19th Birthday Well Wishes are pouring in! Thank you to our friends around the world for your support for Worldprofit as we enter our 20th year in business.

We’ve been receiving birthday well wishes from all over the world so thought we would share a few with you.

A big THANK YOU to Derrick Brewer for sending in such nice words about Worldprofit and our training program!

"Wow I graduated boot-camp in less than two weeks. Using all the tools George gave me and having a little knowledge about safe-list and traffic exchanges. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned using these tools and I’m not even close to learning everything Worldprofit has to offer. This is totally awesome!!!! Better late than never. I truly believe they will be around another 19 years and grow another 1.75 million members. Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks!"
Derrick Brewer, Grand Rapids, USA

Derrick, YOU and all Members are going to be delighted with what we have cooking in the kitchen for new services to be released this fall!  Summer may be here but we’re not on the patio, we’ve been working hard on some new gadgets for our Silver and Platinum VIP Members.  Our goal is to make our Membership so packed with tools and resources you won’t be able to stand the idea of not having instant access to these for building ANY and ALL your online businesses. Stay tuned.


Congratulations to LINDA ELZE for being the TOP SELLER for the month of July.
Linda’s been working hard on her business, even though it’s summer when some take some time off. Not Linda, she understands the importance of commitment and consistency in her marketing. 

In August so far here are the TOP SELLERS. Good work to these hard working people too! The training must be sinking in, give yourself a pat on the back!

Dave Southan
Carmen Galloway
Bruce Lee Wright
Barbara Buegeler
Noel Livingston
Jari Makivirta
Howard Martell
Derrick Brewer
Wallace Johnson
Linda Elze


THANK YOU to our AWESOME Worldprofit Monitors. We know you don’t have to volunteer your time to be a Monitor, but you do, and all members of the Worldprofit community benefit from your efforts.  We know it’s tough in the summer, there is so much going on, but your commitment is still there. 

Our Worldprofit Monitor program is 100% voluntary.  If you would like to get involved let us know.

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