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Rocket Builder – is a Theme based, SITE BUILDER for WordPress – but it is so much more than that!

Now you can create beautiful, professional sites in under 30 seconds!

If you like to BLOG you will love this.

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Here’s what Rocket Builder does for Worldprofit Members

-you get over 175 customizable pre-loaded GORGEOUS professional design templates – with a 1 CLICK launch!
-easily integrate VIDEO as full page or as a looping background
-No CODING required
-Drag and Drop Editor for EASY customization of the templates
-Slider Revolution INCLUDED for awesome effects
-Go from an empty template to a fully functional site within minutes – REALLY! See the demo below to see for yourself!
-Change colour schemes with one click
-Awesome effects such as Countdown Timers
-ready to use ecommerce shop templates
-3D animated sliders for content and what not
-Custom branded GOOGLE MAPS option!
-Powerful local SEO engine
-Parallax Scroll Effect
-Works with woo commerce
-1 click color changing – for anything on your site
-Tons of layouts to work with
-FREE lifetime updates and support
-coming soon pages and all
-100s of icons and graphics elements

Rocket Builder is perfect for…

– Bloggers with no design or technical experience
– Anyone eager to get set up QUICKLY without any learning curve
– Anyone with an interest in setting up a niche specific or a number of niche sites
– Those with little design or technical skill who want to create sites for yourself including landing pages, niche blogs, video sites and more
– Anyone with an entrepreneurial bug who wants to create stunning sites for clients as extra income
-Those who have used WordPress in the past

Worldprofit Co-Founder and Technical Director, George Kosch has recorded an Overview of Rocket Builder, watch here:

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Here’s how to access Worldprofit’s Rocket Builder Blog Software

In your Worldprofit Member area on LEFT MENU select PLUGINS/BLOGS/CPanel and click on ROCKET BUILDER

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Prospects: How to know who’s serious and who’s a time waster.

Sandi Hunter

Every business needs leads, also known as prospects. Prospects are people who may be interested in purchasing a product or joining your affiliate program or business opportunity.

The problem for the online marketer is identifying who is a serious prospect from someone who may simply be wasting your time.

Let’s take a look at some key ways to identify a TRUE prospect.

Before making a purchase most of us ask and want answers to our questions so we can be confident in making our purchase.

This is certainly reasonable and expected behaviour from your prospects. Afterall you want people to know what they are buying and to be a happy customer once they make their decision to purchase.

Serious prospects ask intelligent questions like these:

What is the upfront cost? Are there any hidden or ongoing costs?

Are there any Special Offers on right now?

Is there any installation or setup required by me?

Do I require any special skills?

How much money does the average person make in this opportunity?

How long have you been in business?

How much time is involved in learning this business?

Is there any guarantee?

Do you have any referrals or customer testimonials?

What kind of help or support or training will I receive?

Do you accept PayPal as well as credit card as payment?

How long will it take for me to get my services/product/package.

These are all reasonable, intelligent questions. You can learn a lot about a person and their potential by the questions they ask.

Positive, forward thinking people ask about the costs, the logistics of the purchase, the time commitment. Serious prospects understand that any legitimate money-making business requires some type of investment, a commitment of time, a period of learning, strength and determination of character as well as self responsibility. Healthy skepticism is one thing, negativity and close mindedness is completely a different matter. Successful people are positive thinkers, they are willing to listen and learn. They realize results come from one’s own hard work and practice, they appreciate that a business requires a commitment and dogged determination.

NON Serious prospects ask questions like these:

Can I make at least a thousand dollars in a week? I really need the money right now.

Is this easy, or is there a lot of work involved?

I don’t have a credit card and Paypal shut off my account, is there any other way I can pay?

Is this all automated money-making, push button kind of stuff?

I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this, is it going to take up a lot of my time to learn this stuff?

I’ve tried everything to make money online and not made a dime, how do I know this will work?

Is this a scam?

I don’t have any money so I want to just do free programs and make as much money as I can as quick as I can..

If this doesn’t work right away can I quit and get my money back?

These kind of questions from the non-serious prospect say it all. This kind of person is negative and close minded. They’ve pooped in the soup before it’s even cooked. These kinds of questions suggest a lack of understanding and unrealistic attitude about what it takes to start, build and maintain a legitimate online business. A negative attitude BEFORE they even learn more or get started on the basics, is the kiss of death.

A person without even minimum funds to get started is not a serious prospect. It’s not at all realistic to think you can make significant online income if you are not prepared to take some time to learn, commit yourself, invest some money in building your business, and take responsibility for your own success. Not everyone has what it takes to grow a successful online business.

By all means ANSWER your prospect’s questions, you want to earn trust and build a business relationship but importantly pay attention to the TYPE OF QUESTIONS they ask to help you identify the serious who are worth more of your time, then the non serious who may simply be wasting your time.

The Author:

Sandi Hunter, is Co-Founder and President of Worldprofit Inc. Started in 1994, Worldprofit has helped people worldwide grow their own online business with comprehensive training, support and resources from newbies to more seasoned affiliate marketers.

Note: If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

Worldprofit congratulates Linda Elze on earning SALES CHAMPIONSHIP for 2015.

Linda Elze
Linda Elze

Congratulations to Linda Elze for achieving the distinction of being Worldprofit’s Sales Championship for 2015.

Meet Linda Elze….

Linda is not only a successful business woman, she’s also a loving grandmother. Success has not come easy for Linda. She’s faced head on a number of personal hardships and health challenges through the years. Through all of this she has stayed focused and determined, 100% committed to building a better life for her family. Linda is an inspiration to others for what IS possible when you work hard and have the help and support you need to stay focussed. When she started she didn’t have a lot of technical experience but she did have some offline sales experience. She knew that sales don’t land in your lap, instead you have to connect with people as a genuine, real person. Sales are made online in a very different manner but there is still the need for that personal touch and a proven system for making it happen.

There is no doubt that Linda has that magic touch. I asked Linda to provide some insight to help and inspire others to grow their own successful online business.

Linda, you’ve been with Worldprofit for over eight years now. That’s remarkable in this industry.
What keeps you at Worldprofit?

Integrity of the company…the constant innovations, ease of use, ongoing training, multiple income streams are built into dealer area, camaraderie of the monitors and dealers, professionalism. Worldprofit makes it fun to make money online.

Linda, as an experienced marketer and consistent Top Seller do you have any advice for someone new to Worldprofit who is just getting started?

Follow the steps…use the system in place….make good habits of promoting everyday…Learn new things as often as possible…incorporate them in your daily program. Be organized, diligent, relentless and reliable…Show up…participate in your business.

Linda can you tell us what methods of promotion you recommend to get the best results?

I use what’s in the Worldprofit system including all the 20+ traffic streams…I am always learning new techniques to use social networks (goody bag)…ibo…Udimi (moneymakers) I surf for points and purchase solos…purchase credits…Over the years I have upgraded in lots of the 20+ streams for the points. I change up subject lines…to make them punchier…I shorten the ads…I check my links alot to make sure they are correct. And I develop relationships with other marketers and owners of the safelists and traffic exchanges.

Linda, do you have a Daily Checklist of things you do to grow your business? What’s on that list?

I have a schedule I follow everyday.

Wake up (very early) start computers and have coffee…while going thru my personal emails. Send replies…and use virtual sales assistant to send to all the prospects that came in while I was sleeping.

Promotions are next. I use a 3 ring binder and have a page or two dedicated to each advertiser to date and time ads …check on commissions…promote

Shower…take kids to school etc

Start social networks and blogging…and helping monitors close sales…chat with customers…call customers…Monitor if I am needed.

Monitoring is extremely important if you are a serious business owner. Participation extremely important…Team work extremely important

Linda, how do you engage with prospects to make sales? Do you use Chat? Email? Phone? Other? A combination perhaps? What works best in your experience?

I find that calling Prospects works the best…the chat system is awesome…call loop is great…email can be iffy.

Any final words?

Final words…My success is because of everything above being done daily and diligently. Being a person who always tells the truth and is essential to growing your list and relationships online. I am very predictable…and solid. I always find a way to help others achieve their goals. Worldprofit has provided the perfect arena to make money online and have fun doing it.

Congratulations Linda Elze!

Join Linda Elze’s Success Team here:

Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger Software a real time saver says customer, Garrett Hutsko

“This is a special Testimonial for Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger Poster system. I was struggling with getting posts to my different blogs. I looked around to find out how to do it and was finding nothing. I sent a request here at Worldprofit and they pointed me towards the Lazy Blogger Poster and told to watch the video. I took the time today to view this and found setting it up was actually very simple. I now have a method of getting my posts to all my blogs in one simple process. Check this out and follow the video by product creator George Kosch and you can get these set up quickly and simply.”

Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member
Garrett L Hutsko MCEC

Note:  Worldprofit Members, you can access the Lazy Blogger Software in your Member area, it’s free and included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

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Worldprofit’s Deal of the Day:

Worldprofit welcomes our newest Platinum VIP Member, Roger Garant


Roger Garant, welcome as our newest Platinum VIP member!

You’ve decided to take the growth of your online business serious by upgrading from our starter Silver membership to our Platinum VIP membership.

We’ve now set up for you your additional software, lead tools, your suite of webcast products, your Autoresponder, Graphic tools and your monthly Traffic Injections as well as added your free advertising credits. There’s more too, just look for the complete details in the welcome email we sent to you.

If we can be of any assistance just let us know. We are here 7 days a week to help you build your business, not just your Worldprofit Reseller business, but any and all your affiliate programs. Follow the online bootcamp training lessons by George Kosch and attend the LIVE weekly sessions, its all included in your Platinum VIP Membership.

To your success.

Sandi, George.

Online Marketing Business Builder Tip: Connecting with people results in higher sales conversions. Here’s why.


by Sandi Hunter

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Internet and your email box is rife with stupendous offers, promises of instant riches and more.

As an online marketer serious about building a legitimate online business and customer base, a powerful way to set yourself apart from other “offers” is to be a real person, not an auto responding hipster of hype. As a consultant, a mentor, a sponsor, whatever you want to call yourself, you must be real, and be available.

It’s called customer relationship building – it’s vitally important and here’s why it’s good for your bottom line.

-People like do business with an individual, not an autoresponder.
-People like to do business with people they trust.
-People will buy because they feel good about buying not because they were pressured to do so.
-People continue to do business with people who don’t drop off the face of the earth when the sale is done.

Managed properly and smartly, one sale today, can mean a lifetime of sales from your customers.

Here’s how to better connect with your prospects (people) to earn and keep customers over the long term.

You know that the key to making sales is promotion but don’t let your promotions reek of mass automation without personalization.
Whenever you can, in your online marketing use a person’s name not a generic salutation.

In all of your marketing materials use your own full name and provide all the ways that your potential customers can reach you and that means email address, Skype, or even your phone number if you are comfortable with that.

Include your photo when you can on your landing pages, sales pages, website, and marketing materials. You don’t need to have movie start good looks, just be sure to use a picture that is clear where your face is visible.
If your eyes are direct and looking at the viewer that’s a definite plus. Even when doing business online we look for the eyes of the person – we can’t help ourselves it’s an animal instinct we all have. Remember you may never actually meet your customers face to face, so you’ve got to work a little harder to earn trust and that starts with making it clear you are a real and sincere person.

Don’t be afraid to connect with people on the phone. We often hear how people are so happy to talk to an actual LIVE person on the phone. We are so used to being bombarded with emails and pitches with no personal connection whatsoever. People who don’t mind being contacted by phone will provide their phone number. On your website forms, you can and should include a phone number field. If people don’t want to be called they won’t provide their phone number.

Make use of the technology available to you to reach out of customers when convenient to them in a way that is cost efficient for you both. Use Skype, webcasting, online meeting centers, record personalized video messages and more.

Offer a Free No Obligation “10 Minute Consult”. Do it over Skype and it will cost you virtually nothing. Is 10 minutes of your time worth a potential sale? It sure is!  That 10 minutes is time well spent and can mean a sale, a business connection, a newsletter subscriber, another potential customer to follow up with.

Understand that following up with your prospects sets you apart as someone interested in a business relationship. People don’t usually make snap decisions when it comes to parting with money online. Some people need time to think about their decision talk to a spouse, they want to read over the details and so forth. If you want to earn customers for life, respect them, earn their business, don’t hit them over the head with a hard sell. Don’t think that when a prospect tells you NO to your offer today, it doesn’t mean they won’t buy in the future if the timing, situation and offer is different.

Why talking to someone on the phone in an honest way leads to higher sales conversions.
When you talk on the phone you can gauge interest, you can rule out objections to purchase, clear up misunderstanding or miscommunication. You can make a good offer a better one if it means the sale can close sooner. Connecting on the phone means better understanding the needs of the individual, meeting those needs, and the sale can close with both parties satisfied.

ABC. Always be moving toward the close. When you allow your prospects time to review your offer, it doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to make or conclude a sale. It means, making a believable offer, answering questions, ruling out objections and moving them to where they can make the right decision – to buy.

Ever been in a store and been approached by commissioned sales people? Notice that it’s usually the most helpful person that answers your questions then asks for the sale that wins you over? The one who shows interest in your needs, provides the benefits of the item then leads you over to the cash register. Online your job is to provide the benefits of what you offer, answer questions then lead your new customer to the order form.

Realize that not everyone is in a position to buy right now. You smartly will respect that but will get the person’s contact details so you can email them future offers (with their permission of course), stay in touch, and hopefully gain their business in the near future.

ABP. Always be promoting. You can never have too many prospective customers. The more you promote, the more leads you have. Leads that are responded to quickly and efficiently can quickly become customers. Stay on top of your leads. We all want prompt responses these days.

Limit how much automation you depend on for building your business. The internet and specialized software has helped so much with business building, but in some ways it’s taken away one of the most important factors in closing sales – connecting with people. Even in a technically dependent world, nothing closes sales better than personalized professional attention.

Want to make a sale today? Pick up the phone. Want to increase your overall monthly income? Pick up the phone.
Don’t be a sales person, just be a real person. It’s so refreshing in an email driven market place.

About the Author
Sandi Hunter, is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc and the author of “Internet Marketing for Newbies: The Definitive Guide to promoting our program or services online.” Get a free copy here:

—-> If you are reading this and not a Worldprofit member, join over two million people worldwide who already are at
Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training.

Customer Review of Worldprofit “They have everything you need to make money. “


“I’ve been with Worldprofit off and on for over 4 years and as a monitor for a total of 9 months and I really enjoy it.  They have everything you need to make money.  You will not find another business that gives you associates and also lets you promote anything you want.  As long as you follow bootcamp and promote every single day you will make money.  Its a business you need to build it its not a get rich company so invest into yourself and give yourself a chance to be successful online.  You will be with Worldprofit.”

Anthony Slate
Rochester New York

Worldprofit Members get another tool in your SEO Kit. No cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

George Kosch
George Kosch

Worldprofit has just added another powerful tool to your SEO Kit.

It’s INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

It’s called the Automatic SEO Backlink Builder Tool (desktop software) and will generate over 5,000 backlinks for you!

George Kosch has tested it and he loves it! George says “It runs in the background and is desk top software. Works with ONE click!”

Simply download the program using the link we provide to you in your Worldprofit Member area.
Unzip and click on the exe file. Enter your domain URL and that’s it. It takes about two hours and generates a report when completed!


Here’s how to access the Automatic SEO Backlink Builder Tool in your Worldprofit member area

In your Worldprofit Member area on TOP MENU click on SEO KIT.
Once in that section you will see the Automatic SEO Promo Tool Kit. The 5,000 Backlink software is listed as # 1 on that page.

There are other tools in that section too including:

The Auto Safelist Landing Page Blaster
The Auto Safelist Clickbank Ad Blaster
The Auto Safelist Money Maker Ad Blaster
The Website Indexer

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Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Bootcamp with marketing expert George Kosch on March 21, 2014. Presented by Worldprofit Inc.

George Kosch
George Kosch

Today’s LIVE interactive Home Business training was BLUNT, DIRECT, EYE-OPENING.

Perhaps it’s his military training and background but George Kosch doesn’t like excuses. He dug in right away to try and get people on the right track with what they need to know and do to generate online sales.

George Kosch didn’t hold anything back.

If you are struggling and didn’t attend the LIVE training event you WILL want to watch the recording of this session.

George first went over the basics of what you need to understand if you are a new Worldprofit Member.

He then moved on to cover several important points that new online marketers need to understand.

– Building a successful online business means working it every day.
– Promotion must be done consistently. You can’t use as a hit and miss approach or a go-hard then do nothing approach and expect results.
– Successful online marketers understand that you are only as good as what you did to promote TODAY not yesterday, last week, last month.
– Learn the basics of online marketing and you can apply those skills to promote ANY business – Learn how to market smartly and then do it over and over again – forever.
– Once you’ve mastered the skills of marketing this is what will generate online income to you – for the rest of your life!
– Use multiple sources of trusted advertising, not just one or a few
– Give your self time to see results. Making money online does not happen overnight. Forget the hype, use your brain, do the work.

Demonstrations today

Traffic Zipper – The Simple Traffic Machine

Ebook – 1,000 Subscribers in 30 days. Members will be getting this free, and will be able to offer at no cost as a lead generator. It will be added to the other Ebook Giveaways shortly.

Discussion: The Blue Pill or the Red Pill? Which path are you on?

Take the BLUE PILL, do the promotion as a seller and earn money forever.
Take the Red Pill and be a buyer for the rest of your life making someone else wealthy.

Analogy: “Don’t stop building your house. Don’t let your house start to rot because you stopped building it.” Substitute the word HOUSE for the word BUSINESS.

George says “I’m the trainer. The trainer is being blunt with you because you pay me to train you. I’m your Instructor so must point out what you are doing right and what you need to correct. If you don’t want to do it that’s your choice.”

Worldprofit Services and Products featured in this training

CB Promo Kit (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Ad Tracker (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Bootcamp Training lessons both LIVE and online – (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Ebooks as lead generators (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership Worldprofit
24 Hour Monitor Network (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Worldprofit’s Universal Bonus Builder – Give away FREE Ad pkgs to close sales (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)

Recommended OPTIONAL services


Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training sessions. Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training session with George Kosch is on Friday morning. The recorded version of the session will be posted online to the TRAINING section within 24 hours. Or check it out at

If you are reading this and not a Worldprofit member, join over one
million people worldwide who already are at

The What, When, Where and HOW you need to know about PROMOTION to make consistent sales!


By Sandi Hunter

You’ve been listening to George Kosch’s home business training telling you that to make MONEY you need to PROMOTE!

But let’s make sure you understand and know where to access the resources you need so you can start DOING this today!

HOW to promote.

Use the Landing pages (AD EXAMPLES) included in your Worldprofit Member area. On LEFT menu select ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC the click on AD EXAMPLES. Watch the brief video by George Kosch so you understand and don`t make mistakes and waste time. You can even add a picture of yourself to the landing pages if you like.

Also in your Worldprofit Member area in the same section, look in the mini-menu and click on LIST BUILDER PAGES. These are special landing pages that also help you build your email marketing list by giving away free stuff. You can use these landing pages to help build EXTERNAL LISTS such as those at Aweber, Get Reponse or Mail Chimp. George Kosch has recorded a video to help you understand so you don`t make mistakes. PLEASE watch the video.

WHAT to promote.

Your Worldprofit member area is packed to the rafters with excellent products and services you can sell, and freebies you can offer to entice leads and close sales. Below are just SOME of the areas in your Member area to find the products, services you can sell and stuff you can offer at no cost to get interest.


LEFT menu CLICKBANK Store, select CLICKBANK Promo Kit, and Banner Promo Kit



WHY promote.

To make money online you must generate a steady supply of leads while buiilding your email marketing list. At Worldprofit your leads are called ASSOCIATES. These are people who sign up on your LANDING PAGES to be a free Associate member. When they do so you then have a lead! If you use the LIST Builder pages mentioned above you also give people the option to join your list! Associates you sign up get added to your Prospect Manager in your member area for easy follow up to provide the information they requested. Leads are what you need to make sales! Building your email marketing lists mean you have a constant source of people to promote to and sell products to and form long term business relationships.

WHEN to promote.

Promote as often as you can, whenever you can, but don’t skip a dose! No promotion means NO SALES. Let that be your guide for how often and when to promote. When you are hungry you eat. When you need to make money, you PROMOTE!

WHERE to promote.

Free and low cost ADVERTISING OPTIONS!

LEFT MENU, select SOLO-BLASTER to 30,000


LEFT MENU, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on 20+ Income Streams


LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on SOLO ADS to 81,000

LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on BANNER PROMO KIT

LEFT menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on GREAT AD SOURCES

LEFT menu, select WORLDPROFIT MARKETPLACE then click on ADD/EDIT your website

TOP menu, select PROMO-BOTS. Watch the video to understand how to benefit from this automated tool for promotion.

Left menu, select ADVERTISING/Traffic then click on FAST TRACK to join our own ad co-op.

There are even more resources in the Advertising/Traffic section so your time is well spent investigating on your own.

Other helpful stuff to help you with your PROMOTION.

Magic List Builder – this is POWERFUL! TOP MENU, select MAGIC LIST BUILDER. Watch the video to see how to use this to get leads and build your email marketing lists

Knowing if your advertising efforts are working is CRITICAL! So track your ads and clicks with Worldprofit’s AD TRACKER. Left menu, under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select AD TRACKER (it’s free).

If you want an even more sophisticated way of tracking your ads, on LEFT MENU, under MONEY MAKERS section, select ADVANCED LINK TRACKER for a paid option of tracking your ads.

Easily organize all your promotion using Worldprofit’s Lead Funnel, Link Manager and Promo Organizer.
All 3 tools can be found under LEFT MENU under MONEY MAKERS then look for the names on the sub-menu.

Additional Tools for the more advanced marketers

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder – LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select LANDING PAGE BUILDER. No cost.

Squeeze page builder – LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select SQUEEZE PAGE BUILDER Worldprofit’s

Lazy Blogger System – LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then click on Lazy Blogger System. Included at no cost.

Ebooks are great lead generators. Use Worldprofit’s Ebook creator (it’s free). On LEFT MENU, under MONEY MAKERS section, select Article Ebook Creator and also Ebook Rebrander. There you will also find content for your ebooks, and easy to use ebook cover creators and more.

Ok we are going to stop there as we think we’ve given you enough to keep you busy.

Final words.

Don’t get caught up in the details, just DO IT. Promote that is. Don’t expect to learn it all in one day, or get instant results.

If you get stuck submit a support request form and ask for help. We are here 7 days a week to help you. No other company provides you the number of tools we do, the variety of nique resources, the in depth training and the level of support as Worldprofit does. Take advantage of us and what your Worldprofit membership includes.

Try to attend the weekly interactive LIVE home business bootcamp training with George Kosch (or watch the recording). We offer this training for you! We know how to do this stuff, so the purpose of the training is to provide demonstrations and answer your questions as we teach YOU how to build your own successful online business. Make a commitment to yourself to learn and create a stronger financial future for yourself and your family. That starts with following the training, doing your promotions and giving yourself time to see results.

About Sandi Hunter and Worldprofit.

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit and oversees all training and customer support departments.

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