Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Session on Jan 20th, 2012

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert George Kosch covered the following topics:
-Value and importance of "natural" link building
-Danger of being impatient and overdoing promotion (autopromotion) on social media (Twitter etc)
-Facebook Pages for Business Purposes
-Connecting all the links of your Social Media pages and profiles (Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Skype, Google +, to your website and blogs)
-Consistent Promotion: the fuel that drives your business growth
-Effective promotion campaigns include a link building strategy WITH active promotion and paid ads.
-Promote FIRST! Build your links, social media, blogs, reviews later. Promotion brings in the sales now, link building builds your business for the long term
-Social media is not enough. Active promotion – consistent promotion is the key – ads placed at reputable sites
-Value of Product Reviews for SEO and link building
-Safe-Swaps and Solo Ads: Demonstration and discussion
-Effectiveness of Safelist Marketing
-Connecting personally with prospects
-Your Day’s Business Building Agenda: First order of business: Make Money. Next task: do what is required to make that happen.
-95% rule (95% of your time should be spent on promotion) 
What’s coming:
Demonstration of how Worldprofit is working on the integration of WordPress blogs into the Silver and Platinum VIP websites.
The goal being for the blog (and all that extra content) to be within the core domain address. The reason is so Worldprofit Members get better SEO indexing and ranking from the larger content base.
Also in development, the integration of product reviews into Member sites following the same kind of SEO friendly structure.
Updates for Worldprofit’s Live Business Center will be added in next 2 weeks these will be of particular benefit to our Monitors.
Thank you to all Worldprofit Members who participated in today’s training both by attending and by posting your discussion comments. Worldprofit is a home business community, we all benefit by sharing and helping others.
Recorded version of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp: The recorded version of Jan 20th’s Training with George Kosch will be posted later today to the Worldprofit Member area and also to YouTube.
Next session of Worldprofit’s LIVE Home Business Training: Friday Jan 27th, 2012.
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Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp on Jan 13, 2012 with George Kosch

Today, George Kosch presented 90 minutes of interactive online training during the Jan 13th session of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp.

Topics included in today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training

The critical importance of consistent marketing
How to BE a marketer
Target Marketing
Bootcamp Videos
Bootcamp Lessons
Associate signups: Why and How.
Conversion to sales
Recommended Advertising Resources: What to look for, what to avoid
Landing pages / Ad Examples
Spam: Don’t do it. Discussion
Safelist Exchanges/Traffic Exchanges/Classified Ads
Monitor Network:
Recommended services
How to not get caught up on the time-stealing details and focus on what is important

For those of you who missed the recorded version of the training you missed a really funny story from George’s military background about cleaning a rifle for the Sergeant. This story was likened to doing the basic tasks required to make money online. The ottom line is this: follow the training, stick to the training, focus on the training, DO the training.

Questions from participants were answered with detail, discussion and demonstration.

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s training, and special thanks to the dealers who were assisting other members during the training. This is a home business community, we can all learn by sharing and helping each other.

The recorded version of today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training will be posted later today in the Member area under the TRAINING section.

The next LIVE Home Business Training session is Friday Jan 20th, 2012.

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Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Training System Jan 6, 2012

We’re off into 2012 for another entire year of online training on how to make money online!

The first Home Business training session of 2012 was presented today by Worldprofit’s George Kosch and ran for over 90 minutes.

Learning Topics included:

-Suggestions for brand new Members on how to get started, what to do and where to access.
-List Building Basics
-Marketing in General
-Safelist Marketing
-Bootcamp Training lessons
-The secret to making money online
-The 1 thing you need to do every day to be successful
-What the Top Sellers are doing to make sales
-Affiliate Marketing Basics
-Safelist Exchange
-The fatal Mistakes newbies make
-Ad Tracker – your most VALUABLE tool – use it!

After the recording was completed a lively discussion followed about what NOT to do and what TO DO to get the best results!

Reminder: George reminded everyone that the new Safelist Exchange service will be going up in price Jan 15, 2012. For more details on this product, in your member area.


Note: Sales of this service are strictly limited for quality control.

Comments from a few participants

Liz: Thank You George awesome as usual

Uli : Thanks George

Althea: Thanks for the valuable information George.

David: Thank you George!

Barbara: Thank you George and Happy New Year!!!

Recording: Today’s training will be posted later today to the Member area, on the TOP Menu select TRAINING.
If you have any difficulty viewing the video, you can also view on

Thank you to all who attended and participated in today’s training session. We appreciate your input and attendance. Give yourself a pat on the bat for taking the first steps to making money online – but don’t stop there apply consistently what George teaches. Any questions just submit a Support form we are here to help you.

NEXT LIVE HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is: Friday Jan 13th, 2012 at 10 AM CT.

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Worldprofit announces Linda Elze as Worldprofit’s 2011 Sales Champion

 Congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s 2011 Sales Champion!
For the second year in a row, Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s Sales Champion.
Linda was honoured today for her achievement by Worldprofit co-founders and Members of the Worldprofit Home Business Community during a live webcast ceremony.
Worldprofit President Sandi Hunter, and Technical Director, George Kosch joined many others in congratulating Linda Elze.
Linda came to Worldprofit just a few short years ago. Like many of our new Members she had struggled to earn a living online. She tried this and that with mixed results. When she found Worldprofit she told us that she had finally found her “home” online. Linda followed the online training and didn’t get instant success. She persevered with firm belief that she had all the tools and resources from Worldprofit at her fingertips to make success happen but it was up to her. With continued hard work Linda has now achieved for the second consecutive year, the title of Worldprofit Sales Champion.
Here’s what Linda Elze had to say:
“I have had yet another great year with Worldprofit. Looking back over the past years with Worldprofit I have to say that having live experts manning my site, taking care of my customers, and closing my sales has made all the difference. I never made one sale until I came to Worldprofit. I only spent money. I have watched also the evolution of Worldprofit. Having George Kosch as a trainer made learning much easier for me. Which made me want to learn more. The automation that keeps getting better and better helps make online business much easier and less time consuming. The staff at Worldprofit also makes all the difference. A company that delivers and never lets you down. I could go on and on how Worldprofit contributed to my success. To summarize. Worldprofit has given me far more than I ever expected.”
George Kosch, Technical Director and Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, had this to say: “I remember when Linda first joined Worldprofit. She asked a lot of questions, she made mistakes but she just kept on trying. The day she realized it is all about the promotion and consistently applying what we teach in the Home Business Bootcamp, there was no stopping her! Too many people give up too soon, not Linda, she stuck with it and now that commitment has paid off. Way to go Linda.”
Worldprofit President, Sandi Hunter commented, “Linda Elze is one of those people who doesn’t talk about doing something, she is the person who does it and makes things happen. She’s in charge of her online success because she works hard consistently and she’s not afraid to learn new skills. She’s got a fierce determination to succeed but still manages to find the time to help others grow their own business. Linda is an inspiration for what is possible by simply setting a goal and doing what it takes every day to get there. We wish Linda continued success. It’s so rewarding for us here at Worldprofit to have people follow our training system and prosper and Linda has certainly demonstrated over and over again what is possible. Congratulations Linda. It’s nice when good things happen to good people. ”
A number of Worldprofit community Members posted their congratulations and well wishes, and several Monitors spoke sincerely about how Linda has inspired and helped them to build their own online business.
Once again, congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2011.
* * * * * *
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