Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Friday Nov 25, 2011

During today’s Home Business Earn-at-Home training with George Kosch an enormous amount of material was covered.
People who want to earn from home tell us they want:

-Proven ways to earn income online from reputable sources
and they want
-Credible ways to generate traffic.

So that was the focus of today’s home business training session.

George Kosch covered money-making and traffic topics including:

Search Engine Optimization
Page ranking
Effective advertising strategies
Review Sites
Safelist Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media
The value of commenting
Signature files
"Dropping popcorn" approach to marketing
Dangers of automating your marketing with push button tactics

Using a screen-sharing program, during the training George revealed his desktop so participants could see the exact steps required to generate traffic and sales.

Throughout the training George answered questions from participants.

NEW MEMBERS! George reminded NEW MEMBERS to watch the video: Bootcamp Recording for Beginners. It is in the Member area, top menu, select TRAINING then click on the very first video at the top of that page. You must understand the basic to be successful in our program. PLEASE watch this video.

Following the training portion of today’s session, George provided updates on new Worldprofit services.

1. SEO Service and Traffic Service anticipated release within 2 – 3 weeks.
2. Safelist Plugin is now available for use, more additions to be added to this service in next few weeks and months.
Members can locate this within their Member area on left menu under section SOLO EMAIL BLASTER.
3. Safelist Exchange (stand alone version) still in development and very close to completion.
This service will an Add-On at and additional cost but can be purchased by NON-Worldprofit Members, Silver Members and Platinum VIP Members.

Worldprofit Members can access the recording of today’s Home Business Earn-At-Home training in the Member area, under the TRAINING section on the TOP Menu.


Worldprofit Members can access the recording of today’s Home Business Earn-At-Home training in the Member area, under the TRAINING section on the TOP Menu.
If you are not a member and you would like to join others learning how to earn at home, get a free Associate Membership at

Can pooled knowledge be the key to curing disease?

By Sandi Hunter

Recently at a dear friend’s funeral, I heard someone remark that she would live on in our hearts and on her FaceBook page. For some of us there that day, the fact that Isabella still had a FaceBook page including recent posts made it seem she was still here among the living. Later that day I reflected on how much technology and the Internet has changed our lives in such a short time with so much more to come than most of us can imagine.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media connect us in ways we never could before.  Through these sites we know more of people than we ever knew before. What they are doing, where they are, personal details, photos and more are all posted online. People are willing to share personal details that you may have never known or they would never have told you. Computers once thought to be a past-time only for geeks and the socially awkward have become through the Internet, a powerful way to connect people around the world and as we are seeing more and more, a way to change the world.

But there is more, so very more to the benefits this technology offers each of us that extends beyond connecting with people via Facebook and Twitter. 

Mobile applications now allow people to do their favorite online activities from the convenience of their phone or iPad. While standing in a long line at the grocery store, I noticed  4 out of 10 people tapping away madly on their phones.  I snuck a covert look  at a  couple of them to see they were on Twitter, Facebook, checking email, reading news feeds or firing off a text message.  Spend anytime in an airport lounge and the majority of people have phones out and are pre-occupied with something far more interesting then the buzz of the airport around them.  Technology is integrated INTO our daily lives – no longer so separated.

At any given time thanks to our phones and the Internet we are all connected in a very personal way. Even when we are not in physical contact with our friends and loved ones, we feel that we are still close. No longer chained to our home computer, we can carry on our business, our hobbies and our relationships conveniently from our smart phones.

Five years ago when my company, Worldprofit released the Live Business Center it was brand new interactive technology. We were able to stream LIVE video to our website audience. When visitors landed on our site, they were startled to have someone on screen say hello to them.  People were shocked and confused! They couldn’t understand at first who was talking to them and how they were doing it.  Today, years later people are more comfortable with interacting with their computers and phones.    FaceTime on the IPhone for example has made it wonderfully easy to connect LIVE face to face with their family and colleagues.    Webinars once unknown are common now. Web-based conferences and meetings are convenient for the consumer, a money-saver for corporations and happily a good thing for the environment with fewer people traveling to meetings.

Today, Worldprofit offers a personalized version of the Live Business Center that our Members can use and add to their own site. The technology allows them to greet their site visitors, answer their questions, provide customer service, make offers, and close sales, In short , they can connect with prospective customers in real time.   Massive unemployment and world turmoil has meant that the number of home based businesses and entrepreneurs has skyrocketed.  The Internet  has allowed a person working from home incredible freedoms and opportunity to make money by selling products, promoting affiliate marketing programs,  blogging, offering web-based services and more.

As the world has now surpassed 7 BILLION people, I can’t help but think how we may be bigger but through the Internet the world feels smaller and closer.  Technology has made all of our lives better.  When like-minded people unite, good – even great ideas emerge.  Perhaps technology will be what moves us closer to solving problems, finding cures for diseases.

Technology powered by PEOPLE is changing our world – for the better – just look at these stories and start to imagine what is yet to come!

In September of this year, a group of video game players solved a molecular puzzle that has stumped scientists for years.  The gamers accomplished this by using a collaborative online game called "Foldit".   Foldit is a computer game that enables players to contribute to important scientific research. The area of focus is proteins and how they fold. Proteins are found in all living things and  involved in diseases such as cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s. According to the people at Foldit, "We’re collecting data to find out if humans’ pattern-recognition and puzzle-solving abilities make them more efficient than existing computer programs at pattern-folding tasks. If this turns out to be true, we can then teach human strategies to computers and fold proteins faster than ever!"  More than 236,000 players have registered for the game, that’s a lot of collective brain power to solve problems and a huge and growing body of knowledge from which to draw. What this means is that the door has been opened to discovering "crowd-sourced" solutions to age-old problems including AIDS and other diseases that have plagued mankind.

Take the case of the New York Times where readers were invited to solve an actual real-life medical mystery.  The basic facts of an illness were made available and readers were asked to diagnose the problem.  300 readers responded, and within the first 30 minutes of posting, a correct diagnosis was made and many more correct answers came in thereafter.  Think of the implications for pooled knowledge? A hive of brains working together to solve problems from all corners of the globe.

Finally, what happens when great technological minds meet for their own individual purposes but the side-effect of that collaboration being a benefit for all of humanity.  Google’s Peter Novig and Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz recently met to discuss artificial intelligence. These two companies may be fierce business competitors but they both recognize the importance of artificial intelligence to the future of technology. Both of these creative minds spoke publicly about how machine-learning techniques have advanced by taking in large volumes of data and figuring out how to translate text or transcribe speech. As users of the new IPhone 4G already know, SIRI, the Voice activated assistant is here now but is only the beginning.  Data, mass amounts of data is information. Knowledge is power. 

The future is so very exciting!  Imagine how every human being on the planet will benefit as new technology emerges that can extract specific data for problem resolution for everything from preventing traffic jams, to precise medical diagnosis, to eliminating oil spills, to research and space travel. There are no limits.

Facebook was really an accidental early social experiment. What we are learning now is that social media and other massed pooled data may be instrumental in social adaptation and actual survival. 

About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, safelists, traffic exchanges, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.

Common Mistakes Made by Newbies that lead to failure in your online business.

In nearly 20 years of business, Worldprofit’s Support Team has answered THOUSANDS of Support tickets from our Members.  We watch some people succeed while others do not.  Some get this business right away, others take longer. We feel our job in our Home Business Training is to get you on the right path early and keep you there.  We want you to be Worldprofit Members for life, not for 30 days.  Our goal is to help you make money online and guide you to the tasks that will put you on the road to profit. 

You may wish to print this and post it near your computer. It’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus, hopefully having this information at your finger tips will put you on the path to being one of our Top Sellers.

Common Mistakes made by New Worldprofit Members

1. Never starting the online training levels and never attending a LIVE Bootcamp Training Session. We have 8 basic lessons to get you on track and 50+ more with advanced learning topics. The focus of each and every one of these lessons is to help YOU learn what to do to make money online.  To add to your learning opportunities, each week Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch provides LIVE training for nearly two hours. This live training allows you to ask questions, watch on screen as George Kosch shows the exact steps you need to generate leads, build traffic and make money.  We record this training so it can be watched when convenient for our Members, or re-watched for review purposes.    The Top Sellers in Worldprofit attend the training, if YOU want to be a top seller you must attend the training – then DO what it taught.

-To see the Summary of ALL the lessons in the Bootcamp Training, on left menu select HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP then select BOOTCAMP LEVEL SUMMARY.
-To know the date and time of the next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training, check the MESSAGE BOARD when you login, you will see this at the top of the page.

2. Fiddling with their site to make it “prettier and perfect”.  All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a website included in the Membership. The site we provide is designed specifically to generate leads and is fine just as it is.  Yes, you do have the ability to change it, add code, affiliate programs, etc but don’t spend a huge amount of time on this.  You came into our program to make money. Please understand that it’s the TOOLS,  RESOURCES and ADVERTISING included in your Member area that is going to generate your traffic and your earnings.  For those of you who are taking the TRAINING mentioned in Mistake # 1 you should now  understand this.    When you first join Worldprofit, leave your site as it is for now. Make some money using the resources we offer and when you are a more experienced marketer THEN start modifying your site.

3. Promoting your website and NOT the Landing Pages. If you have been following the training you would understand why you should NOT be promoting your website and SHOULD BE promoting the Landing Pages. You would know how to find the Landing Pages and you would know where to promote them.  If this is a surprise to you do this. In your Member area, on the top menu, select TRAINING, then  watch the very first video posted there. It says: “BOOTCAMP MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS.”  Landing Pages have ONE purpose: to get you Associates and build your optin mailing list.  George explains this along with where to promote these Landing Pages so you get Associate sign ups and this leads to sales!

4. Not understanding how the Worldprofit System works. OK, I know I sound like a broken record here, but this is so very important.  If you have been doing the Bootcamp Training Lessons you should understand how our system works. Here’s a summary in it’s most basic form.

As a Member, you use the tools and resources we provide to sign up free Associate Members into the Worldprofit Program.  When those Associates login they are greeted by our Monitors. The Monitors assist the Associates to watch a video overview of our program, then make them an offer to encourage them to upgrade from a free Associate Membership to a paid Silver Membership. If YOU referred that Associate and they upgrade YOU get the commission.    Are you starting to see how important YOUR promotion efforts are, and how very important the Monitors are to you?  DRIVE traffic – and let the system work for you.  Of course our system offers you much more than this including other sources of income but this is the basic process that you need to understand when you are first getting started.

5. Not doing the Promotion. So you have watched the Basic Training video right?  You have attended or watched a recording of George Kosch’s bootcamp training?  What does George say over and over and over again?  You MUST promote consistently to see results.   We provide you with the tools to promote, the places to promote and a way to track your promotion.  To see results you MUST promote consistently to trusted sites.  In your Member area under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section on the left menu you will find the Landing Pages, the Safelists, The Exchanges, the Advertising Aids, the free promotion sources, and the Ad Tracker. We have lessons on each of these topics as well to assist with your understanding.   For people new to doing business online you are sometimes amazed at how much promotion you must do to get results. This is a reality of ANY business, you must constantly promote to reputable places to get traffic and see sales.  The good news is that you are not on your own. We provide you with a list of recommended places, advertising aids, and stats trackers to monitor your results. The rest is up to you, it’s your job to do the promotion, every day if possible.  Your sales success is 100% dependent on your promotional efforts.

6. Not asking for help when you need it. We want to cry when a new Member says after a week in our program, “I want to quit, I am not getting any help.” Worldprofit’s Support Team is here to help YOU, 7 days a week, 365 Days a Year.  We have a 24 hour Member access filled with videos, screen captures and step-by-step instructions. We have a LIVE weekly training session every week free to all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.  We have a 24 hour Monitor Network, real people ready ALL the time to help close your sales.  Sandi Hunter, George Kosch work alongside you every day to help you build your business.  Take responsibility for yourself. If you need help, submit a Support Form. We want to help you succeed and are happy to provide assistance.  Your Membership includes all kinds of support and training so take advantage of this.

Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts since 1994.
Providing hosting, home business training, affiliate marketing, work-at-home programs, SEO, Safelist Exchanges, Advertising, Webcasting, WordPress, Custom site design and more. Details at

Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, Nov 18, 2011.


George Kosch delivered 90 minutes of interactive LIVE training during today’s Home Business Bootcamp. George is the Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp and offers training every week to help people learn to earn-at home.

Topics covered today:

Tips and Strategies for New Members. What to focus on.
Safelists.  Do they work?
Traffic Exchanges.  Do they work?
Saturation. Is this a problem?
How to stop fiddling with tasks that lead to ZERO profit.
Promotion. How often? Where?
FastTrack. How does it work?
Dealer Lounge: How to access and use it?
Bootcamp Lessons: More added.
Staying on Track: What you need to know.
ClickBank: How to access and use Members tools to promote and earn
MoneyMakers Program: How to access and sell the latest and best-selling products. 
Skepticism: Does this work?
Worldprofit Earn at Home Systems: How it works.

Throughout today’s training, George answered questions from participants

Service Updates.

Safelist Plugin update – it’s ready now.
George detailed how Members can earn 50% from ad revenues from this plugin.
Progress continues on the Safelist Exchange (stand alone version)

The recorded version of the Home Business Bootcamp is now posted to the Worldprofit  member area. Top menu select TRAINING then click on the recording dated Nov 18, 2011.

The next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training is Friday Nov 25th at 10 AM CT.

For more information on Worldprofit’s home business training and earn-at-home systems go to

Want to make money online? Here’s 10 Proven Ways!

In tough and uncertain economic times, people are taking charge of their economic future and turning to the Internet to earn money. The Internet is filled with legitimate ways to earn from home if you know what to look for.
This article provides realistic advise on how to earn from reputable online sources and run your own profitable home-based business successfully.

Let’s get started. Here’s what you need to know to make money online consistently and legitimately.

1. Do set yourself up with an online place of business – get a domain address. For $10 or so per year, it’s worth it to book your own domain name. It makes you look reputable, permanent and more accountable. Separate yourself from the sketchy programs out there by having your own domain name. Your website with a domain name is your place where you do your business and the location for all your programs, products, services or resume. If you have other websites from various affiliate programs you are involved, that’s fine, you can add the links to those programs on your domain based website.

2. Do book a website hosting account with a reliable hosting company. It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress to create your site, or a Content Management System provided by your host, but DO get an account that gives you 100% control over your site to add content, pages, widgets, images, video, search engine optimization, stats tracking, sub-domains etc. The days of a 3 or 4 page bland static website are long gone. Today, website owners can (and should) add tools, gadgets, blogs and other resources on their site to make it more customer friendly, search engine friendly, and social media friendly. Effective sites engage the visitor with live chat options, video, member areas, commenting and more. If your hosting provider doesn’t include site analysis and traffic tools, Google offers a free program that is very helpful for tracking important data related to your site traffic. It’s called Google Analytics. Website hosting will be in range of $10 – $50 per month.

Now let’s look at proven successful revenue sources.

3. When it comes to earning from online sources here are some proven successful ways to making money online:

a) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing means that you sign up with a company as an Affiliate, refer business to those companies and you collect a commission for sales. You will be amazed at the growing number of large brick and mortar companies that offer affiliate programs. You’ve likely heard of Amazon but what about the Affiliate programs offered by WalMart, Pay-Less Shoes, Orbitz, Old Navy, G.I. Joes, ABT Electronics and American Express to name just a few. How each company pays commission and how much varies but with a high traffic website and precision marketing you can generate tidy income from affiliate marketing sources. Don’t be afraid to look outside of recognizable retailers for good Affiliate Marketing ideas. for example, allows you to promote thousands of digital products. Vendors post their digital product to ClickBank, you promote it, when a sale is made you collect a commission. ClickBank handles payments and refunds so your only job is to pick the products you want to sell, promote, and collect commission. Pick a number of solid reputable affiliate marketing programs, but only a few so you can focus on those and only those to see success. I have to include a shameless plug here for my own company, Worldprofit includes in our Earn-At-Home Program a number of Affiliate Marketing products, reseller opportunities as well as a comprehensive sales and marketing training program. As the economy has fumbled, affiliate marketing and work at home programs such as what we offer at Worldprofit have exploded.

b) Blogging: Don’t stop at Affiliate Marketing, money can be made from popular blogging sites by adding in advertising revenue from sources like Google Ad Sense, this is called Monetizing. Food bloggers, celebrity gossip bloggers, expert columnists and many more are generating sweet advertising revenue by including ads on their high traffic blogs. The ads are generated from an Advertising program such as that offered by Google and many others. They key to this revenue source is high and ongoing traffic. You will also need really unique frequently posted niche content to generate a following and get steady traffic.

c) Sale of Products: Of course you have seller options such as E-Bay for selling products either new or used. E-Bay is not a new idea for making money online but it is a source that many people have been relying on for years. Wholesale items, overstock products, collectors novelties, bankruptcy sale items, fire sale items, garage sale items – even houses – are just a few examples of what people are selling on E-Bay. Those who are reliable sellers earn status as trusted sellers and can earn significant money selling products.

d) Site Flipping: Flippa is a website that through an auction process, allows you to buy or sell complete niche websites, many with an existing customer base and verifiable traffic. If you are clever and have built up a successful online property you an sell it on Flippa. It’s a similar concept as buying a home, fixing it up and selling it. In this case though you create a site for a nice market, monetize it, grow traffic, a prospect list and a customer database, then simply sell the site. For someone who doesn’t have the interest in creating a site and all the work of building traffic and customers, a ready-made website can be purchased. Take a click over to to see new for sale listings, active listings, browse, price range, sold sites and more.

e) Freelancing: If you have a specialized skill or knowledge, have a look at freelancing sites such as Over 1/2 a million jobs are posted every year on Elance. This is a site where you can post your unique skills. Both companies and freelancers (called contractors) can post their jobs/skills. It’s unique in that you can access specific jobs including work for programmers, writers, designers, consultants and so forth. There are so many options, take some time to review these mentioned and keep an open-mind about what is available. Other sites offering a similar service include and By posting your profile to these sites and taking on contact work you can earn considerable income.

f) Not everyone is destined for instant success like Justin Beiber after simply posting a video to YouTube. There IS money to be made with YouTube, that fact is a certainty. YouTube’s partner program allows you to post videos and earn revenue as your audience grows. Remember the scared baby video? What about the talking dog videos? Those videos and lots more are generating a steady source of income for someone due to the popularity of those videos. Initially the income can be very small, but if your video becomes hugely popular your commission checks will grow at the same time. Get good at it, get a following and then release videos to keep that source of income growing. Visit YouTube’s Partner section of their website to read success stories and how the program works.

g) Multiple Streams of Income. Here’a final thought on earning from online sources. Multiple streams of income is the key to consistent revenue, pick a few programs or options and focus on those. Make sure you are not spread to thin and can devote adequate time to building those sources of revenue. You need to have the time, commitment and an advertising budget to promote on a consistent basis.

4. Realize you must work your business every day to expect to see results. Don’t expect overnight success, or even success after a few weeks. If you are in this for a hobby fine, but if you want to build an online business with a steady source of full time income realize that it will take time. It’s a slow build and a lot of work.

5. Understand that CONSISTENT marketing and promotion is critical to your success. Ever notice that Coke is always advertising? Coke is continually in your face reminding you they are there. They sponsor events, they run TV ads, Super Bowl commercials and taste-test booths. The reason is simple. Every business, big and small must constantly promote their product or service. Your online business is no different. Promotion is a daily task. How much you earn is directly related to how much time and effort you invest in marketing your product. Learn about the power of social media including FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube, and so many more. If you don’t have a blog get one, and post unique content daily with rich key words related to your products/services/business and include integrated links to social media for maximum exposure.

6. Factor in that you will have to allocate and spend some of your hard earned money on advertising. Any successful business requires that you put money back into it. If you think you will build your earnings relying exclusively on free methods of advertising you will be disappointed. Yes, you can promote your business using free sites, and free services, but accompany that with actual paid ads at reputable sites. Don’t limit yourself to the major search engines like Google and their Ad Words program. Also consider Safelist Advertising and Traffic Exchanges. Safelist advertising once spurned as the poor man’s advertising vehicle has gained popularity and is free to get started with very low cost advertising options. Traffic exchanges work in a similar way and are worth consideration. For best results in either Safelists or Traffic Exchanges be prepared to pay for ads to see the best results. If you are on a tight budget combine both free and paid methods of advertising, and make sure you have an Ad Tracker software program so you know which ads are generating clicks and from which source.

7. Set goals. Are you going to make $100 today? $500 this week? How much? Once you have set your goals, set your plans for how you will accomplish this. What are the daily, weekly, monthly tasks you will do to make your financial goals a reality? Don’t allow your self to get distracted or pulled down with tasks that don’t get you closer to where you want to be. If your day ends with no commission report or sales report that says you earned SOMETHING today, rethink your plan for tomorrow. Get up early and get busy.

8. Have a positive attitude, I can’t stress this enough. Put a smile on your face, believe, then do. In my work as a trainer and consultant, I talk to people everyday who have had mixed success in building an online business. The people I have watched grow and build their own successful business are those who think positive and take action. Don’t be brought down by negative people, the know it alls, the ones that rain on your parade. Be mindful that while they are talking you down, you are doing something to improve your financial situation. Let that negativity slide off your back and propel you forward to work harder, and smarter.

9. Accept that you will have failure. Get over it. Learn from your mistakes. Move on. If it was easy to build a successful online business everyone would be making millions.

10. Find a mentor or training program that fits for you. The web is filled with software, e-books, training programs, webinars and more. You have all of this information at your fingertips. Find the best sources and get started.
Don’t make the mistake of learning, study, analyzing but never actually DOING anything. You won’t find success thinking about it, success is the results of DOING something to make it happen.

About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc.
Worldprofit provides training, support, software, hosting, traffic, affiliate marketing training, ad tracking,WordPress, Content Management and custom site design for small and home based business. Now in it’s 18 year, Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp has earned status as the #1 Earn-At-Home Training program.

Worldprofit Inc. – Home Business Training and Earn-At-Home Systems

25 Money Making and Traffic Generating Tools you will want to get your hands on!

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members, we have packed your Member area with gizmos and gadgets you may not even know about. What do all of these have in common? They all are designed to help YOU make money by generating leads, traffic and sales.

Here are just 25 of our many popular tools and services at your finger tips that you may not even know about!

1. SOLO Email Blaster

You want to mass promote your opportunities and affiliates and we give you a free, easy way to do this!
All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get privileged access to the Solo eMail Blaster. Blast your ads out!
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 41

2.How to Make Money with Worldprofit’s System

Members get access to hundreds of ways to generate traffic, leads and make money. We show you exactly how, step-by-step to use them to make money from home.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 33

3. PLR Store/The Vault

Your Member area is filled with valuable Private Label Reseller Products and Ebooks that you can access FREE for your personal use.
We’ve made arrangements with the vendors and hand selected the products we think will best help you build your online business.
You get money-making how-to products on Google Traffic, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and many many more.
Platinum VIP Members can also add over 10,000 products to their site, and sell to earn 100% commission.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 9

4. Magic List Builder

The Magic List Builder is one of our most popular tools and is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
It’s a list builders dream tool – easy to use, and effective!
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 15

5. Promo Code Center

Worldprofit has made arrangements with a number of reputable traffic sites so YOU can get FREE Traffic!
You get access to exclusive promo codes you can use for free advertising!
Use the codes to promote ANYTHING you like, your affiliates, your hot business opportunities, whatever you are selling.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 10

6. Link Cloaking Tool

Worldprofit provides all Silver and Platinum VIP Members with a Link Cloaking Tool for use in masking other vendor’s referral links.
Find out why this is so important.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 19

7. Article Marketing Directory and Article Publisher

Article Marketing is an effective way to generate fresh content, so your site is more often indexed by the major search engines. It can be very difficult to come up with fresh content and articles on a regular basis so we created for Worldprofit Members, the Article Marketing Directory.
We add new articles to the Article Marketing Directory on a regular basis. At the time of writing this lesson, we have over 400 articles in over 20 topic categories available for the exclusive use of our Members.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 25

8. Ad Tracker System

Smart Marketer’s track their advertising. You want to know WHERE you are advertising that is producing the best results. You want to know how many people are clicking on your ads. You want to know where your traffic is coming from.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 12

9. Your Report Card

The Report Card provides you with an individualized report on your progress in our training program.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 29

10. Self-Quiz

We’ve created a quiz to make sure you are on track and doing the critical tasks required to succeed in Worldprofit’s Home Business Program.
Take the quiz to make sure you are doing what is required to get leads, traffic and sales.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 39

11. Worldprofit Monitor Network

Only Worldprofit offers the Monitor network, over 70 people working hard in our Live Business Center to help close your sales.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 48

12. Personal Live Business Center (PLBC)

The PLBC allows Members to host their own personalized Live Business Center. Essentially it’s a landing page with an embedded Live Business Center – your OWN Live Business Center. You are the host, you talk to people, you are in charge.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 30

13. Tips for Advertising so you get the BEST results

Many of you are new to online marketing. Lots of websites pitch to you that they are the best place to advertise. They promise you guaranteed hits, sign ups, visitors, clicks and more. What do these terms mean? How do you know where is a good place to advertise and what is the best kind of advertising to buy when you are on a limited budget. How do you avoid getting ripped off? We reveal exactly what you need to know.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 34

14. ClickBank Promo Kit

CLICKBANK is a mult-million dollar company that offers an Affiliate Marketing program.
You can sign up to sell thousands of ClickBank products and earn a healthy commission for doing so.
You don’t have to purchase the products to sell them. Our Members told us they like ClickBank but found it difficult to know and find the best products to sell and didn’t know how to market them.
To meet this need, we created the CB Promo Kit and made it free for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 14

15. ClickBank Maximizer (Autoresponder)

The CB Maximizer was designed to offer Worldprofit Members an easy automated way to sell ClickBank products and increase your sales.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 13

15. The MoneyMakers Program

We have hand-selected a number of hot-selling in demand products. We test them, if we like them we post them for you to sell and earn 100% commission.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 28

16. The Affiliate Center

Many of our Members are marketing a number of products of their own or are affiliate marketers for a number of companies or vendors.
We’ve made it easy for you to add your Affiliate programs – as many as you like – to your Silver or Platinum VIP website.
The Affiliate Center was created to allow you to easily enter the code from your various programs to your website. Add your own or add any of the 70+ Affiliates we recommend.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 24

17. Twitter Promo Pack

Twitter is an effective easy and automated way to promote ClickBank products, or other affiliates and opportunities.
The Twitter Promo Pack is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 16

18. Newsletter Marketing

Staying in touch with your prospective buyers is a MUST and a newsletter allows you to do this. You can send out offers, product reviews, contests, notices, or sales information to your newsletter list.
All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a Newsletter System included in their Membership.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 44

19. LIVE Chat

Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could chat LIVE to people when they land on your website or landing page?
Guess what? You CAN chat with people LIVE and come up LIVE on camera when they land on your site or at your landing page!
Worldprofit offers our Members TWO ways to do this! It’s fast and easy to set up – and chatting can lead to sales!
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 45

20. Search Engine Optimization

It is critical that your site have the required elements so you attract search engines and your site gets indexed correctly.
We provide you with these elements as well as little-known but effective ways to increase your search engine ranking.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 46

21. Content Management System

We include a Content Management System so you can add to your site your own affiliate programs, links, pages, graphics etc.
You get complete control to manage your site and edit as often as you want.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 22

22. Prospect Manager

Running a successful online business means being able to effectively organize and manage your leads.
All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get the Prospect Manager Software for easy lead tracking and follow-up.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 23

23. Banner Promo Kit

Worldprofit provides all Silver and Platinum VIP Members with a way to easily post banners for promoting the products you can sell to earn commissions.
The Banner Promo Kit makes it easy to post banners on your website or blog. The banners are already loaded into the system for you and located in one place for your convenience.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 20

24. ClickBank Website Plugin

ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. ClickBank serves more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.
Worldprofit has made it easy for you to sell ClickBank products to earn commission by providing a number of easy-to-use promotion tools.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 21

25. FastTrack Visitors

Knowing where and what to advertise can be tough when you are new to doing business online. Building a business is about having a steady supply of leads from a trusted source. Worldprofit has made this easy for you by placing proven ads in reputable advertising sites. To help new Members get started with quality leads from reputable sources, we created the FastTrack Visitors program.
Read more about this in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, Lesson 17.

All 25 of these tools and services can be located in your Worldprofit Member area.
We teach you how to use these tools to generate traffic and make money in Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Program.
The bootcamp training is accessible 24 hours a day in your Member area, learn at your own pace. Currently we have over 45 lessons.
Every Friday we also have a LIVE training program with marketing expert, and Worldprofit co-founder, George Kosch.

There you go, get into your Member area and get busy.

Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts, helping people around the world to build their own successful online business.

How to Create Blog Titles that DEMAND Attention!

If you are going to spend the time it requires to blog then you want to make certain your time is for the maximum return.

You want readers right? You want your blog to be shared in social media right? You want more  traffic so  you  earn more money right? 

Smart bloggers who earn considerable revenue from their blogs, know it’s critical to have well-thought blog titles.  

Here I share some critical points about writing blog titles so you get noticed among the millions of blogs out there.

For effective blog titles do this:

A great blog title gets the readers attention then draws them in so they actually read your blog. Remember, some web sites, readers and devices like cell phones and iPad aps, show only the title of your blog. Your introduction or summary of what the blog is about may not even appear so your title better be instantly eye-popping and interesting. If readers see only your title, and your title is lame, you are less likely to get readership. Instead make your title catchy, one that immediately conveys what the blog is about so readers think you are click-worthy. Be sure that your title is not word-heavy but is clear and obvious. Readers what to know right away what you have to offer and if its worthy of their precious time to read. When you read my examples below you will get a better understanding of what goes into a Blog Title that DEMANDS readership.

Creating blog titles that will get indexed by search engines, and read by people. 

When creating your titles you want to use as many key words related to your blog content as you can. Before you even start your blog post, think about who you want to read this post and what key words are relevant to your purposes and to your audience. If your blog is targeting a specific audience, try to work that into the title so your title speaks and says to the individual – HEY READ ME! If you want people to read your blog who are looking for specific key words related to what you offer, work those key words into the title.

Consider that people are busy, often they prefer short, easy to read blog posts. Ensure if you can that your blog title relays this by summarizing what you blog includes.

Don’t compromise the value of your key words by being too creative in your title, make sure they are included in your title. With Google recently announcing that fresh content contributes to higher page ranking,  you want to make sure if your blog is about a trending topic, a news event, or breaking news, that it gets scanned first. You can help this happen by integrating the most obvious key words in your title so your blog gets scanned by Google and other search engine bots.

Finally, an important reason to give some thought to use of key words within your Blog title is this.  If you have any type of monetization on your blog, such as Google’s Ad Sense, the key words you use will trigger specific related topic ads to appear on your site. This is beneficial to you, as ads that appear on your blog are more closely matched to your Ad Sense ads which offers you somewhat of an advantage for potential earning through clicks on the ads that appear on your blog.

Convey what your Blog is about with a smart title.

In your Blog title, say exactly what your content is in an enticing way. If you can find a clever way to shock, or make someone take notice within your Blog title, do so. For example, offer 7 Tips, or 10 Strategies, or 10 Ways to Drop 10 Pounds.  This style of titling is a good way to convey that your blog is brief but includes valuable information. For some blog titles you may find it helpful to convey a sense of urgency so readers gets the feeling they will miss out on some really good, juicy or helpful information if they don’t read it. Celebrity gossip and Hollywood bloggers are particularly good at dangling carrots (celebrity names with a hint of scandal) within their blog titles to attract readership.

You may be thinking to yourself, WHOA! She is asking for a lot to be incorporated into a simple blog title! Yes, I am but it is easy if you know how to do it, you will get better at it as you go and your results will reward and motivate you. It’s for your own good – really. To help you get started, I’ve included 6 examples of effective and less effective blog titles below. 

Example 1

Strong : How to grow roses that make your neighbours green with envy.
Weak:    How to grow roses.

Example 2

Strong: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to get rid of allergies for good!
Weak:   Allergies: a problem experienced by 30% of Americans

Example 3

Strong:  The TOP 10 BEST Hotels in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Weak:    Going to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan? Here’s our picks for the best hotels.

Example 4

Strong: 5 Strategies That Will Triple Your Sales Today!
Weak: Looking for ways to increase your sales? We have what you need to know.

Example 5

Strong: Why Herman Cain can kiss his Presidential dreams good-bye!
Weak:  US Presidential candidates, a look at who’s running, the favourites and the predicted losers.

Example 6

Strong: 10 PROVEN Ways to Shed Weight FAST! Hollywood Celebrities do this, you can too!
Weak:  If you really do want to lose weight, we can help you.

See, it’s not so hard. Spending a few extra minutes to think and tweak your Blog Titles will get you more readers, more traffic and more revenue!

**** What do you think? Do you use catchy titles for your blogs? What is your experience?

About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, safelists, traffic exchanges, affiliate marketing, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business. Details at

Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch November 11, 2011.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Training is LIVE and interactive with detailed focus on helping people learn to earn online with reputable streams of income.

First some service updates from Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch.

INSTANT SET UPS for new Members!  Improvements are now completed for set ups.  New Silver and Platinum members who purchase and pick a pre-registered domain name, get set up INSTANTLY.  This used to take up to 48 hours, but now is completed within minutes of the order being placed. For for those who pick their own domain name, set up will still take up to 48 hours.  We urge new Members to pick a pre-registered name so they can be set up INSTANTLY.

NEW Home Business BOOTCAMP LESSONS: We now have over 40 lessons with more to come. A Lesson Summary is listed under HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.  Members can change to any other lesson you like, jump ahead, go back, zero in on exactly what you are having trouble with or want additional learning.  This allows greater control for Members to control pace and depth of their learning, as well as help our Support Team direct members to the lessons that will further their understanding and progress.   Our goal was to simplify the bootcamp while adding more in-depth detailed lessons on critical topics directly related to building an online business.

Following the service updates, George Kosch moved into the Training Component of today’s Home Business Bootcamp.

George answered questions from participants pertaining to the following topics: training, advertising, Safelists, leads, clickbank sales, Personal Live Business Center, RoboForm,  WordPress, missed emails (spam filters),  value of additional email addresses (Gmail recommended.) For complete discussion watch the video recording of today’s Bootcamp Training.

A reminder to Members that free products are posted regularly to The Worldprofit Vault (available in your Member area). Before you buy any new product, check the Vault first as we may have it included free for you already.  For NEW MEMBERS!  For Members who are stuck! Read this.

If you are a new Member, if you are stuck, if you are not sure what do to next, DO THIS right away:

Watch this training  Video:  TITLE: BOOTCAMP MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS Access is in your Member area, TOP MENU select TRAINING. It’s the FIRST VIDEO posted there.  You must learn the fundamentals or you will get stuck and frustrated. Watch the video. We tell you this over and over again for a reason, the video is critical, and your success depends on your understanding of the basics.

What’s coming:

Providing and option for Members to convert Bootcamp Lessons to PDF to print out. Option for Members to email to yourself a specific Bootcamp lesson Top  Monitors – We want to recognize the fine people who invest personal time to help others in our community. We appreciate your time commitment and will be adding a Top Monitors section to the Member area. RapBank and Click2Sell are still scheduled for inclusion in the Promo Kit. Work continues on both the Safelist Plugin AND the Safelist Exchange (stand alone version)

If you missed today’s LIVE training, you can access the training within your Worldprofit Member area, on TOP MENU, select TRAINING.

If you are not a Member and would like to learn more about Worldprofit’s Home Business Training Program and Earn-At-Home Systems, visit our website. Get a free Associate Membership to see how we can help you build a profitable home based business from reputable streams of income.  Now in it’s 18th year of business, Worldprofit is the #1  home business training program of people around the world.  We hope to earn your business soon. 

REVIEW: Google+ Business page: How To Get One and Why You Should.

Google has been looking for ways to compete with Facebook and others in the social media realm while still appealing to business customers.
This week, Google released Google+ Business Pages.
Google+ shares some similarities with the other social media main players (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter) but has unique value of it’s own.
With 40 million and growing users you want to make sure your business is well represented with quality, key word rich content that you control and publish. It’s not a good idea to ignore the giant, so get your Google+ Business page and start making it work for your business. Google is integrating the +1 system currently in use for search results into the Google + pages as well.
Here’s what you need to do to get a Google + Business Pages, then use it to generate interest, traffic and leads for your business.
1. To get your Google+ Business page you will need to set up a free account.
Sign into your Google+ Profile, click on "create a Google+ page". You then pick the category of the page you are creating, and click create. The categories included are: Product/Brand; Company/Institution/Organization, Local business/place; Arts/Entertainment/Sports or Other. According to Google , don’t fuss if your business does not fit closely with the categories, they suggest just picking OTHER. Google clarified that at this time only the LOCAL Business listings are handled differently as they include a location map, contact and hours for your business. It’s easy and fast to set up.
2. Once you have your Google+ Business Page do this.
a) Post photos! Google likes to index images, and they are hungry for new content. Create a public face for your company by posting pictures that best represent your company, products and services. Don’t limit yourself to a picture of your building, or founders, include graphs, mission statement, awards and more. Once your photos are loaded it is easy to share them.
b) Promote! Expand the reach and audience for your Google+ Business page by promoting it to your blog, LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter and your other social media accounts.
c) Share! Capitalize on the fact that others using Google+ also have circles that connect them to others. Encourage people to share your content with others in their circles for more exposure.
d) Analyze! As smart marketers know, it is not enough to promote, you want to know where you are getting traffic. Google+ provides you with a clever tool for analyzing your traffic and leads generated from Google+
e) Backlinks! Now, here is the part where you really want to pay attention. In your Google+ Business page, you have the option of adding recommended links. You will find this under the ABOUT TAB. This is where you are going to want to include links to your hottest offers to generate leads, traffic and sales!
Finally, if you have a Google Ad Words account you can link it to your Google+ Business page.
We like Google+ and it’s fair to say you now need to add Google+ to your list of must-have social media resources.
If you are looking for more marketing exposure for your business or products also have a look at:
Google Base: add your entire catalog to Google’s free product search database
Google Places: If you have an actual physical address for your business (not a home), it is recommended that you include your business on Google Places. When you do so your location will show up on a Google map along with your contact details.
***** What do you think of Google’s new Business Pages? Helpful or not helpful? Will you set up a Google+ Business Page?

About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, safelists, traffic exchanges, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.

Review: What Google’s Fresh Content changes means to marketers.

Google has announced changes to their search algorithms so that more relevant and up to date results appear first.
Google uses 200+methods to rank pages, and this recent announcement regarding fresh content has HUGE implications for webmasters and marketers.
Says Google: "We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness." Google went on to add this, "Frequent updates. There are also searches for information that changes often, but isn’t really a hot topic or a recurring event. For example, if you’re researching the a specific product, or you’re in the market for a new car and want reviews of a specific car, you probably want the most up to date information.
So here is what you need to understand from this announcement to improve your website ranking and ideally increase your sales.
1. If you don’t have a blog, start one NOW.
2. Blog or post articles about recent events or hot topics that are trending to give yourself an advantage
3. Blog or post fresh new content to your site DAILY if you can, frequent updates is paramount.
4. Blog about topics or events with YOUR own key words embedded in the content.
5. Up-to-date review sites about products that have rich quality content with key words gives you an advantage in ranking.
Google is essentially telling you what their indexers and bots look for when ranking web pages. Listen to what they are telling you, take this information and start blogging, not once a month, but daily if you can. Make sure your blog is monetized to maximize your opportunities for profit and lead generation.
Want to keep on top of Google and the 200+ factors they consider for page ranking?
Join the Google Webmasters’ forum at
To stay up to date on Google’s methods for page ranking, go to their official blog at

What do you think of the changes that Google is making? Helpful or not helpful? Post your comments below.

About the Author


Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, safelists, traffic exchanges, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.