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Happy Birthday Wallace Johnson!

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to our long time friend and colleague, Wallace Johnson.

On April 18th, Wallace celebrates his 93rd birthday and he continually proves that age is no obstacle in building a successful online business.
He started his online business with Worldprofit well into his 80’s.

For those of you who may not know Wallace, he’s a long time loyal Platinum VIP Member, MCEC, and SR member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.
Before Wallace came to Worldprofit he was a former Test Pilot with the USA Apollo Project Lunar Landing Mission and now he’s an online success story with a portfolio of online business interests under the umbrella – Spaceship DEWAJ. Wallace has had quite a unique and interesting life! Read his very interesting blog at

Wallace is an active and successful online business owner, who maintains his own safelist, and his primary site is:

If you’re lucky, one of these days, you may catch Wallace, Monitoring in our LIVE Business Center. He volunteers to help others learn how to earn online by making success happen with hard work and determination. If you see him today, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wallace, our friend, it’s our distinct pleasure to know and have worked with you over the last 10+ years.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch
Worldprofit Inc.

Affiliate Marketers, why your emails may not being delivered and what to do about it before your sales tank.

Sending email but getting frustrated with no results?

Here’s why…

Your emails are likely being filtered to spam, or worse they are being blocked completely!

Your prospects and customers aren’t even seeing your email offers!

Google, Yahoo, Comcast and all the big email providers filter staggering amounts of legitimate email every minute of every day.

Spam is a huge problem. Open rates have dropped. Affiliate marketing sales have started to tank.

This is a real and growing problem for affiliate marketers who don’t have deep pockets like the large coprorations to buy authenticated verified email services.

Until now….

Worldprofit has solved this problem by creating Email Commander – Certified Inbox Delivery system exclusively for affiliate marketers.

Now you can send email to your prospects and to your autoresponder lists and be 100% confident your emails are actually being delivered!

How much email are we talking about being able to send?

Whether you need to send 100 email, or 10,000+, Worldprofit’s Email Commander System is the answer.

Wait it gets better….

With Worldprofit’s Email Commander System… here’s how you benefit.

We’ve done all the set up for you to start using this powerful new system within 5 minutes. REALLY!
No software to download. No learning curve.
No need to hire a developer to code the system for you, just follow our easy instructions and you can start emailing ASAP.
We’ve integrated the trusted and required certification into the Email Commander System for you.
We’ve brought on trusted partners for the email certification and vertification process, so you don’t have to.
Companies using this kind of sophisticated certification include Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Yelp.
Within minutes of activation… your marketing messages will start being delivered.
How many emails are we talking about? Hundreds, even thousands!

Do not confuse this with a mass mail spamming service, that is not what this is, nor would that kind of activity be permitted under the Email Commander’s Terms of Service. Let’s make this 100% clear this is not a spam system or a license to spam for any reason.

Now are you ready for the cost?

How much would you expect to pay for a Certified inbox delivery system ?

Before you answer, think about how valuable this is because without it your prospects are likely NEVER going to see your offers – that means no sales.

Certified delivery means your prospects see your offers and UP goes your sales rate. Powerful and PROFITABLE.

Remember huge companies rely on certified email delivery systems because they can’t afford not to have their email messages being delivered to their thousands and thousands of customers. Now you can access this same technology and have the confidence of certified delivery rates.

For a limited time you can access Worldprofit’s Email Commander at NO COST!

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members you can login to your member area to access and start using Email Commander now.

Not a Member? Sign up for a free Worldprofit Associate Membership to find out how you too can use the power of Email Commander.

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

From Jet Pilot to CEO. Meet George Kosch

George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc.
George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc.

George Kosch is a Graduate of the distinguished Royal Military College, Canada’s West Point. During his time serving the Canadian Air Force, George advanced to the rank of Captain as a jet instructor pilot specializing in training future Top Gun pilots. In 1993, after carefully studying the Internet and its likely future influence, he took early retirement from the Canadian Military and in 1994, with his co-founder Sandi Hunter established, one of the very first online companies and to this day, one of the longest enduring dot-com companies.

Over the last 23 years, George has invented and coded over 100 unique technical applications for business people, entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. He is also the Instructor, for Worldprofit’s popular Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Training series, drawing on his own hands-on experience of building an Internet business.

George provides LIVE training every week for Worldprofit Members. These sessions are interactive, and he answers questions, does demonstrations and teaches Members what they need to know and do to earn consistent online income from a number of trusted sources. He’s also developed the 125+ online lessons many with videos that Members can learn from to understand all assets of online marketing and business growth. Training topics include traffic generation, lead tools, SEO tactics, eBook creation, article marketing, social media campaigns, target marketing, list building and more – skills and practices that can be used to grow any online business.

Customer Review of Worldprofit

A big thank you to Bobbi Nichols for sending in this review of Worldprofit and the Worldprofit Marketing and training platform! 

“I can not think of any other online business that helps their customers/clients with excellent support and are very responsive to assisting me with any issue I have or have had. They are so quick to respond, even when I mess something up myself. Trust me if it can be broken, I can do it. They can always fix it. Love these support people.

I am so satisfied with the variety and number of services included in my Membership! I’m constantly surprised at how much value we get and how much information there is, I can’t believe how many awesome items are there for our use and We Do NOT have to pay for each thing we use or have…. love it.

The Bootcamp Training offered each week are AMAZING! I haven’t set an alarm clock for work in many years. I still do not need to, but on Friday mornings, I make sure that alarm is going to go off so I do not miss anything in the Bootcamp Training for that week. George Kosch is an AWESOME teacher and Leader, you will find he’s full of information and is very accomodating.

I learn something new everyday from the videos and online tools provided in my Worldprofit member area. It can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I have a terrible habit of jumping ahead in my training, not just Worldprofit training but any training, what’s really cool, I can go back to Bootcamp and start out at the beginning again, as many times as I need to so I can learn things. As a matter of fact, I went back to my Lesson 1-3 again today. Because I got lost with what I was doing and trying to cover. The one thing you shouldn’t do, is what I did, jump around from one thing to another, don’t do it. Take it from me, all your gonna do is overwhelm yourself and you will not do yourself a bit of good if you do not learn it step by step with George Kosch and all the Bootcamp trainings there are. Trust me, you will love it.”

Bobbi Nichols
Jefferson City, MO, USA.

Review of George Kosch’s LIVE interactive home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training April 21, 2017. Presented by the Home Business Experts at Worldprofit.

Topics covered in this training session and services offered at Worldprofit

Silver Membership
Website Hosting
Website Management System (Formerly called Content Management System)
Traffic Tools
Nav Bars
Promotion Essentials
Ad Tracker
Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder
Worldprofit’s Marketing System
Prospect Manager Software
Virtual Sales Assistant
Newsletter Software
Call Loop
ClickBank Promo Kit
Money Makers Kit
Promoting other Affiliate programs using the included software, traffic and resources offered at Worldprofit
Recommended Affiliate Programs for additional streams of income outside of Worldprofit
Facebook Groups
Solo Email Blaster
Creating an HTML ad
Promo Organizer

Monitors: We are looking for nice people to join our Monitor team. If interested submit a Support ticket and we will send you details.
Monitoring is a great way to learn and score some valuable perks. Feel good about yourself as you help others in our home business community.
Try it! We think you will enjoy it, just ask any of our current Monitors.

To our current Monitor Team! THANK YOU for all that you do for members of our home business community! APPLAUSE!

Members! If a Monitor has made a sale for you, how about sending them a nice note of appreciation? You will make their day.

We had excellent participation today and lots of good questions! Thank you to each of you who attended. We LOVE the enthusiasm and positive energy you have for utilizing what you have at your fingertips to grow your own successful online business.

The recording of the April 21, 2017 training session can be viewed in the training section of the Worldprofit Members area.

The next LIVE home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training session is FRIDAY APRIL 28, 2017 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
The LIVE interactive sessions are offered EVERY Friday morning unless otherwise posted, so save the date.
If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions then you can watch the recorded version avaiable within 24 hours of the LIVE session.

A few comments from attendees.

Phillip: K thanks that really helps. I am falling more and more in love with Worldprofit. There is literally everthing we need to do business. Don’t know how you thought all this up. Thank you so much. Planning on upgrading to Premium next month.

Lee: Thanks George Great session got to go

Frank: Okay thanks, I love it.

Ash: Great Stuff George. thanks

Linda: Awesome as usual..thank you George

Patrick: Thanks George, always appreciated

Bobbi Jo: Your the best George

Ask A Marketing Expert with Sandi Hunter

Question: What’s the gig on SEO Submission services. Do they work? Is it worth the money? I don’t have a lot to spend so any advice you can give is much apprech.

Answer: Thanks for the question. The answer to this question is complex. Big sigh…. where do I start.

If you are on a limited budget know that generally speaking a lot of the automated SEO Submission sites are over-rated.
We’ve tested a number of them, tracked traffic and referral links and on our test of 100 sites we noticed no significant traceable difference in traffic over a 30 day, 90 day, and 6 month data analysis. We did notice a very small, referral link increase of about 2% on average.
Using some of these low cost submission sites are not likely to hurt you but they won’t help you significantly either.
If you want to use them, don’t spend more then a modest amount of money each month. And monthly submission is better than one time submission, as indexes, search engines, and directory sites are constantly changing how they index and rank sites.
If I were to suggest one low cost option it would be get a free 30 day trial. If you like the results you get, upgrade to the paid membership, if not it hasn’t cost you anything.

Now, if you are a Do It Yourselfer and have the patience and time to implement your own strategies to increase your site ranking here are some things that will help you get started. Don’t expect instant results though, this method takes a lot of time and consistent effort but it won’t cost you anything.

1. Start a niche blog. If your business, or site is very specific, start a domain name based blog of your own. NOT A FREE BLOG. Get your own so you are promoting yourself, and you are not vulnerable to the free services when they decide to just shut your blog down one day for no reason. On your blog, use key words in your titles, and in your blog content. Make sure everything on your blog is related to your niche. Stay on topic. Make a list of what your keywords are for what you are offering. Don’t overdo it with your key words but know what words are key to people finding you and integrate them logically into your content. Post often. Every day if you can. Hint. Turn commenting off on your blog or you will be overridden by bots and they will eventually crash your blog.

2. Get a Google + account and set up a collection or profile for your site/niche/topic. Post content on a regular basis related to your niche, your site, your business. Use your established key words in your content and in really good descriptive titles. Google+ posts get indexed often within hours so you will see results more quickly here. Be an unabashed self promoter. Include pictures, links, keep it on topic, use your key words.

3. Get a Facebook Business Page, and Fan Page. Again, integrate your key words, stay on topic, make the pages public. Include your link on all your other postings you do.

4. If you don’t have a Twitter account get one. Tweet your postings, include your keywords and your URL (site address)

5. Get a LINKEDIN account, set up a group. Title it something to do with your niche market. Invite people to join your group. Post to it often, again use your keywords, stay on topic.

Now…. if you don’t have time for all of that, then you have the option to hire an SEO expert. The only SEO experts I would recommend are those that do your SEO for you by hand. That’s right they do the kinds of things I have outlined about for you. THEY identify your key words, your target market, and then they manually set up those kinds of social media accounts for you and do your postings. Hire someone who can prove to you the results they have got for their clients. For this service be prepared to pay more money. Most often it is a monthly fee, and they do so many posts monthly to keep your accounts active and your content fresh and new which is like honey to attract search engines. Hint: You can often find SEO experts who will do this kind of work in countries like China and Indonesia at a reasonable cost. Just be sure to get a portfolio of clients and ask for proof of results. Be wary of services that charge you a fee to get you 1,000 likes, or 5,000 followers, or that do fake product reviews, that’s a red flag and may come back to bite you in the butt.

I will stop there as there is a lot more to say about SEO but it can be very long winded and confusing for new marketers. I don’t want to discourage you I just want you have a basic understating about SEO and awareness that it’s not easy to get high ranking and it is ever changing.

I hope this helps.

—-> Sandi Hunter is the President of Worldprofit Inc. If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

Congratulations Linda Elze, Worldprofit Sales Champion for 2016

Linda Elze

Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2016.

Congratulations Linda!

In all of the years I have know Linda, I can share with you one thing that is constant and true. This lady never gives up! Perhaps that is a major factor that contributes to her success and one that people can learn from. When Linda came to us eight years ago she didn’t have instant success. She floundered and fumbled with what was a new, unfamiliar business model. She was not a techie, she got frustrated and she nearly walked away several times. But Linda saw the value and power of Worldprofit’s system, having tried so many others before without success, she knew she could master it if she was patient and took the time to learn. She had coaching and support every step of the way from Worldprofit’s support team. Today Linda is the Sales Champion for 2016.

How does she do it? Linda works her business every day, she understands the value of focus, and she has a positive attitude. She has fine-tuned her skills as a business owner understanding the importance of connecting with people and offering a helping hand. Linda has learned by following Worldprofit’s training program, that the growth of her business depends on constant promotion, ongoing attention to lead generation, traffic and list building. Importantly, Linda is honest and ethical. She’s an excellent role model demonstrating the achievement and rewards possible when you put your mind to it, and your fingers to the keyboard.

I asked Linda to share some advice to help other aspiring business owners follow in her footsteps to success.

Question. Linda, what advice do you have for new Worldprofit Members to get off to the best possible start?

Answer: My advice is to follow George Kosch’s bootcamp training and join all the safelists and traffic exchanges in 20+ traffic streams and use them everyday…also join more…more is my video in the Member area .. I recorded it a while ago but I still do this now the same way, the same formula.

Question: What are some of your daily habits that have contributed to your success and achievement?

Answer: Everyday I login to my member area at Worldprofit and use the tools and training offered…I also help the monitors who are taking care of my customers and closing my sales.

Question. What are some of the resources provided by Worldprofit that you rely on the most to help you grow your online business?

Answer: The things I rely on most are the ad copy…ad tracker…support from Worldprofit..the monitors ..and tools in the back office like the Virtual Sales Assistant. Everything a member needs is in one place, another advantage of Worldprofit. If you spend time digging away you’ll be impressed with all that is included… no need to go elsewhere.

Question: For those Members who are making sales now but want to make MORE sales, any advice ?

Answer: My advice…call at least 5 customers a day…offer free stuff to watch our silver membership video…let the monitors close the sales for you when your Associates login…

Question: For someone unfamiliar with the comprehensiveness of Worldprofit, in a few words, what would you say is the unique value and power of the overall Worldprofit Marketing System?

Answer: The power of Worldprofit is sooo immense …it’s hard to describe..but if dealers take the training and focus on the steps and be consistent…sales come….it’s a numbers game…be the wood pecker…everyday…try to learn something new every week it’s all in your member area…read the reports and ebooks in the goody bag…review the facebook lessons…use the social networks…DO the training. Stick with it. Don’t give up. Success is earned.

Question: Any final words Linda?

Answer: There is nothing like Worldprofit anywhere on the net. I know, I have seen it all. People need the training and guidance. Everyone who wants to make money online…should be in Worldprofit, here is where you will get the help and training…make money…and have fun.

Connect with Linda Elze at

Review of George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp Training held Dec 30, 2016.

George Kosch, your Home Business Bootcamp coach, started the session promptly and thanked those attending the LIVE session.
If you couldn’t be there, a link to the recording is included below.

Questions and demonstration requests are encouraged in the training – these weekly sessions are all about helping YOU. For those Members unable to attend the LIVE training, you can submit your questions or requests for demonstrations, via a Support form then you can watch the recording later to get your answers or demonstrations.

Here’s a recap of the last training session of the year, held Dec 30th, 2016.
(Special thank you to George Kosch for providing training to our valued Members, every Friday for the last 52 weeks! Your dedication is appreciated).

Theme: How to Make 2017 your BEST year yet for online sales!

Is this the year you resolve to: EARN MORE MONEY ONLINE!

…and is this the year you will put into practice the tasks to accomplish your goal?

Here’s what you need to do to make MORE money online in 2017.

1. Set your goals. Be realistic.
2. Focus on the online bootcamp training lessons, what you need to know and do is all in there!
3. Generate a steady supply of Associates. Associates are like GOLD. They start as free members and have the option to upgrade to Silver or purchase any number of other services. When Associates you refer make a purchase you earn commission! Our system is working behind the scenes to make Associates offers, provide incentives. special deals and more. When they login they are greeted by one of our Monitors who make them an offer to upgrade. The Monitors are working for you to try and close sales for you! Our system is working to try and get sales for you. All you have to do is promote. We teach you what you need to do in the bootcamp training. Our support team is here to help you 7 days a week. You are in the ABSOLUTE best place to grow your own online business today, tomorrow and for years to come! We teach you to build an online business, we are not a biz op. Get serious about a business. Treat it like a business and nurture it, care for it, grow it.
4. Learn the basics of promotion and you learn to FLY!!!! You can apply these skills to any or all your online business programs.
5. Once you have learned the basics, expand your promotion. Promote to more places, promote more often.
6. Vow to learn one new thing each day about marketing online. Your Member area is filled with tools, resources, ebooks, training lessons, and more. Take some time everyday to learn something new. As your comprehension grows, apply what you learn to make your business grow.
7. Resolve to do the WORK consistently to get the results. It’s not about watching the videos, and reading the lessons. It’s about DOING. Apply what you learn to promote as we teach you in the bootcamp. Don’t dabble. Don’t fluff. Dig in and DO consistently.
8. Resolve to grow your email marketing list. You need leads AND you need to grow your own email list. That way if your programs changes, if your products change, if your affiliates change, you have a LIST of prospects. Every profitable business owner, online and OFF, has an email marketing list. Make growing yours a PRIORITY. Again, the tools to do so are in your Member area, and we teach you how in the bootcamp lesson.
9. Believe in yourself and that you are worth making this WORK! Understand that everyone gets frustrated at some point when they learn a new skill. The Top Sellers in our program are no different. They started just like you, on LESSON 1, they stuck with it, determined to grow their own online business. They put in the effort and today they are enjoying the results. You can do this too!
10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everything you need to be successful is all here at Worldprofit in one member area. Take advantage of the online training, the help available through our Support team 7 days a week, the LIVE interactive training each week and the hundreds of resources at your fingertips. We’ve been here for over 20 years supporting our Members, we can help you too.

Questions discussed and answered from participants.

1. What are the Worldprofit Traffic Injections?
2. What is the Worldprofit Community ( ?
3. How can I use Worldprofit’s included Landing Page Builder?
-to promote Worldprofit
-to promote my own biz ops and affiliates
-to grow my list
-to add LIVE Sales Chat to my landing pages
-Lead Capture
Note: Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder is accessible under the LEFT MENU under the WEBSITE MANAGEMENT section
4. How to access the HELP Videos for each product, services, or software offered by Worldprofit?
5. Your included Ad Tracker, why it’s so important to evaluating your online promotion efforts.


1. The Report Card has been updated! A number of Worldprofit Members have been asking what happened to the Report Card that allows you to track your progress. We had removed it to do updates. It is now back and accessible in your Member area on LEFT MENU at the top directly below where your name appears you will see in red font, “YOUR REPORT CARD” click on that.
2. We are looking for new Monitors to join our Team. Learn and get some nice perks too! Submit a Support ticket and we’ll send you details.
3. There is NO monitor meeting this Saturday.

Remember! Need any help with accessing or using your Worldprofit services?

Any questions, or concerns, submit a Support Ticket so we can help you.
We are here 7 days a week / 365 days to assist you. Use us! Please!


Worldprofit Members can review the recording of the DEC 30th, 2016 bootcamp training in your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE Training session today.
We appreciate your comments, questions, and feedback so the training is meaningful to both the individual and all members.

—> The next LIVE training session is Friday Jan 6, 2017 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Happy New Year to all!

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

Concerned about how recent changes at PayPal effect you, Affiliate Marketing and the Internet Marketing Industry? Read this.

We’ve heard from a number of people who’ve been expressing concerns about recent changes and drastic actions taken by PayPal and how this may impact you, and the internet marketing and affiliate marketing industry.

To help our Members understand these changes and answer any questions, George Kosch  will host a LIVE Question and Answer Session on Thursday Nov 3, 2016. Details and times with access link are posted in the Worldprofit Member area.

This article below is written by a well respected pioneer in the business, Maryanne Myers, includes some revealing history, and helpful information about what is going on with PayPal, and includes some good suggestions for alternate pay gateways.

The affiliate marketing and online advertising industry will continue to grow without PayPal, no worries there.

Interested in more insight on how changes to PayPal and other electronic payment gateways are effected, try these links too: