Updates from George Kosch, Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp

We have some exciting new updates for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members!
Read on to see how YOU benefit from these new free services!

1. The Article Publisher is ready!

We have now made it easy to instantly add ALL of the articles
in the Article Directory to your website! Articles that you can use in your blogs to build content and backlinks to your
site. This is a critical key component for generating traffic to your site. Members get these unique,
timely articles (currently numbering over 100 titles) at no cost. With the new Article Publisher, these
articles (and more) can all added to YOUR site. To see the Article Publisher and get started, within your
Member area. Follow the posted instructions to quickly and easily add all of the articles to your site.
PLUS, when you do so we AUTOMATICALLY update your Site map, and your RSS feed for you –
two absolutely critical steps for search engine optimization and traffic generation.

2. New PLR Store products.

To access these login to your Member area. Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get all of these products free!
Use them for your own knowledge or sell them to collect 100% of the sales. If you are a Platinum VIP Member you also
get (at no cost) the PLR Store for installation of all products on your site for easy sales.
Details are within the PLR Store/Vault section, and click on PLR STORE link.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get them free AND these are now available for sale to
outsiders and visitors to your Website if you are a Platinum VIP member.

3. Update for those of you using the ClickBank Promo Kit.

We have just added a new STAR system to the ClickBank Promo Kit.
Those products that are marked with a gold star are the products that are the TOP SELLING PRODUCTS!

As you know the products listed are already ordered with the NEWEST products at the top.
Now you will also know which products are selling the fastest by looking for those products marked with a gold star.

Here is how to access the ClickBank Promo Kit.
1. In your member area, on left menu select CLICKBANK STORE.
2. Follow the instructions posted and DO watch the TRAINING VIDEO recorded by George Kosch to get off to a good start.

Remember, we have made arrangements so you keep 100% of the sales you earn by selling these products!

4. NEW Credit Transfer Area now ready!

GREAT NEWS! We have just added an exciting new service for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
It’s called the Credit Transfer System. This allows you to transfer credits you’ve earned in your Safelists,
to another Worldprofit Associate, or Silver or Platinum VIP Member. The purpose – to help YOU make sales!
A video overview of the system will be added later today.

5. Last week’s Advanced Home Business Bootcamp Training, in case you missed it was all about blogging,
article marketing, and SEO Strategies!

The latest new Bootcamp Advanced Training Video is posted under “Training” on the top menu.
Be sure to watch it for some great advanced tips on how to get “organic” traffic to your blogs
and hence Website! Easy to learn and very profitable in the long run.

6. Reminder of the next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training on Friday Jan 28th at 10 AM CT with George Kosch.

Finally, Members, if you have any questions, contact our Support Team by submitting a Support Form linked in your Worldprofit Member area.
Our team is here to help you and happy to do so.

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Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, session on Jan 21, 2011.


George Kosch, Instructor for Home Business Bootcamp started with the Beginner’s Session.
Worldprofit welcomed a number of new Members recently, and many took advantage of today’s training to learn how to earn from home.
Time was spent reviewing the bootcamp levels necessary to be completed in order to graduate as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.  
George showed on-screen the exact tasks that new members need to do to get off to a good start and on the road to earning online from reputable sources.
After answering questions from Members, George concluded the Beginners Session.  
For those Members unable to attend the live training, the session was recorded so can be viewed later today with the Member area.

Following the Beginners Session, George moved on to a specialized training session for Members who have graduated from the basic training and earned the designation of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.
Today’s training focuses on SEO Strategies, Article marketing, and Blogging, all three being critical components for building an online business.

Bootcamp Topics included:

-WordPress Blogs
-Mango Blogs
-SEO Tools accessible by Worldprofit members
-Article Marketing – The Article Directory and the Article Publisher (free for all Worldprofit Members)
-What you need to know about the major search engines and getting your content indexed
-How to generate more traffic using tools included in your member area.
-The Free Promo Code Center – free advertising for Member access
-Business building strategies that work.
-Recommended Marketing Tools

Comments from today’s Bootcamp Training Participants

Annette:  Wonderful as always George thank you.
Anik: I will really like that George !!!!!
Wayland: Thanks George – you always get me energized to go a little further
Lance: Awesome, I was wondering how that worked
Allan: George. I love how you take this things and breaks them into pictures easy to understand, and REMEMBER!
Wayland: Blog – what we are looking at – it is the best
Lance: Very Nice
Arvell: great!
Mary:: Thank you George and have a great weekend
Lothel: Thanks George!  Very informative as always!
Lance: Hooah!  Great Training!
Susan: are you going to be doing this type of session on a weekly or monthly basis
Gregg: Thanks, George
Anik: Thank you George for this great training
Jonathan:George Thanks that was ausome have great weekend
Allan: WOW! Great training again George. Thanks a lot.
Wayland: Thanks George, Sandi, Justin and everyone else behind the scenes making this all work!
Jonathan: Well Said Wayland huge thanks from me as well

Thank you to each of you who attended the Live Training!
We appreciate your comments, feedback and for using the training we provide.
Your input helps us develop and refine services for the benefit of all Members.
We look forward to seeing you at next week’s Home Business Training Session

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Worldprofit Support Services
The Online Home Business Experts
Celebrating our 17th year in business in 2011.

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Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, Marketing Expert at Worldprofit Inc.



If you missed today’s LIVE online Home Bootcamp Training with George Kosch – you missed a tremendous demonstration of how to earn from home.

George started with the Beginner’s Session with step by step instructions to get all our New Members off to a good start at building their home business.

Following this, he moved into the Advanced session with Bootcamp Training Level 2 which is for the graduates of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.

George demonstrated use of the tools and strategies that Members have access to,  showing on screen exactly what he does to generate traffic and sales .

He took questions from participants throughout the program. We had nearly 70 people in today’s interactive training sessions lasting nearly 2 hours.

He concluded with a preview of the new Design Layouts which will be released in coming weeks for the benefit of all Silver and Platinum Members.

Participants got a peek at just one of the new Design Layouts which will have more integrated options, added Social Networking capabilities, the new Article Directly plugin and much more. 

Thank you to all who attended today – we know YOU are ones working hard and who are serious about building your online business. You are the ones showing the courage to learn new skills, then roll up your sleeves and get busy! Bravo!   

If you missed the LIVE session you missed the chance to ask your questions directly to marketing and technical expert, George Kosch AND  get immediate answers.

You missed the opportunity to learn and exchange information with other members of Worldprofit Home Business Community.
The LIVE session was recorded and is now posted to your Member area so Members can watch at your convenience.
George will be LIVE again Friday Jan 21st for his next Bootcamp training at 10 AM CT.
Mark your calendar and make 2011 the year you earn from home following the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.

Here are just a few comments from participants.

Susan: this is fantastic…..
Mari: I like it 🙂
Mary: Awesome!!!
Scott:: ohhhhhhhhh ahahahahahah  eeeeeeeee
Neil: great way to monitize!
Wayland: gimme! gimme! gimme!
Heidi: Wow.. That’s really great.. 🙂
Jonathan: Holy Smoke thats wicked
Tony: Great stuff as usual
John: Thanks for everything George -  you da man!!!
Heidi: Thank you George..It’s been very interesting
Charity: Thanks George…Great Training as always!!!
Lou: Bag of gold, Thank you
Wallace: Well Done George, Carry On!
Alun: Brilliant, George. So many things to think about….. Have a great weekend
Tony: Folks Worldprofit is the real deal. You have to work it.
Tony: I appreciate the knowledge I get from you. You, Linda and Worldprofit are the reason for my success.
Heidi 🙂 VERY educating

We hope to see current Members next week at the LIVE training session! Our new and improved webcast center accommodates more participants and enhanced video and screen sharing options.

Not a Member yet? Get a free Associate Membership at



Worldprofit Inc. The online home business experts
Now in our 17th year of business!