Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant

Worldprofit’s Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC) and the Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC)

Worldprofit has formalized George Kosch’s Bootcamp Training program to offer designations for graduates of our Home Business Bootcamp.

We congratulate those Members who have worked hard to achieve the designation of either CEC or MCEC.

The training we provide is REAL WORLD training. It’s not loose theory or derived from an out of date text book, it’s REAL LIFE learning with practical application of the concepts, tools, resources and software included in your Membership. Complimented with an online training program accessible 24 hours a day when convenient for you, along with LIVE or recorded weekly training each Friday with George Kosch. George Kosch is the Bootcamp Instructor, who teaches you proven methods for generating traffic and multiple sources of income from reputatable sources. No other company provides this kind of intense focused study, specialized learning, along with video and LIVE weekly training sessions. All backed up with 7 days a week of support from our Technical Team and our 24 hour LIVE Monitor Sales network.

CEC: Certified E-Business Consultant: Worldprofit dealers who graduate from the Worldprofit Bootcamp Training Program earn the designation of Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC).

MCEC: Master Certified E-Business Consultant: Worldprofit dealers who graduate from the Worldprofit Bootcamp Training and maintain specific criteria for sales and recruitment, earn the designation of Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC).

All Silver and Platinum VIP Members have the opportunity to complete the training levels (1-8) to graduate as a CEC, and then as a MCEC. This training and credential is included.

We would LOVE to see YOU graduate! We want you to have a successful online business.

Complete the first 8 training levels to earn your CEC. Help is here as needed, 7 days a week. After you graduate, it doesn’t end there, your learning can continue! There are more lessons and advanced learning topics to study at your own pace.

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