2010 Marks Service Expansion for Web-Business Provider Worldprofit Inc.

2010 marks not only a new year, but a kickoff to several business expansions at Worldprofit Inc.

Once known only as a website host and web development company for small business, in the last year, Edmonton-based Worldprofit Inc, has completely revamped their business model and service mandate.

Sandi Hunter, President of Worldprofit Inc., had this to say about the changes. “Over the last year we’ve worked hard to research and evaluate the tools that the small or home business owner needs to build a successful online business. We’ve analyzed what products and services are in most demand and determined the most effective and low cost methods of promoting those products and services. We had no choice. We’ve long been in the business of supporting the small and home based business owner. The economic situation has meant people have less money to spend but greater need for extra sources of income. Once a small hosting and site development firm we’ve grown into a total solutions provider. While we continue to offer domain hosting, website design and development we’ve expanded our service provision into consulting, training, search engine optimization and recommended resources. The web has changed dramatically since we started Worldprofit in 1994 and we’ve had to meet the changing needs of our customers. People come to Worldprofit looking for expert advise, legitimate sources of income, and training on how to build, promote and profit from an online business. We no longer offer only Reseller opportunities for Worldprofit services, we’ve expanded to offer a variety of digital products and resale programs from other trusted online vendors. In 2010 we’ll continue to make announcements about these partnerships as we bring on board new vendors who have met Worldprofit’s standards of excellence. One of the key changes we`ve made is to put an emphasis on training. Once people have something to sell, and the tools to sell them they need to know how and where to sell. That`s been a primary focus`, we`ve worked to expand our online home business bootcamp training, our online video training library and simplify a number of our applications.”

George Kosch, Technical Director for Worldprofit Inc., added this`about the company`s growth. “The Internet offers plenty of options and methods for making money online from the comfort of home. The problem for most people is that there are too many choices, some legitimate and some not, the average person doesn’t know where to start. The challenge is finding reputable ways to make money online with proven systems. That’s where we come in. I made it a personal challenge to buy and test a number of programs to see if they delivered on what was promised. We incorporate the best ones, the truly effective ones into Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training. Essentially we are saving people time and money by providing expert training on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to online home business programs and online promotional campaigns. You are going to see more people empowered by what the web offers by way of money making systems. Affiliate programs will continue to be popular and people will be involved in a number of programs so they can maximize their online earning potential. What we are trying to do at Worldprofit is connect people with trusted and legitimate sources of online income then provide the training, tools and resources they need to promote and build a consistent source of income.”

For more information about Worldprofit, go to http://www.worldprofit.com/