Worldprofit Inc., Releases Video Blog Site.

This week long-standing Home Business Training company, Worldprofit Inc., released a new Video Blog.
George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit, as well as Bootcamp Instructor developed the Home Business Bootcamp training program in 1994.
The live weekly training focuses on helping people learn how to earn at home using proven effective marketing strategies as well as providing and recommending products and services to sell online to earn consistent income from home.
Says George Kosch, "In recent years the number of people looking for ways to earn at home has grown considerably. Worldprofit started as a home business nearly 20 years ago, back when YouTube didn’t even exist. Today, the popularity of video and the simplicity of webcasting has allowed us to expand our reach and train more people around the world. We added the Video Blog so that all of our make money at home training videos could be sourced in one location."
Worldprofit’s Video Blog can be viewed at
The corporate site for Worldprofit is at
With over 1 million free Associate members, Worldprofit continues to be the original, most comprehensive and popular choice for people who want to learn how to earn at home. Services include WordPress website hosting, email marketing, software, search engine optimization, content management systems, ebook publishing, custom site development, reseller and affiliate opportunities, and of course the online Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Worldprofit Integrates AWebber and Get Response

If you’ve been paying attention during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training you know that the secret to making online sales is having access to good quality large lists. If it’s your OWN list even better! The bigger your list the more prospective buyers you have and the more leverage power you have for ad-swaps! Super Affiliates have huge and responsive lists that deliver sales but you must know what you are doing in order to comply with anti-spam regulations.

To make it EASIER for you to GROW your own email marketing list – effectively and legitimately – we have done something for Worldprofit Members that you’re going to be excited about.
AWebber and Get Response are TWO excellent email marketing service providers that Worldprofit has been recommending for some time. NOW we have made it easier for our Members to build your lists by integrating these two companies into what we offer Worldprofit Members.
Now when you sign up Worldprofit Associates using the Landing Pages you can also EASILY increase your sign ups for your AWebber and / or Get Response lists. You are accomplishing TWO important money-making tasks – signing up Associates AND at the same time building your email marketing lists! Remember, at Worldprofit we are teaching you YOU how to earn from multiple streams of income, and GROWING your email marketing list helps you do this. The bigger your list the more prospective buyers you have for whatever you are selling.

If you have an account in Awebber and / or Get Response here are the advantages that Worldprofit Members enjoy with this new enhancement.
– If you have an AWebber account and/ or a Get Response you can ADD signs ups to your Landing Pages – it’s EASY! – Both companies have extremely high delivery rates – AWESOME! – Your marketing efforts are instantly far more powerful because when you promote your Landing Page(s) you give prospects the option to signup on to your other lists too!
If you don’t currently have account(s) at Awebber or Get Response, don’t worry you can still sign up and get started using this new Worldprofit integration to the Landing Pages.
What you should do now:

Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch has created a brief HOW-TO Training Video to provide you with all the details so YOU can benefit from this NOW. Watch this video then you can get started. Access the video and get more details in your Worldprofit Member area under the LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select AD EXAMPLES.

We encourage you to ALSO attend the Feb 24th, 2012 Bootcamp Training at 10 AM CT as George Kosch will be discussing this and helping you understand the power of lists and this new feature. As always if Members have any questions about this new feature, simply submit a Support Request Form so our Support Team can provide you with assistance.
About Worldprofit: Worldprofit, Inc., provides a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses including a weekly Home Business Bootcamp. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today. Details at

Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Feb 10th, 2012

George Kosch started the training session with a basic review of fundamentals of Worldprofit’s Earn at Home System.

George’s Training Rant (Oh boy, it’s a doozie, brutally honest but necessary.)

The Buy, Automate, Delegate Phenomena. After nearly twenty years in business, we see this happening over and over again among people new to building an online business.

It’s the trap that many newbies fall into, the trap of being a buyer. This is the person who is trying to buy their way to success, buying countless automated software to delegate “the work” of building an online business. They are the ones who buy the Automated Twitter tool , and the Automated Traffic Tools, and the endless line of free products that promise to eliminate all the work for you!  Too many people find out too late that automation can lead to all kinds of problems, and empty your wallets faster than the blink of an eye.

If you want to make money online you MUST do the work, and that means promotion. Yes, some types of automation can be helpful but do not rely exclusively on these thinking that they are the way to riches. Any profession, dog groomer, hair stylist, truck driver, dentist, or athlete requires time, and hard work.. Why do people think that building an online business should be easy or should be instant success? It doesn’t matter what business you are involved with you need to do the work, invest the time and effort to create your success. If you think there is no work involved you are 100% incorrect. Set your mind with the attitude that you have to put in the time to learn, you have to DO what you are taught then you have to wait for results while continuing to put in consistent effort.

For NEW Members you need to understand that Worldprofit’s bootcamp includes step-by-step lesson to get on track. These lessons are critical to your understanding of how to build an online business and to benefit from the tools and resources included in our Membership. If you have NOT watched the Beginners’s BOOTCAMP VIDEO posted in the Member area, go watch it. If you don’t watch this video you will not understand the basics then you will get frustrated and you will quit. We’ve seen this time and time again. Those who watch the training, do what we teach go on to make sales. If you are not willing to commit to this program then you will not see success, it’s that simple.

Members are encouraged to submit a Support form if you require additional assistance. Please do not ask the Monitors for help, that is not their role. Our Support team is here 7 days a week to help you so just submit a Support form clearly detailing your request and we are happy to help you.

George then moved into the advanced portion of the training.


WordPress Blogs – benefits
Clever list building secret – you will want to turn up your speakers to make sure you hear this!
Consistent Marketing why you must do this.
Article Marketing
Traffic Exchanges
Safe Swaps
95% Rule (Spend 95% of your time on active MARKETING (landing pages); 5% on passive activities such as blogging, article marketing etc)
Trust and Reputation

Throughout today’s training George took and answered questions from Members.

Today’s Demonstration of EXACTLY what George did to generate over $1,000 in sales in one week.
Demonstration of how sales were made since last Bootcamp ( you WILL want to watch this again on the recorded version of today’s training).

What’s New:

1) Worldprofit Dealer Forum added within the Dealer Lounge. Accessible on left menu within Member area.
2) Two NEW PLR Products added, you can find these off the left menu under top menu under PLR STORE. Free for personal use for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members. Platinum VIP Members you can also sell these to earn 100% commission.
3) For Monitors doing 3 hour shifts, we will be adding in some program enhancements to better automate your coverage – thank you for your patience as this will take some time to implement.
4) We are still working on implementing Monitor Sales Report – again thank you for your patience.

What’s coming:

Integration of “AWebber” and “Get Response” into the Landing Pages provided to members.
Reason: To help you build your lists with optin subscribers.


THANK YOU you to our incredible Monitors who are going above and beyond! You’ve been filling in gaps in the schedule, closing sale after sale and helping to get new Members started.
You are learning how to build your own online business while helping others in our community to build their business. 3 cheers to our elite Monitors for your, dedication and your loyalty!
You get the opportunity to learn from other Senior Monitors who’s experience is so valuable to you. You will learn things that will benefit you personally and professionally in ANY business you are involved.

THANK YOU to everyone who showed up for the training today and participated in the discussion and training topics. You motivate us to do what you do with your comments and experiences and as a community we ALL benefit by sharing and helping. You the eager ones, are the ones we are confident that we will see on the Top Sellers lists ! You’ve come to the training now be sure to go out and APPLY the skills we have demonstrated and discussed in the training. The first and vital step is to attend the training, the next step is to DO the work, today, tomorrow and every day .

What Members had to say during today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training.

David: Love it!!!!!!
Lael: great
Kathy: Yay!!!
Arvell: that would be really cool, George! add that to all the Worldprofit Landing pages. good idea
James: I believe being a monitor transforms anyones experience in Worldprofit and takes you to a higher level.
Liz: That is so true James I thank George Kosch for his wonderful training
Tania: fantastic George
Erin: Your training is great, George. This stuff is so over-whelming at times. But I’m learning..

: If you missed the entire LIVE session today, or want to watch it again, the recorded version will be posted later today.

SCHEDULE CHANGE: There will be NO LIVE Home business Bootcamp Training on Friday Feb 17th.


Worldprofit: The online home business experts,

Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch of Worldprofit Inc on Feb 3, 2012

Today’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch was an eye-opener. We had a lot of new Members present who needed help getting on track. We had a lot of Members who needed a little refresher on what is important to focus on if you are going to make money online.

George started the program with congratulations to Worldprofit’s Top Seller for the month of January; Les Dunn.

George asked Les to tell us how he achieved this and his response was to the point:

"By focusing on what is most important, consistent marketing."

This led into the theme for today’s training "Peeling back the layers".

George shared that when Worldprofit started the Dealer program some 15 years ago the layers of excuses we heard for not making money online were these.

Excuse: It’s too expensive to call people. Today we have Skype! It’s ultra cheap to call ANYWHERE in the world! This excuse has been eliminated.

Excuse: It’s too expensive to mail. In the early days, mail was used for promotion. Today we have email, free and effective. This excuse has been eliminated.

Excuse: I am not getting any help. Today we have 7 days a week of support, 24 hour member area, dozens and dozens of tools and resources, 24 hr Monitor network, 50+ self paced bootcamp lessons, video tutorials, and live interactive weekly training EVERY week. In addition products and services to sell and the promotion tools to do so for earnings of 20 – 100%. This excuse of "no help" is simply not valid.

Despite, all of this training and support, we still have people not making money online? Why?

After being in business for nearly 20 years, we have come to a conclusion. The reason people don’t make money online – in ANY program – is simple. It’s due to laziness. The training is there. The Internet offers tremendous opportunities for those who will do the work! The support is there. The system for success is in place. The technology is a dream for anyone who wants to work at home. The reason is simple: Some people simply do not (or will not) follow the training, and do not consistently apply the strategies required and demonstrated in the training.

We prefer to focus on the positive, those that ARE following the the training. Those smart people like YOU that ARE willing to have an open mind. Those folks who ARE willing to work hard. Those Members willing to consistently promote their business. Those who have the patience to allow results to happen. YOU are the people we want to focus on and help to make consistent online income – you are the un-lazy.

George then led into a discussion on the very boring life of a marketer of makes money. What you need to know and can learn from Les Dunn, Linda Elze and the other Top Sellers moving up the list each week. Hint: It’s all about focus, 100% focus on the marketing, CONSISTENTLY!

Basics of effective marketing and what happens to those who don’t market.
Solo Ads
Community Sites
Residual income
List Building basics
Landing Pages/Capture Pages
The sad but realistic short life expectancy of the average marketer
Real purpose of a Blog.

Closing Remarks:

Thank you to all you participated in today’s training. You have taken the first step to learning how to make money online. But don’t stop there! Take what you have learned today. Login to the Member area and get started promoting!

If you would like to review the recording of today’s training it will be posted later today in the Member area.

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch is: Friday Feb 10th, 2012.

Comments from a few of today’s participants:

Lance: That’s a Great reminder to for us to stay on track with the right things
Chris: Advertise,ADVERTISE,Advertise
Lael: thanks George Liz: Thank You George
Toni: Thank you George.
Barbara: Easy, really easy to get sidetracked by all the interesting things out there. Thanks for the redirection, George!
Diane: Great info as always George. Thank you again so much
Charity: Thanks, George great training as always Lance: Amazing Training, Thanks!
Doug: Thanks George! This is great as always!
Robert: Thanks George, learned alot.

* * * * * *

Worldprofit, Inc., provides a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today.

Worldprofit’s Top Seller for January 2012 is announced…

This month, Worldprofit announced Les Dunn as the Top Seller for January 2012.
When asked to provide some feedback on how he achieved this, Les said, "Focusing on what is important and that is daily marketing."
On behalf of everyone at Worldprofit Inc., and the entire Worldprofit Home Business community we offer our congratulations to Les Dunn. We see how hard you are working Less, constantly promoting, we are so pleased to see your hard work is paying off.
And to each of you he is working hard to build your business – keep up the great work! Our Top Sellers didn’t achieve this in a short time, they put in the time and effort and patience to learn and profit. You are in the right place to learn and be supported as you grow your business.
Each week George Kosch, Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Instructor helps people learn how to earn online using proven effective strategies. Be sure to attend the LIVE training on Friday Feb 3rd at 10 AM CT to learn what YOU need to make consistent income from home. Maybe YOU will be February’s Top Seller?
Take the first step toward earning money from home – attend the training. Watch, learn, bring a pen and paper.
* * * * * *
Worldprofit started on a kitchen table back in 1994, in Edmonton, AB. Canada. Since then we have grown to be for many, the #1 source for training, support and resources for building an online business.  Get a free Associate Membership at