Worldprofit Releases Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit

Today, Worldprofit Inc., announced the release of a new value added service for Members, called the Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit.

George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit made these remarks about the announcement. “Doing business online requires a defined Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Now we have made this easier for our Members by providing a number of automated applications for achieving higher page ranking in the major search engines. We released the first of a number of these Search Engine Promotion applications this week in the form of a Backlinking Tool. We considered purchasing this service for our Members or making recommendations where they could buy this service, but in the end we decided to build our own application. Once we built the Backlink Tool and tested, we released it to our Members at no cost. Search Engine Optimization is critical to profiting online. Since it’s our goal at Worldprofit to put the most effective profit and promotion tools into the hands of our Members, it just made sense to include this as a free value added service. We’ve been getting feedback from our Members already who’ve used the Backlink tool and in 24 hours some have seen their page ranking increase from “site not found” to appearing on the first page.”

“We’ve got more work to do” continued George. “Search Engine Promotion strategies are always changing but there are some key core fundamentals that we share with our Members, and they can look forward to more tools being released in upcoming weeks and months.”

Worldprofit Members can login to their Members area to access the new free Backlink Tool under the Search Engine Optimization Promotion Tool Kit.

Anyone not a Member interested in how Worldprofit helps you build your own successful online business, can get a free Associate membership at:

A Candid Interview with George Kosch, Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, about the Critical Mistakes he sees people making in their online business

George Kosch, is the co-founder of Worldprofit Inc, a 15 year old company specializing in helping people make money online. I sat down with him for a revealing interview on what mistakes people make to sabotage their own success, and what they can do to turn that around.

Interviewer: George, can you tell us about your company Worldprofit and how you became known as the Home Business Experts?

George Kosch: In 1994, myself and my co-founder Sandi Hunter started Worldprofit Inc., on a kitchen table. We brought vastly different skills to the business.  I was in the Canadian Air Force flying jets then went on to be a flight instructor. Sandi Hunter worked in the Human Services field as an educator, consultant and analyst. When the Internet became commercial we had ZERO skills related to starting an online business – but so did everyone way back that then! In building our own company, we pioneered a lot of what we now offer our customers. There was no Google back then, or Twitter, WordPress, YouTube or FaceBook. We learned what worked and what didn’t by falling on our face them getting up to try again. People starting an online business today have many more advantages, tools, and opportunities available to them then we did. Today, our hands-on experience is invaluable, and is exactly what we provide to our customers, the key tools, resources, habits, and strategies necessary to start and grow an online business.

Interviewer: George, you provide a Home Business Bootcamp Training program where you teach people the skills they need to build an online business. Can you tell us about that?

George: We’ve developed a training program to help people make money online, it’s called Home Business Bootcamp Training. The Bootcamp is an online course supplemented with videos and weekly LIVE training sessions where we teach people how to earn from home. There are two levels to the program Level I which is basic instructions and Level II which includes more advanced topics. Graduating Level I earns the designation of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC), and graduation for Level II earns a designation of Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC). As a designated website hosting company, we provide everything people need to get started, a domain website, professional design, products to sell, and proven tools to market those products. The Bootcamp brings all these things together for our Members so they see how to use the tools and resources effectively to make money online. Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp has never been more popular in part due to the economy but also we hope because people see the value of what we offer at Worldprofit. I am the Bootcamp Instructor, and thanks to my military background I believe in the power of focus, commitment and determination. I try to help people see the financial result of consistent effort in following our system – a system that I know works because I only teach what I have tested myself. I use a Desktop Sharing program so people can follow along to reproduce the same steps I take to successfully sell online.

Interviewer: George, what are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making online when trying to build their home business?
George: I see it over and over again. Some people get caught up in details instead of focusing on what is important. There is always an initial learning curve for any new skill but once you get over that first hurdle you have to focus on what your goal is. In this case you want to earn money from home. When you have the tools and the products to sell you need to focus on consistent promotion. I tell this to our newbies and I observe some that work hard for a few days, a week or two even a month, then they give up. Some of those who quit actually made money but unbelievably they didn’t make thousands instantly so they quit and are on to what they think is the next big money maker. When I was a Jet Pilot Instructor, my students had to understand completely the critical importance of taking the time to learn a new skill, then practice that skill over and over again. I told my students, be patient, learn the skill, then practice it over and over again. Building an online business is a different set of skills, but you still need to learn, put in the time and effort, and repeat the tasks over and over to get results.

I also see those people that never even get started – they pay for our program (or any program for that matter) with stars in their eyes – then after paying, incredibly they do absolutely nothing. We used to take it a little personally when people would tell us our program doesn’t work but with over 15 years under our belt now, we know better. It’s simply a fact of life that you can’t make people work. I am reminded by this fact every time someone I know joins a gym, or buys a piece of exercise equipment. They buy it and think I am going to look like that rock hard bodied guy or gal in the commercial. Somewhere between buying the product and getting it delivered the person forgets something! They they have to do the WORK to get the BODY! It’s no different when it comes to building an online business, people get excited about the prospect of earning from home, then forget that action is required to get results.

I guess the other point I would add is that I see a lot of people with unrealistic expectations, I don’t know if they get brainwashed by all the ads that tell them they will make thousands in a month. But people need to do a reality check. I know Physicians who don’t make $100,000 in a month, why would someone think that by reading emails or doing some online money making program would make them that much? There IS money to be made online – but people have to be realistic about how much, be prepared to start slow, work hard, work harder, see more money, and work harder and harder. Success in ANYTHING is not accomplished overnight. Olympic athletes, elite Marathon Runners Plumbers, Doctors, Electricians, Truck Drivers all have to start somewhere, take training, have some pain, some frustration, and eventually enjoy success and yes – the reward of additional income. It takes time, anything worth having is worth working for.

Interviewer: What advice do you have for people who want to sell online?

George: Look for reputable products and services that you can sell. How do you know this? Look for companies that have been around a long time. Look for credibility by way of their website, years in business, realistic claims and commission structure. Don’t necessarily look only at the big well known companies, some smaller companies have excellent affiliate programs and better customer service. What we have done at Worldprofit is do the research for reputable companies and products for our Members, we then make recommendations once we have completed our evaluations.

Interviewer: Any suggestions for people about online promotion?

George: Yes, get out there and promote, promote, promote! There are lots of free advertising sources, stay away from Pay Per Click advertising if you are just getting started. It will eat your pockets empty. Instead promote to your market, find your specific niche and target it. Use popular social media like Twitter, YouTube, blogging and other social networking to get the word out. The key is to know where to market your products, most people struggle with this and is one reason why we’ve made this a huge part of the training we provide in our Home Business Bootcamp. Sadly, some people not knowing what to do, just buy a big email list and send it out, this is a huge mistake often with drastic consequences. Our Members often ask me, “How often should I promote? That’s like asking “How often should I eat?”. You eat when you are hungry. A successful business is always hungry for more leads and more sales. Promotion is food for your business. Set time aside every single day to promote your business in some way.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time George.

George: It’s my pleasure. Thank you.

Worldprofit unveils new SEO Tool: the Backlink tool

Today Worldprofit Inc., announced the company is working on several Automated SEO Promotion Tools for the the benefit of its Silver and Platinum Members.

The first of many of these tools was released today and this one is the “Automatic Backlink Tool

Other companies charge for this service in range of $40 – $500 Plus. You can confirm this yourself. Go to Google and enter the search term “SEO BACKLINKS.” You will be KNOCKED over by what other companies charge for a service that Worldprofit provides to Members 100% FREE.

Commented George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit, “We’ve been working around the clock to provide Worldprofit Members with the most powerful tools available to build an online business. When our entire Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit is completed it will be valued at over $1,000. The Automatic Backlink Tool is just the first of our releases, others will be added shortly.”

For more information go to:

Members can login now to access the Automated Backlink tool.

Worldprofit Support Team
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