Shake it Off! A lesson from Taylor Swift.

Love her, or not, you know you’ve heard it

That catchy tune, Shake it off by music superstar, Taylor Swift.

The line, SHAKE IT OFF, is BRILLIANT for so many reasons.
Taylor Swift turned that winning lyric into a pocket full of cash.
Here’s how you can SHAKE IT OFF, to put some money in your own account.

As an aspiring affiliate marketer you can learn a lot from just that one line.

Shake it off.

In fact, if you absorb that mantra into your daily life as a marketer it will SAVE you money – and MAKE you money!

What am I talking about?

Most affiliate marketers I talk to on a daily basis are of the mentality that they have to BUY their success.

They think incorrectly that buying the latest cool gadget, and coughing up bucks for that special widget, OR springing open the wallet for an auto blaster they will have just what they need to make it big. They’ve been told over and over again, the path to overnight riches is all yours if you just buy XYZ – BUT you MUST do it in the next few minutes or it’s gone forever. They’ve been told it’s easy. No work required. That’s what the promo with the exotic car and the bag full of cash said. Right?

Bet you’ve heard that tune too. Too often.

SHAKE off that mentality.

When you do you’ll save your self money, heartache, frustration and precious time.

Replace that mentality with this one, yes it’s harsh, brutally honest, and not what you may have been told.

"Do the WORK – get the RESULTS."

At Worldprofit we offer a complete and comprehensive Membership Package. It comes with the key elements for an online business including website hosting, Email Marketing Resources, Advertising aids, publishing software, business tools and resources – and most importantly – training and support. Our philosophy is to teach our members what we’ve built and proven to work over the last 25 years we’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry. With that comes the provision of specialized resources for generating leads, traffic building, promotion and advertising for growing your e-marketing list, and access to an extensive inventory of in- demand, quality products and services you earn commission on from sales referrals. Our decades of experience in this industry is your key advantage as a newbie marketer, or a marketer who wants to increase their online sales income. Our Members from all over the world are DOING the WORK and GETTING the RESULTS. You can too.

I had a really good question from a prospective customer the other day. She asked me,

"Why does Worldprofit charge a monthly membership fee, where others have ONE TIME fees?"

My response was simple but also provided an education about a negative side of the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.

Worldprofit doesn’t – and has NEVER employed the PUMP and DUMP method often used by vendors in this industry. That practice is one where you the buyer gets hit up for a free offer into an opportunity, followed by a low intro fee, then an upsell fee, then a Limited Time Offer for yet more money – then finally a Special ONE TIME price to get it ALL! You fall for it, you pay it, you pay again, and again, finally you get something of questionable value. Then POOF the vendor, and the company vanish. Good luck getting product / service / security updates, customer service or help, they are gone, vanished. You can bet your bottom dollar though, they will be back, with a new name, new company, new domain name, new landing page, new ONE TIME offer. They will do it all over again – and get you in – again.

Contrast that to what we do at Worldprofit Inc., and have been doing for the last 25 years. In comparison, we are kind of boring. We provide website hosting, we build an entire line of proprietary software, we create, continually update and provide support for our business tools. We offer a comprehensive training and marketing system that took years to build, a professional business package and in that are the resources you need to grow an online business now and for years to come. We offer a monthly membership but also yearly memberships for those more serious about being an online business owner.

We don’t sell one product then disappear, or rename our company and abandon our buyers. Worldprofit is an online home business community, we remain available every day, as we have been since 1994 helping our customers use the services and software we’ve created. We see it as our responsibility to develop unique quality products, services and provide specialized training that benefit our members.. We believe it’s our Members responsibility to follow our training and use the resources we provide to create their own success with our help. Our biggest challenge is getting people to SHAKE off the mental garbage they’ve been pitched, the promising emails, telling them it’s easy to make money pressing buttons while lounging in a beach chair. The reality is that affiliate marketing is a powerful way to earn extra money – if you know what you are doing and how to do it. It all starts by having access to the tools, training and helping hand you need to grow your successful web-based business.

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