Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch presented by Worldprofit Inc.


During today’s 2 HOUR marathon training session George served up some blunt pointed advise for newbies during the Beginner Session.
George urged new members to follow the bootcamp training, hold the line, stay on the path and follow directions.
He clarified that Worldprofit is a training company for earning income online with tested, legitimate, proven strategies that take time and effort to produce results.
Worldprofit is not a biz op, and Members were encouraged to treat the training as such with commitment and professionalism.
There is a specific reason for the bootcamp training program, and the way it is, based on many years of experience of what works and what doesn’t.
Following a review of the basics of the program, the key elements that must be completed to get started, George wrapped up the session.
The entire Beginner’s session was recorded and will be posted later today in the Worldprofit Member area.
The Advanced Marketer’s session followed the Beginner Session with over 50 people participating.
George unveiled the new Content Management System and Design options that will be released in the next few week.
Members in attendance got to see first hand the power behind this new system as George provided a demonstration.
Specifically the ease of use and dynamic elements including:
– clean, uncluttered design layout
– easy to edit headings, tags, navigation menus.
– integrated social networks – Members will be able to add in all your favourite social network links (FaceBook,Buzz,Twitter, etc)
– customizable website backgrounds and header graphics (plans for 30+) or just colour headings
– customizable font and heading colour customization in theme sets
– powered for SEO indexing conforming to current standards
– continued focus on lead capture
– width expansion options to 100%
– continued ability to add your own products, services, affiliates, opportunities, graphics. pages etc
– prominent featured products section
– Option to add your own picture to the header (or not, your choice)
– design focus on function, lead generation and sales
– expansion of Member profile area
-built in Google Analytics and Google verification as well as for other major search engines
-Site map
-RSS feed
We have  tried to integrate the best features we could find for an easy to use Content Management system for the benefit of all Worldprofit Members.
Members will be happy to know that nothing from OLD Content Management System will be removed.
Anything you had before, including custom pages, and all the features of the old CMS have been retained.
We have only expanded the CMS to make it more efficient, easy to use, SEO complaint and to permit more design options.
The Silver and Platinum Design Gallery will be continued, we will just add the new options to the Gallery.
The new and improved Content Management System is a value-added service, there will be no charge to members for the system updates.
Finishing touches are being put on the Content Management System and testing must be completed prior to release.
Notice to Members, that we are upgrading the safelist
to bring it up to date and make it more powerful. Thank you for your patience as we do so.
During the last portion of today’s session George Kosch took questions from participants.
The Advanced Marketer’s session was recorded and will be posted later today in the Worldprofit Member area.

These Landing Page Mistakes will cost you sales! Know them. Avoid them!

By Sandi Hunter
A landing pages is a powerful way to generate leads for a product, service or company. Landing pages are a far more effective way of getting leads than promoting your website.
To get those leads your Landing page must adhere to these sure-fire rules of marketing. Here’s what you need to know to get the maximum results from your landing pages.
Most Common Mistakes
1. Boring or no headline.
Your headline must POP off the page with motivating words that will get the viewer’s attention. You want to get their attention then draw them in to keep them reading. Headlines should be bold, easy to read, colorful and make an IMMEDIATE eye-grabbing impact.
2. Too fancy.
Fire your designer if they rely heavily on graphics and flash.  Even video is sometimes not appropriate. You do not need your landing page to match your website. Landing pages do not need to be animated, blinking, jumping or annoying. Simple is best. Your Landing page has one purpose, and one purpose only – to generate a lead. It should be colorful, eye catching and use compelling rich copy.
3. No focus.
Effective landing pages are focused. Focused on purpose (lead generation) and focused on telling the reader exactly what they get and why they need to act now. Don’t include any reason for distraction on your landing page. Make your marketing message ultra-clear.
4. No Offer.
If you want to generate a lead you MUST include an offer.  People don’t give away there contact information unless you give them VERY good reasons to do so. Make your pitch, and make it a great one – something for free, include a bonus, an incentive – something of value.
5. Forgetting about who the Landing Page is for!
Your Landing Page is for your Viewers. Yes, it’s to market your company or product, but the page itself is about the viewer, Yes, your potential customer don’t forget this. View your Landing pages from THEIR eyes.  Is is obvious what you are offering? Is your offer enticing?  Is your page focused or it is annoying to the point of distraction. Respect the experience and impression of your viewers. Make sure the page is not too long, the fonts are appropriate, the graphics not overdone and your optin form is quick and easy to complete.
To conclude, here is an Easy 1-2-3 Formula for creating effective Landing Pages.
1. Start with a powerful benefit-laden attention-grabbing headline.
2. Follow with compelling copy that motivates ACTION.  Here is what you get, here is why you need it, here is how to get it RIGHT NOW!
3. Optin Form. Conclude with an easy to complete, simple form requesting contact details, being sure to list the bonuses/offer included.  If you can add a value to these bonuses it makes your offer even more appealing.
Final words:  Everything on your landing page should focus and complement these three things;  simple theme-related graphics, well-written punchy copy, an irresistible offer, and an opt-in form.   Your goal on a Landing page is get the lead!
About the Author
Sandi Hunter, is the Director of Website Developmet at Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in resources and training for home and small business.   For more traffic and business building information visit 
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