Review: Home Business Bootcamp LIVE training session May 17, 2013 with Marketing Expert George Kosch. Presented by the Home Business Experts at

Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch welcomed participants to the online training program.

The best teachers are the ones who actually DO what they are teaching you.

A person who is DOING what he is showing and telling you to do. 

A person who is achieving success and showing you step by step how to do the same.

George Kosch tests and uses advertising sources, products, software strategies EVERY DAY to find out what works, what doesn’t work and help you understand what to do to achieve success.  

Would you learn how to juggle from someone who had not mastered the skill?

Would you learn how to skydive from someone who had never jumped out a plane?

What about learning to fly from anyone other than a certified and experienced pilot?

Of course not! If you want to learn a new skill and excel at that skill you need instruction from someone who has actually achieved that exceedingly level of competency and expertise themself.

When it comes to online marketing, George Kosch IS the expert. He’s been in the business for close to 20 years. He will save you time, money, headache and frustration by showing you what you need to do and NOT do. His military background gives him a unique, down to earn, no-fluff, brutally honest style of teaching.

Important sections of your Worldprofit Member area referenced in today’s training.

Advertising/Traffic section
ClickBank section
Search Engine Optimization section
Training section
Ad Examples section (landing pages)
Great Ad Sources
Free advertising options
Paid Advertising options

Home Business Training Topics covered in this session

Importance of consistent promotion
The critical importance of Lead Generation – no leads no business!
No leads – no sales!
Landing pages
Ad Copy
Worldprofit’s Program and training fundamentals are applicable to ANY online business – learn to ride one bike, and you can ride any bike!
List Building – you must “GET” this concept or you will not make any money online, you will forever more be simply a “CONSUMER”
Catering to the needs of all online entrepreneurs  with multiple product and services = multiple streams of income
Search Engine Optimization

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended the training session today. We appreciate your participation, questions and enthusiasm.  The Worldprofit home business community is unique, members learning and sharing.

The recording of the training will be posted within 24 hours to the TRAINING section of the Worldprofit Member area.

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Review: The Home Business Experts at Worldprofit, present Home Business Bootcamp Training with Instructor and Marketing Expert, George Kosch. Friday May 10, 2013

Date of Home Business Bootcamp  Training: Friday May 10th, 2013.  10 AM CT.

Instructor: George Kosch, marketer with twenty years of online experience.  

Thank you to those Worldprofit Members who attended the LIVE training with George Kosch.  So many of you are eager to learn how to earn online and watch as Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch provides on screen demonstrations of what you need to do build your online business.

Topics covered during today’s training:

What you should do if you are a new Member
Silver Membership versus Platinum VIP Membership – benefits
The Worldprofit System – how it works – how you benefit
Marketing Essentials
Promoting ANY online business
Solo Ads
Safe Swaps
Email Marketing
List Building
Traffic Exchanges
Free advertising options
Recommended paid advertising options 
Affiliate Marketing
Traffic Generation
Search Engine Optimization
Common Frustrations
Suggestions for getting on track
Learning from your mistakes
Accessing the video and online training

Throughout the program, George invited and answered as many questions as possible.

Today’s session of the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp was recorded for the convenience of those not able to attend and will be posted to your Worldprofit Member area within 24 hours.
look for it in the TRAINING SECTION located on the TOP Menu.  More videos on a variety of online marketing topics are also located in our Worldprofit Video Library.  

NEXT LIVE TRAINING SESSION: Friday May 17th, 2013 at 10 AM CT.

Thank you to all who attended the training today. If you have questions about the tools and resources included in your Worldprofit Membership refer to the lesson plans and learn at your own pace. Need additional help, submit a Support From, we are here 7 days a a week to help you.

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Wallace Johnson is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for April 2013. Congratulations!


He DID it!

Wallace Johnson at the young age of 88 is Worldprofit’s TOP Seller for the month of April! CONGRATULATIONS Wallace!

You inspire so many of us with your integrity, determination and hard work ethic – proving that age is not a limitation in building a successful online business.  Let’s not forget either that Wallace is a heck of a nice guy too!

To each of our hard working dealer who made the Worldprofit  TOP 20 Sellers list this month – give yourself a pat on the back – YOU are making it happen!

If you didn’t make the Top Sellers list, help is here to get your name on the TOP SELLERS list.

1. Login to your Worldprofit Member area and watch the video for Beginners. You need to understand the basics before you can FLY!

2. Follow the lessons plans in your Member area to help you understand how to use and benefit from the resources, software and training available  in your Worldprofit Member area. Most of these lessons are accompanied by training videos, so you can learn at your own pace.  Topics include social media, search engine optimization, list building, lead generation, traffic strategies, lead tools, blogging, site design, online marketing, article marketing, ebook creation, backlinking, and so much more.

3. Plan on attending the next LIVE training program with George Kosch. Every week for close to two hours, marketing expert and Home business boot camp instructor, George Kosch delivers practical how to information to help you build your own profitable online business.   As many of our Members are from all over the world, we also record these weekly training sessions so you can watch when convenient for you – but DO watch as this training has ONE purpose – to help you understand what you need to do to earn online from home.   

4. Worldprofit Members always have access to support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are stuck, frustrated, confused, or just want a kick in the pants, we are here in our Support department standing by to help you. Just submit a Support form, outline the problem and we will get back to you ASAP.

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