Worldprofit congratulates Linda Elze on earning SALES CHAMPIONSHIP for 2015.

Linda Elze
Linda Elze

Congratulations to Linda Elze for achieving the distinction of being Worldprofit’s Sales Championship for 2015.

Meet Linda Elze….

Linda is not only a successful business woman, she’s also a loving grandmother. Success has not come easy for Linda. She’s faced head on a number of personal hardships and health challenges through the years. Through all of this she has stayed focused and determined, 100% committed to building a better life for her family. Linda is an inspiration to others for what IS possible when you work hard and have the help and support you need to stay focussed. When she started she didn’t have a lot of technical experience but she did have some offline sales experience. She knew that sales don’t land in your lap, instead you have to connect with people as a genuine, real person. Sales are made online in a very different manner but there is still the need for that personal touch and a proven system for making it happen.

There is no doubt that Linda has that magic touch. I asked Linda to provide some insight to help and inspire others to grow their own successful online business.

Linda, you’ve been with Worldprofit for over eight years now. That’s remarkable in this industry.
What keeps you at Worldprofit?

Integrity of the company…the constant innovations, ease of use, ongoing training, multiple income streams are built into dealer area, camaraderie of the monitors and dealers, professionalism. Worldprofit makes it fun to make money online.

Linda, as an experienced marketer and consistent Top Seller do you have any advice for someone new to Worldprofit who is just getting started?

Follow the steps…use the system in place….make good habits of promoting everyday…Learn new things as often as possible…incorporate them in your daily program. Be organized, diligent, relentless and reliable…Show up…participate in your business.

Linda can you tell us what methods of promotion you recommend to get the best results?

I use what’s in the Worldprofit system including all the 20+ traffic streams…I am always learning new techniques to use social networks (goody bag)…ibo…Udimi (moneymakers) I surf for points and purchase solos…purchase credits…Over the years I have upgraded in lots of the 20+ streams for the points. I change up subject lines…to make them punchier…I shorten the ads…I check my links alot to make sure they are correct. And I develop relationships with other marketers and owners of the safelists and traffic exchanges.

Linda, do you have a Daily Checklist of things you do to grow your business? What’s on that list?

I have a schedule I follow everyday.

Wake up (very early) start computers and have coffee…while going thru my personal emails. Send replies…and use virtual sales assistant to send to all the prospects that came in while I was sleeping.

Promotions are next. I use a 3 ring binder and have a page or two dedicated to each advertiser to date and time ads …check on commissions…promote

Shower…take kids to school etc

Start social networks and blogging…and helping monitors close sales…chat with customers…call customers…Monitor if I am needed.

Monitoring is extremely important if you are a serious business owner. Participation extremely important…Team work extremely important

Linda, how do you engage with prospects to make sales? Do you use Chat? Email? Phone? Other? A combination perhaps? What works best in your experience?

I find that calling Prospects works the best…the chat system is awesome…call loop is great…email can be iffy.

Any final words?

Final words…My success is because of everything above being done daily and diligently. Being a person who always tells the truth and is essential to growing your list and relationships online. I am very predictable…and solid. I always find a way to help others achieve their goals. Worldprofit has provided the perfect arena to make money online and have fun doing it.

Congratulations Linda Elze!

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