Are you a ClickBank Selling Disaster? Help is here!

ClickBank has been around a long time. The company offers fabulous digital products (over 10,000+), and tidy commissions but selling these products has been extremely difficult for the average internet marketer. We’ve heard from a lot of people who love ClickBank and the products but couldn’t sell a darn thing…. until now that is….

Worldprofit Inc., is in the business of helping people learn how to profit online from home, by earning multiple streams of income. To that end, earlier this year Worldprofit teamed up with ClickBank so that Worldprofit members could sell ClickBank products using the Worldprofit system. The online marriage has been a success with Worldprofit members reporting more sales of ClickBank products thanks to the power of the proven effective Worldprofit system. To sell ANY product you must have a reliable consistent marketing approach and that is where Worldprofit comes in and is helping frustrated click-bankers.

The latest service offered by Worldprofit is a welcome addition from both ClickBank Vendors and Worldprofit members. The reason is that now Worldprofit members can have the entire ClickBank inventory of products (yes, over 10,000 products) housed within their Silver or Platinum Website. This means ClickBank Vendors now enjoy many more ways to market their products, and it means Worldprofit Members can more effectively market the products using the tools, advertising and software offered by Worldprofit. Bottom line is this, ClickBank vendors make more money from this new promotion vehicle, and Worldprofit Members make more money by having more products to sell and ways to sell those products.

Existing Worldprofit Members can login now to see the details on the ClickBank announcement within their member area. Worldprofit is NOT charging any installation fee until Nov 1st – until then the installation of the ClickBank inventory into your Silver or Platinum site is free!

Worldprofit Members are happy to know that they get 100% of the commissions made with ClickBank, and now Worldprofit has made it even easier to get those sales right within your Silver or Platinum website.

For anyone who wants to sell ClickBank products, or who tired in the past without success, check out what Worldprofit offers, get a free Associate member account at

Sandi Hunter
Home Business Experts since 1994