Feeling Frustrated and Discouraged about your online business? 20 Ways to Get Motivated.

By Sandi Hunter

Building an online business can be tough, frustrating at times, and it can be easy to get discouraged. Know that you are not alone! Everyone who has ever had the courage to try something new, to take risk, or attempt something that is difficult has felt the same way you have at some point.

Here are some quotes from people who did not start out successful, they had to earn it like the rest of us. I hope they help get you motivated again. Print them off it like and post on your wall by your computer as you are working away turn to it in times of doubt. Hey! Make up one of your own quotes, and add it to the list with YOUR name. Maybe some day YOUR name will appear on the list with other greats of our time.

“The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.” ­ Author Unknown
(Sandi says: This one is my absolute favourite!)

“When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.” ­ Author Unknown

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” ­ T.S. Eliot Poet

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. In this life we get nothing save by effort.” ­ Theodore Roosevelt

“Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” ­ Louis D. Brandeis, Honourable Supreme Court Justice

“Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.” ­ Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” ­ A Buddhist Saying

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” ­ Robert G. Ingersoll, Poet

“We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.” ­ Helen Keller

“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.” ­ Abraham Lincoln

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do." – Henry Ford

“Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.” ­ Jacob A. Riis

“The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle­the roar of the crowd on one side and the voice of your conscience on the other.” ­ Douglas MacArthur, American General

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”­ Japanese Proverb

"Plan for gradual improvement, not spectacular leaps. . .A slow and steady stream of water will, in time, erode the hardest rock." David Campbell, Ph.D

“True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” ­ John Petit-Senn, French Poet

“The Difficult is that which can be done immediately; the Impossible that which takes a little longer.” ­ George Santayana, American philosopher and poet

"We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless. And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action." – Catherine Pulsifer

"Want to get what you want? Get up off your butt and do SOMETHING to get where you want to be! Smarter, thinner, richer, whatever. None of those things are on or near your couch." – Author Unknown.

"Put YOUR QUOTE HERE! " – Add your name to it. Why not!? Let your inspirational quote come from within. I bet this one will be THE most motivating. Create it. Post it.

About the Author
Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.

5 Critical Tips for Hosting Your Webinar like a PRO for maximum results!

By Sandi Hunter
When hosting webinars there are some very important points to consider so your audience has a positive experience and you professionally deliver the event. At my company, we use webinars daily to build our business, and there are good reasons that you should too.
There are various webinar, or webcast software and services available from a number of sources at various prices. You can host the webinar any time, from anywhere in the world. The cost to you is reasonable, and the cost to your participants can be free or at an admission price you set. Webinars can be discussion based, education or information based, sales-related, or tutorial in nature. Having a clear purpose for your webinar will help you in your preparation and marketing.
No matter what platform you use to broadcast your webinar, here are some tips to ensure a professional webinar.
1. Prepare. Before you schedule your first webinar, make sure you understand how to use the software to deliver your webinar presentation. Read through the online manuals, watch the tutorials and know how to get Technical Support should you encounter any problems. It’s recommended that you do a test run to make sure you understand how to deliver the webinar, how participants access your event, how to use any additional tools and training aids. If you are charging for your event make sure your order forms work and are secure. If you plan to deliver specific points than make sure you have either prepared presentation slides for the audience to also keep you on track or, that you have notes handy for reference as needed. In your testing phase test your camera, the sound levels and the online presentation materials for clarity, readability and errors.
2. Consider a Co-Host. Some of the best webinars I have attended and hosted, have been those with a co-presenter or host. It’s quite hard to just be on screen all by yourself talking away. It can feel like you are in a vacuum. Having a co-presenter allows you time to have a break to organize your thoughts. A co-host permits you to volley topics back and forth and make an online discussion more interesting for your audience. Don’t try to deliver all your points or information in one session. Consider a series of webinars with various topics on one theme, or consider segmented parts for a continuing series. Invite guest experts as a co-host to keep your content varied and in-demand.
3. Rules of Teaching: If you are a novice to being an educator remember some common rules of teaching. Go slow. Don’t worry about repeating critical points, it helps people learn. Summarize important points onto slides, whiteboard or visual aids. Sharing your desktop or screen allows the audience to follow along with your points. Adobe has a product called AdobeConnect that is an excellent desktop sharing program. It’s helpful to include important links for later reference by participants. Consider your audience, and their familiarity with the topic, experience, gender, background, prospect vs customer, time zone, etc.
4. Encourage Interactivity with Questions and Answers. Depending on how you format your webinar, you may either allow participants to post questions during your session for response as required. Or you may prefer to wait until the end of your presentation. For discussion based webinars, it makes sense to take questions or comments throughout your session. Interactive sessions are ones that are often the most memorable, the audience learn the most, and helps the host connect more meaningfully with the participants. The feedback you get from your participants will help you stay on track and hone your skills and topics as a presenter for your next event.
5. Record your Webinar. If your Webinar or Web Conferencing platform allows you to record the event, definitely do so. You can then archive these sessions for future use, promotion, or reference. It allows you to create a library of your webinars, and the recorded sessions add lasting power to your event long after the live session has concluded. Participants unable to attend your LIVE webinar will appreciate the convenience of watching the recorded version.
About the Author
Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.

Would you rather stick needles in your eyes then blog? 10 Ways to Make Life Easier for Bloggers with limited time and writing ability.

Ok, you know you are supposed to blog. The marketing experts agree that blogging consistently is a sure-fire way to get your site well indexed by the search engines and get those oh-so-important backlinks for your site. But let’s face the reality. Coming up with fresh interesting blog content 365 days a year is darn difficult. You know it’s important but getting started is so hard. You understand you need the value that blogging provides from search engines gobbling up your content. But how? ! How do you come up with fresh blog content and find the time. Here’s some ideas to make your life easier but also to get better results for your efforts.
1. Blog about what you know or are passion about so the words stream from your keyboard rather then having to struggle to spit out the words and put sentences together. It’s always easier to talk about something you know or care about or that is controversial then technical or dry topics.
2. You don’t have to be an expert (unless you really are an expert and offering expert content on a specific topic). Write about specifics if you can, generalities if you have to, but write about something!
3. You don’t have to be a blogger who writes with grammatical perfection. Your English teacher is not reading your blog. Stop thinking that the world is going to judge you critically if you misspell a word or don’t know all the rules of grammar. Of course you want your blog to be as good as it can be, but don’t let the quest for perfection make a 20 minute blog post take you hours to complete.  (If you find a typo in this post, I don’t want to hear about it).
4. Ideally, to get the most benefit from search engines indexing your blog, you want to blog about topics related to your products, service or business. But that can be really tough to write about just one subject every day. Try spacing out your blogs so that some are on topic for your purpose, while others are off topic, or about current events. Add in your Resource Box at the end of every post (see point 7 below).
5. Keep your blog posts short. Keep your blog to the point, itemize, organize, number points if you have to. Do what you have to do make it easy and quick for you to write and easy and quick for your readers to digest. Sometimes less is more.
6. Let the world around you be your inspiration for blogs topics. This can include songs, newspaper headlines, nature, current events, other bloggers, daily happenings in the course of your life, things your kids say or do. Get the idea. There are NO limits.
7. Always, conclude your post with a Resource Box or Author info section with every blog. Why? So that your contact info and identifying information is tagged with EVERY blog post and not tucked away on an About page. Ensure that your Resource Box includes your name, contact details, areas of expertise, and link to your site or landing page. It is also a good idea to weave your optimal key words into your Resource Box. This way the key words you want people to find you with are associated with your blog, your name, and your company. This proves beneficial if you write about something not directly related to your business, products or services, you still get the benefit of the key word content about yourself, and a backlink to your site, or landing page.
8. Sometimes it helps to start with a really catchy Blog title. Take a lesson from the newspapers. They construct clever eye-grabbing attention getting headlines to draw you in. Start with a really bold, in your face, descriptive or reaction provoking headline to get immediate attention. The let your content come forth from the headline.
9. Set a goal to blog on a regular basis. If you can’t blog every day, then do it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Set exact dates and times that work for you. If you don’t you will always find some other distraction to convince yourself is more important. Set a goal, stick to it, do it!
10. Make the most of the time you have spent on your blog by then tweeting it, posting it to Linked In, adding to your Facebook profile and other social media sites. Maximize the power of the time you spent blogging by utilizing social media to spread the message to other sites. You can use automated tools to do this to save time. Include links to your social media sites on your blog itself for even more exposure.
About the Author:
** Sandi Hunter, is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc at http://www.worldprofit.com
Worldprofit provides hosting, design, training, traffic, support and specialized software for small and home based business owners.

Review: Comparison of Worldprofit’s Silver Membership and Platinum VIP Membership

The Worldprofit Home Business System is designed to provide you with a number of ways to make money online from trusted reputable sources. Worldprofit offers three different Memberships to teach you how to build an online business and earn at the same time. The Membership levels are Associate Membership, Silver Membership and Platinum VIP Membership.

Worldprofit Associate Membership

The Worldprofit Associate is a free membership that includes limited access to a Member area, webcast presentations, a promotion referral link, limited traffic and software resources. Associate Members qualify for 5% commission for paid referrals.
Cost: Free

Worldprofit Silver Membership:

The Worldprofit Silver Membership is the basic starter Membership for those on a budget who want to start an online business or build an existing business and need help, resources, training, traffic, and products or services to sell. Silver Members qualify for 20 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.
Cost: $99.95 US per month. No contract.

Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership

The Platinum VIP Membership is geared to more serious individuals who want to build their online business with the benefit of having all of the inclusions of the Silver Membership, PLUS unlimited access to the extras in the Platinum VIP Membership. Specifically, our suite of webcast/video software, our popular Webcast / Web Conference products as well as the Autoresponder, E-Commerce Enabled ClickBank Store and more as detailed below. Platinum VIP Members enjoy a number of premium services, bonuses and upgrades at no extra cost. Platinum VIP Members qualify for 30 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.
Cost: $199.95 US per month. No contract. 
NOTE: Reduced pricing is available for existing Silver Members who wish to upgrade to Platinum VIP.


Domain name and hosting for your site
Website Content Management System for edits, adding pages, links, affiliates etc.
Design Templates, Banners, Landing Pages, Advertising Aids
Worldprofit Dealership Program. This allows you to promote Worldprofit web-based services including Memberships to earn commission.
Prospect Management Software
Opt-in Newsletter Credits
Exclusive Leads
Newsletter Software and Templates
Associate sign up notification and Who�s Logged in Tracking
Sales Center
Access to PLR Store/Vault for personal use of hundreds of in-demand products
Link Cloaker Tool
Article Directory with 350+ articles for exclusive use of Worldprofit Members
Access to Free Promo Code Network
Traffic Exchange Credits
Safelist Credits
50,000 Visitors
Ad Tracker Tool
Magic List Builder
Affiliate Center
Traffic Control Management Center
Monthly Traffic Injection
Read-4-Cash Software Plugin
Banner Promotion Kit
Traffic Tools
SEO Tools and Software
Friendly Technical Support 7 Days a Week
Live Monitor Network
Monitor Sales Training Program
24 Hour Member Area Access
Enrollment in Home Business Bootcamp Training both the online training levels and LIVE interactive weekly training sessions. Graduates of online training earn Worldprofit Certification as an E-Business Consultant.
PLR Store with built in e-commerce (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Autoresponder (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Instant Chat with Video (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Instant Meeting Center (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Instant Video Recording Studio (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Instant Seminar System (Platinum VIP Membership only)
Instant Audio Recording Studio (Platinum VIP Membership only)

How You Earn Money with Worldprofit:
The Worldprofit Dealership is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships. This allows you to promote Worldprofit web-based services including Memberships to earn a commission on the service sold.

Silver Members earn 20% for sales referrals of Worldprofit services; Platinum VIP Members earn 30%. Both Memberships include 5% bonus commission sponsored Dealer group sales volume. Bonuses up to $1,000 are also paid on New Sales Volumes.

Promote the products in the Resellers Club to earn 80% commission

Promote the products in the Money Makers Program to earn various commission

Sells ads at Read-4-Cash to earn 80% commission

Promote ClickBank products to earn 100% of what you sell

Promote the 21+ Streams of Income Services from various recommended online sources

Use the tools and traffic included in your Membership to sell ANYTHING YOU wish to promote including Affiliate products, services, PLR products. You are NOT limited to selling only Worldprofit products and services.

Coming Soon:
Safelist & Traffic Exchange Plugin (free upgrade for Platinum VIP Membership only)
Safelist & Traffic Exchange (Stand alone site, with unique domain name, support and management at cost to be determined)

"I absolutely love my Platinum VIP Membership for many reasons…I can change my site design with one click..I can send video emails…I have lots more subscribers and flexibility and Higher commissions. To sum it up..It has made my success alot easier. "
~Robert & Linda Elze

Worldprofit Members interested in upgrading from Associate, or Silver Membership to Platinum VIP Membership can submit an Accounts Support Request form to receive a quote.

Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts since 1994


Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Oct 14th, 2011

Today in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, Instructor and marketing expert, George Kosch went back to basics. With so many new Members joining the program it was essential to cover the fundamentals of profiting from the Worldprofit Home Business System. Throughout the LIVE interactive training, George answered questions from a number of new Members.

Topics during today’s training included:

ClickBank Promotion
ClickBank Engine
ClickBank Press
Pre-built Widgets
Blog Comments
Windows Live Writer
Contacting Associates
Handling Sales
FastTrack Advertising Co-op
Traffic Generation
Landing Pages
Traffic Exchanges
Guaranteed Visitors
Newsletter Subscribers Delivery Rates – A Reality Check
Google – AdSense
Comparison of Advertising Strategies
Recommended Safelists List Building

George offered a preview of two new Worldprofit Services scheduled for release shortly. The Safelist Exchange Plugin will be offered at NO charge to all current and new Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members. George also revealed an example of the new stand alone Safelist Exchange sites that will include a unique domain address, design and management. These will be Member-owned Safelist Exchange sites and the cost is yet to be finalized. Watch for further details to be announced.     

For Members, who missed the LIVE session today of the Home Business Bootcamp Training, it has been recorded and will be posted later today to the Worldprofit Member area. Previous recordings can be located under the TOP menu under TRAINING. Remember! These are only the video recordings of the LIVE sessions. Members are urged to also follow the online bootcamp training levels 1 – 8 for graduation as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant. Completing the online training levels ensures Members understand how to use all the tools, resources and software included in the Membership.  Worldprofit Top Sellers are ALL GRADUATES of the Worldprofit online bootcamp training course.

***George Kosch is the Home Business Bootcamp Instructor at Worldprofit Inc., as well as one of the original co-founders. For 17+ years, Worldprofit has been providing training, support software, traffic tools and website hosting and design for small and home based business owners.  Details at http://www.worldprofit.com

Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Oct 7, 2011

Today’s Home Business bootcamp training was nothing short of BRILLIANT! 

In his typical laid-back manner, Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor,  George  Kosch spoke frankly and intelligently on the critical factors of building an online business.

George dished the goods on why some advertising sources are an absolute waste of time and money.
He discussed the expense and complexity of Google Advertising and stressed  the value of using other trusted advertising course.     The key word is TRUSTED sources.  George reminded members that Worldprofit has a list of trusted, advertising sources within the member area along with advertising materials and the Ad Tracker tool for tracking the results of ad campaigns.

George reminded Members that you must do the work to make the sales!  Patience and consistent effort to promote EVERY single DAY! You eat every day right? You MUST promote every day to FEED your business!
No product sells itself – products sell because the are PROMOTED consistently.

Three words to take away from today’s training…


After covering various types of advertising the disadvantage and advantages, George then tackled the question of why do some people make it in this business and why some don’t?

George revealed more details about the new Safelist services that Worldprofit will be releasing shortly. On screen he showed the basic structure and functionality of the Safelists that Members will be able to use and own.  Much more work has yet to be completed before this new Safelist service is ready, stay tuned for updates.

Following the demonstration of the Safelist service, George took questions from the answers.  He spent some time talking about paid sign ups and why leads from those sources and questionable countries are a waste of money.  The source of the leads matters, not the number of leads is what is important.  That is why Worldprofit created a list of recommended advertising sources and posted it within the Worldprofit Member area.  Look for this under Advertising / Traffic.

After the recording concluded, George spent some time on advanced topics including Search Engine Optimization, specifically SEO Nuke and social networking tool, Google Plus.

Thank you to all who attended the LIVE training today – you have taken the first step to being on your way to building your own successful online business.

For current Members who missed the LIVE session today of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, the recording will be posted later today.

For Non-Members, you can learn more about how to earn at home from the Home Business Experts, get a free Associate Membership at http://www.worldprofit.com

Next Session: The next Worldprofit LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training is Friday Oct 14th at 10 AM CT.

Who is George Kosch? A Rare Live Interview Reveals All Today – Join Us!

James Holmes – Interviewer

Who is George Kosch Co-Founder of Worldprofit

George Kosch is co-founder and technical director of Worldprofit, Inc. founded in 1994 along with Sandi Hunter.

During my initial due diligence conducted before joining Worldprofit in May of 2010, I completed a Google search for audio interviews featuring Worldprofit’s founders. My search resulted in one available audio interview featuring George Kosch and the topic was on best practices with social media. Since joining world profit and attending dozens of live Millionaire Bootcamp Training sessions over the past 17 months, I have discovered that George Kosch is a brilliant instructor and effective speaker.

I am pleased to have an opportunity to conduct a live interview featuring George Kosch as part of theTraffic Exchange Summit podcast series on Tuesday October 04, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST. During the interview we will explore Mr. Kosch’s extraordinary background as Canadian Air Force flight instructor to one of the foremost developers of automated traffic systems online today.

To listen to the podcast live or following the interview in the audio archive visit:

George Kosch Interview

During the podcast I will host a chat room and you are invited to visit and interact with the listener community. My intention is to help our listeners gain a deeper understanding of who George Kosch is and how he has participated in creating one of the most successful training and income creation programs for more than 17 years. We will discuss Worldprofit and the Millionaire Bootcamp training system specifically as well automated traffic systems and online marketing best practices.

I invite you to join us for an insightful and informative interview with one of the true thought leaders online and gain insight into Worldprofit and their innovative business model.

Please feel free to post your thoughts below and I will be sure to respond in kind.

Have a blessed day!

(c) Copyright 2008-2011 James A. Holmes. All Rights Reserved.


James Holmes, Cubicle Escape Artist, Master of the 7 Second Commute, combining online and offline techniques to help you grow your business. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at james@AskJamesHolmes.com  

Note: If you’d like to reprint this article on your blog or in your newsletter you have permission to do so as long as the copyright information and the resource box above remains with the article.

Review of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch, Sept 23rd, 2011.

Review of Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch, Sept 23rd, 2011.

During Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp today with George Kosch the following topics were covered:

– Facebook Groups
– Success Equation (90% Marketing; 10% Learning)
– Importance of and reasons to follow the Bootcamp Training Levels ( 1 through 8)
– Traffic Streams
– Slow Build Mentality (Blogging etc)
– Realty Check about Earnings Potential in ANY online business.

The entire training program was broadcast on screen so Worldprofit Members could follow along and see on screen both George and the websites and topics being reviewed.

During and following the major topics George took questions from participants.

Today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training was recorded. Members who missed the LIVE presentation can access now within Worldprofit Member area, under TOP MENU click on TRAINING to watch the recorded version.

George Kosch
Worldprofit Inc. The Home Business Experts


Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with Marketing Expert, George Kosch June 10, 2011

The Beginner’s session of the Bootcamp Training was devoted to Worldprofit newcomers. George covered a number of the basics of the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.
Emphasis was placed on the how and why of signing up Associates and how this one action leads to multiple sources of income directly and indirectly.
George spent time helping new Members understand the Worldprofit home business system complete with diagrams and examples and instruction. The Worldprofit Monitor Network was explained along with the details of how the system works to make Members sales.
The Live Business Center is unique to Worldprofit and allows a personal interaction with people from around the world interested in a home business program.
George reminded Members why they must promote the Landing Pages and NOT their website.  Some members are still not understanding this so are urged to watch the training videos again to understand why.   He concluded the session warning people NOT to be an analyst, but instead to be a DOER!   If you are reading this and think this may be you, watch the recorded version of today’s training to get the full explanation of why being an analyst will send you on the path to failure.   Newbies should concentrate on the basics of promotion to generate Associates and start getting RESULTS, and not focus on the intricacies and technical details of the system.
The Advanced Training Session followed the basic training.  This session is for more advanced marketers, those Members who have more experience, and graduates of the Bootcamp Training program.  George explained the Fast Track Ad Co-op.  100% of funds generated from FastTrack purchases are invested into paid trust advertising sources, as Associate sign ups come in they are emailed to the Dealer who has purchased FastTrack leads.   Details of this program and the advertising sources are in the Member area under ADVERTISING/Traffic section for full disclosure.      Discussion was held on on the critical importance of list building from promotion, landing pages, blogs and trusted advertising resources.  The Worldprofit system has the tools, resources and training for sales success – all Members need to add is consistent HARD WORK.   Each and every Member has access to the exact same tools and resources – the only difference is the person using the system.
George answered a variety of questions on various topics including how to add a Newsletter sign up to a Blog, how to de-activate a plugin on WordPress, how to benefit from Viral In-Box.   For the complete Q and A, watch the recorded version of today’s training or better yet attend the next LIVE training to get your own questions answered.  George announced that a new ClickBank product review is in the Article Directory and more PLR products were added to the Worldprofit Member area today.
George Kosch is both the Bootcamp Instructor and the Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc.
Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts since 1994 providing web-based services and training for small and home based businesses.

Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with Marketing Expert, George Kosch May 27, 2011

The Beginner’s session of the Bootcamp Training was devoted to Worldprofit newcomers. George covered a number of the basics of the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.

George focused on helping new Members understand the Worldprofit home business system complete with diagrams and examples.

On screen,  George demonstrated how and why to promote the Landing pages and to which places to get results.  Recognizing that many people are new to building an online business so he devoted time to explaining terms, safelists, traffic exchanges, advertising, and the process and purpose of signing up Associate members.  The Ad Tracker program was overviewed to demonstrate for new Members, the power and importance of this tool that provides intelligence on your advertising efforts.  The Report Card was explained so that Members can also use this tool to track their own progress to see areas of focus.  The Report card is an individual report specific to each member and is a valuable tool to assess your progress in our program. 

George pointed out some of the most important sections of the member area that new Members should be aware and spend some time reviewing. George revealed an unbelievable but true fact;  a number of people purchase a Membership with Worldprofit and then NEVER actually start the online bootcamp training.    George answered a common question from newbies: "Why am I getting all these clicks and no signups?"  George provided some critical advise and realistic expectations on legitimate advertising, then took additional questions from participants on a number of topics.

For those Members who have been in the Worldprofit program for at least a month and have a solid basic understanding, those Members can access the SEO Tool Kit.  This section of the Member area is very advanced and incorporates a number of extremely powerful tools and resources for increasing search engine ranking and improved indexing.     Again this should only be pursued by more advanced or experienced Members in our program. Search engine optimization is not a sprint, it is a marathon taking time, and consistent effort. 
The Advanced Training session was an OPEN question forum.  Participants were asked to pose any question on any topic related to the Worldprofit system or online marketing and business programs.  For Members not at the LIVE training today, the best way to get value from the session today, is to watch the recorded version. 

George Kosch is both the Bootcamp Instructor and the Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc.

Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts since 1994