly what you need to do to make money online. Key information is provided on how to use sites like Twitter, Social Networking Sites, YouTube, and search engines to get leads, traffic and ranking.

All of the above items are included FREE with your Worldprofit Silver Membership!

Upon graduation from Worldprofit Bootcamp Level 1 you can continue on to Bootcamp Level II for more advanced instruction on search engine optimization, niche marketing, article marketing, key word tools, blogging for ranking and more. Graduate from this online course and you are then a Worldprofit Masters Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC).

You also have the option of having your own Blog, Classified Ad site, Forum, or Articles Directory within your own domain! A small one time installation fee applies for these plugins.

What Worldprofit Silver Members get paid:

– 20% commission sales referrals of Silver and Platinum Memberships and related services
– 80% commission on sales of Reseller Products
– 80% commission from advertising sales at Read-4-Cash
– 100% commission on sales of ClickBank products
– 100% of the sales made from selling your own programs, affiliates, products, etc.
– Commissions of $50 – $500 and up for sale of the products in our new Money Makers Program
– Bonuses for New Sales Volume ranging from $25 – $1,000

—>>>> That’s right you earn BONUSES for new Sales Volume!

PLUS! Don’t forget you also earn an additional 5% from the sales your dealers make!

Refer to the Commission and Bonus chart in your Member area for complete details.
On left menu look for “Sales & Commission” then click on “Commission & Bonus Program.”

The Platinum Membership includes the same base items as the Silver Membership but you earn higher commissions, get more tools and resources, and also receive our complete suite of video and webcast tools. Login to your member area to see the difference, or ask about the benefits of upgrading or get a free Associate Membership at

50 People Attended the LIVE Worldprofit Home Business Training today with George Kosch

Over 50 people motivated to make money online, participated in today’s 90 Minute live training session with George Kosch from Worldprofit Inc.

George is a self-made Internet success and based on his 15+ years experience today he shared with his LIVE online audience the tools, the strategies and mind set he uses to bring in multiple streams of income using the Worldprofit Home Business System.

The training offered by Worldprofit is free to all Silver and Platinum Members, and is offered weekly to supplement the online videos and self-paced Bootcamp Training.

This is just a little of what today’s participants had to say about the training George offered today..

Carol: Thank you I am overwhelmed
Eugene: George you are fantastic
Jayme: This entire system is worth a fortune and we have access to it at our fingertips!
Barry: Thank you George
LaDawn: George you are more impressive than Shawn Casey- better training, better site and a bargain
Jayme: LaDawn, I agree with you, no hype, real world solutions.
Carol: yes it does thank you soooooooo much George
Jayme: YOU ROCK GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas: Thanks, George…
Wallace: well done george
Nancy: you’re the best!
Rahimah: THANKS. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randynn: Thanks George
Cecilia: thanks george..
Kathleen: Thanks George
Charity: thanks
Robert: Great Job George !!!
Doug: thanks
Jayme: i’m so honored to be a part of this community!
Gust: Thanks George!!

If you are a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Member and you missed today’s live training it was recorded and will be posted to the member area later today. Watch at your convenience, but whatever you do, WATCH it!

If you are not a Worldprofit member, we want to help you build your online business too! Login to your Associate member account to see the other benefits of upgrading your membership. If you don’t have a free membership get one by going to

Trust Worldprofit to help you start and grow your home business

Starting a home-based business has never been easier than it is now. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business from home, the good news is that you can get all of the training and learn from the experts at Worldprofit. For more than 15 years, co-founders George Kosch and Sandi Hunter have been successfully helping people from around the world gain the expertise and confidence they need to start their own home-based business.

Worldprofit offers complete home business training for everyone who wants to learn how to make money online. Whether you have your own products or services to sell or you want to work with Worldprofit services and/or Worldprofit Partners to sell the services they offer, the choice is yours. As a website hosting provider that is recognized as one of the largest in Western Canada, you can receive full time technical support and assistance from their development team to reach your target goals and objectives.

As you may already know, it takes more than a good looking website to run a successful home-based business. For many people, the realization that more responsibility comes with the freedom of running your own business is not quite taken to heart. Worldprofit will show you how to build traffic, grow a fantastic list and generate a steady supply of leads. You can also get expert advertising resources and assistance with converting your leads to sales.

When you’re looking for help starting a home-based business, Worldprofit is a company you can trust. An accredited business member of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau, customers from around the world have been entrusting their home-based business needs to Worldprofit and receiving the support necessary to have a successful business at home.

Making the decision to go into business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself. Worldprofit offers online training that’s available 24 hours a day to meet your needs. Their self-paced Bootcamp Training Program includes training aids, live interactive training via podcasts and webcasts and online videos. Never before has it been this easy to get started today on the road to owning your own home-based business. Imagine being able to spend more time with your family and plan your days according to a schedule that you set is a part of what owning your own business is about.

Let Worldprofit help you to take advantage of the opportunity to have your own home-based business with the technical support and expertise that you need from this reputable company. When you are looking for success in a home-based business that lets you build a solid financial future for yourself and your family, Worldprofit puts the tools at your fingertips and helps you every step of the way.

Get a free Associate member account at Worldprofit and see for yourself.

Worldprofit Ranks in Top 10 Home Business Opportunities as Reported at Alexa

This week, advanced to # 9 in the TOP 10 Home Business Opportunities as ranked by web demographics company

Says Sandi Hunter, Worldprofit Co-Founder, “We are delighted to be ranked in the Top 10 of reputable home business opportunies. To be a 15 year old web-based company and be ranked among veterans like Amway and Usana is quite an honour.”

When asked how the company believes they earned this achievement, Worldprofit Co-founder George Kosch responded, “With a lot of hard work, by listening to our customers, and by responding immediately to advances in technology. As a small company we can respond to industry changes quickly. We can only stay ahead by being on top of things so we can put in the hands of our customers the tools, products and services they can use to build a successful home business. We can’t just say to our Members ‘go do this’ we have to test strategies to make sure they work before we offer them to our Members. When we get results and are happy with those results we then offer our marketing and sales techniques to our Members. Now that we have surpassed over 500,000 Members, we have a continuous challenge and responsibility to meet the needs of those Members.”

Sandi Hunter continued by adding, “The downturn in the economy has meant that people have had to look hard and work hard to find reputable ways to make money from home and the Internet offers that. Where Worldprofit comes in is by helping people to find the right products that they can sell, then help them sell them online by providing the training, tools and resources. Just this last year, Worldprofit partnered with a number of companies so we could expand our line of marketable services to our customers. We wanted to find as many ways we could to help our Members profit from home. We did the research so they didn’t have to, then provided the products, the tools and resources we continually test and improve upon. For years now Worldprofit has offered a graduated bootcamp learning program which allows Members earn the designation of Worldprofit Certified EBusiness Consultant. It has only been in this last year though that we have seen so much interest in this program. We think partly because of the economy, and partly because Worldprofit has earned a solid reputation of having been around for over 15 years and is an industry leader in providing web-based tools and specialized marketing training.”

Interested parties can review Worldprofit’s Top 10 Ranking at Alexa below:

~Worldprofit: The Home Business Experts

Train at Home and Start your Own Home-Based Business

Years ago the train at home scenario was first introduced for people who were interested in furthering their education at a pace of their own choosing. The success of this concept has brought to the light many ways to train at home to achieve personal objectives. School is still one of the major ways that you can train at home but did you know that there is home business training that you can learn at home at your own pace as well?

Thanks to the many continued developments in home-based studies, you can gain access to valuable home business training that lets you study right from your laptop or desktop computer. Never before has there been such a great time to take advantage of home business training that gives you the tools and skill sets you need to successful start and run your own home-based business.

If you can imagine enjoying the responsibility and freedom of waking up in the morning and planning your day according to a schedule that you custom design each and every day, then home business training is the course of action you need to take to make your dreams of today materialize into your realities tomorrow. Many people who work at home will be the first to tell you that it takes something of an adventurer’s mind to get started in a home business but this is not necessarily all true because really all you need is the desire and access to the necessary resources.

Home business training starts with the basics. Perhaps this has been your hang up because you’ve felt like you didn’t know enough to have your own business at home. If such is the case, now is a great time to stop beating yourself up and to get your fingertips onto the keys of your computer and start searching for home business training that begins right where you are. Many successful home business owners started right at your station and have made their financial dreams come true by creating wealth and freedom for themselves. You can do it too.

If you are tired of a daily grind job that is making someone else rich, it’s time that you started working on making your own self rich and one of the ways you can do this is with your own business at home. Home business training will help you to build the confidence and take you through the necessary steps of going from a 9 to 5 to your own home-based business.

Believing in you is the first key to success. Whether you have a business idea or you simply have the desire to have your own business, check out the options you have for training. There may be free training available to you right now. Don’t wait until more time has passed and you’re filled with regret. Find out what your choices are and take advantage of training that puts you on top of your game. You’ll be glad that you did.

We invite you to have a look at the coaching that Worldprofit offers anyone wanting to build a home business. Since 1994, we’ve provided support, tools, training, advertising aids and more to people around the world who want to grow a home business. If you have nothing to sell we give you access to over 10,000 products – but we don’t stop there, we also give you the tools, training and resources to promote them to start building your home based income. Worldprofit offers a graduated online training program called Bootcamp. You go through the levels to learn about online marketing, lead generation, search engines, traffic tools, sales aids and more. When you graudate from the program you earn the designation of being a Worldprofit Certified Ebusiness Consultant. Generating an honest living from home is easier than you think, we have been showing people how to do it for over 15 years now. We’d love to help you too.

Get a free Worldprofit Home Business Associate Membership at


Are you a ClickBank Selling Disaster? Help is here!

ClickBank has been around a long time. The company offers fabulous digital products (over 10,000+), and tidy commissions but selling these products has been extremely difficult for the average internet marketer. We’ve heard from a lot of people who love ClickBank and the products but couldn’t sell a darn thing…. until now that is….

Worldprofit Inc., is in the business of helping people learn how to profit online from home, by earning multiple streams of income. To that end, earlier this year Worldprofit teamed up with ClickBank so that Worldprofit members could sell ClickBank products using the Worldprofit system. The online marriage has been a success with Worldprofit members reporting more sales of ClickBank products thanks to the power of the proven effective Worldprofit system. To sell ANY product you must have a reliable consistent marketing approach and that is where Worldprofit comes in and is helping frustrated click-bankers.

The latest service offered by Worldprofit is a welcome addition from both ClickBank Vendors and Worldprofit members. The reason is that now Worldprofit members can have the entire ClickBank inventory of products (yes, over 10,000 products) housed within their Silver or Platinum Website. This means ClickBank Vendors now enjoy many more ways to market their products, and it means Worldprofit Members can more effectively market the products using the tools, advertising and software offered by Worldprofit. Bottom line is this, ClickBank vendors make more money from this new promotion vehicle, and Worldprofit Members make more money by having more products to sell and ways to sell those products.

Existing Worldprofit Members can login now to see the details on the ClickBank announcement within their member area. Worldprofit is NOT charging any installation fee until Nov 1st – until then the installation of the ClickBank inventory into your Silver or Platinum site is free!

Worldprofit Members are happy to know that they get 100% of the commissions made with ClickBank, and now Worldprofit has made it even easier to get those sales right within your Silver or Platinum website.

For anyone who wants to sell ClickBank products, or who tired in the past without success, check out what Worldprofit offers, get a free Associate member account at

Sandi Hunter
Home Business Experts since 1994

Shout OUT about your business and get FREE Advertising!

If you are in any type of home business program, opportunity or affiliate program you want to SHOUT it out to the world! Now you can with a new site called:
This unique new site allows you to SHOUT out about your business – it’s free – it’s fun – and a great way to get free pmomotion.

You can promote your own business, or look for other home based businesses that you might be interested. is one of the latest releases from Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in support, training and tools to help people around the world work from home and profit from home.

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If you are an author you will want to check out this new free Article Directory. First of all, you can submit unlimited articles at no cost, but the reason you will want to do this is to:

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