Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Nov 26, 2010: What You Missed During Today’s LIVE Training.

Today during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Instructor George Kosch delivered step-by-step strategies for earning from home.  No hype, just solid, practical information you can use right now to build your successful online home business.  If you joined us – thank you for participating. If you didn’t join us, here is what you missed.

Master Marketer and self-made Internet Success, George Kosch covered the following topics:

-Overview of Home Business Bootcamp Levels
-Requirements to graduate as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant
-Twitter marketing
-Associates: why you want them and what you have to do to get them
-Safe List marketing – how to know the best ones
-Posting your newsletter – generating content
-Traffic Exchange Marketing – the best ones and how to know which ones they are
-Ad Traffic Tool how to use it to measure your ad effectiveness
-Social Networking Marketing – important! You better believe it!
-Blogs what you need to know about this popular and effective SEO Strategy
-ClickBank Marketing – sell digital products easily with our ClickBank tools
-Multiple Income Streams from reputable sources
-Backlinks, how to get ’em and why you want em!
-Promotion: What you Need to Know and why you must promote DAILY!
-Advertising Warning what you MUST KNOW about advertising. Not all advertising is equal. Don’t get burned!
-List Building:  how Worldprofit helps you with this
-Why you MUST use Landing Pages to get leads and NOT your home page

George also included an overview of Tools and software included in Worldprofit Membership

– The Banner Manager
– Ad Tracker
– SEO Promo Package
– Prospect manager
– Content Management
– The Resellers Club
– Training ScreenCasts
– Article Marketing Directory
– Twitter Promo Kit
– Money Makers Promotion Kit
– Forum Marketing
– Your Member Profile
-Traffic Injection System (release date December 2010).

And George made a really big announcement during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training!

In the next week Worldprofit is releasing a new service: The Private Label Reseller (PLR) Store.

George previewed the PLR Store today which will allow Members to sell hundreds and hundreds of digital products within their website.
The store will be stocked with products and includes regular uploads of new products – all handled by Worldprofit. The PLR Store once installed by our Techs require that you simply click to activate! Simple and Profitable.
George revealed that other companies offering a similar service with far less sophistication and automation charge $800 – $1200 !  Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members will get the new PLR Store at NO COST!
Silver Members have the option of upgrading to Platinum Membership to receive it free, or Silver members can purchase the PLR store at an exclusive Member rate. Details will be announced next week.

PLUS George teased that the NEW Super Advanced  Bootcamp Course will be ready in January and topics will include: 
CPANEL hosting, backlinking, blogs, cloud computing, SEO, themes, WordPress, Bing, Google, FaceBook and other advanced topics for marketing and building your online business.
This training will be an add-on to existing training programs included in Membership and geared to the more experienced and savvy online marketer.

Here are a few comments from today’s participants – thank you for joining us today and for your input.

Lance: Thanks for the Awesome Training, you make it easy to understand
Christopher: I am some what a newbie, I am very excited, and also your training so great
Diane: Thank you again so much George.. going to eat left overs now
Allan: Thanks Gerge
Charity: Thanks George
Carl Mortimer: Thank you
Vanda: Thanks so much for another great training program George!
Steve: Thanks George, training is awsome as always

REMEMBER!  If you missed the LIVE training, the recorded version will be posted within 48 hours to your Worldprofit Member area. Watch at your convenience from your corner of the world.
Join us next week for the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training on Friday at 10 AM CT.



George Kosch
Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, Marketer and Developer

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for November 5, 2010 now concluded

George Kosch, Bootcamp Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp just concluded nearly 2 hours of training.
Following the Beginners Session was an Advanced Training Session for those who have graduate and are now Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultants.
If you missed the training it was recorded it is now posted to your Worldprofit Member area.
Thank you to all who participated in today’s training!
YOU, our committed Members motivate us to continue to research tools and strategies that are easy to use and effective in helping you build your online business.
We appreciate your comments and your courage to try new things. You are the people rolling up your sleeves and getting busy to do the work.  Give yourself credit for your efforts.
Thank you to each of you for your feedback, comments and suggestions.
Join us next week for another session of Home Business Bootcamp we hope to have finished some developments we are working on and can then make some formal announcements.
These are just a few of the comments from participants of today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.
Michel : Thanks George. Great session again, and thanks Sandi for your support
Darian: Thanks!
Elissa: agreed, thanks! enjoyed both very much
Gregg: Great session… I’ll have to review the recording.  When will it be posted?
Diane: Phenomenal as always .. Mr. George Kosch and Sandi.. Thanks so much!
Marie: Thank u George, Have a good day !!!!
Joanne: thanks George, very good session
James:  George and Sandi – Thank you for your commitment to making Worldprofit the best program on the Internet!
Paulette : Great training — clear and thorough.
Michael: Thanks George – Great session
Mary: George and Sandi – Thanks for  everything. Training is Great
Sarah: George and Sandi – Thanks for  everything. Training is Great
Victor: thanks for the good info
Wallace: Well Done George
Myrna: WOW! what a awsome business and the training, thanks George.  ps. thanks for new safelist. Amazing.
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