Glen Brink, Loyal Platinum VIP Member for 6 years shares his thoughts on Worldprofit.

Glen Brink
Glen Brink

Hello, I am Glen Brink, sometimes called ‘a renaissance man.’
My professional career in software engineering ended shortly after
I discovered the adventure of owning a home business.

You can do this if you learn to do business with people you can trust,
and that “Best Friends last the longest.”

I have been in Worldprofit for 6 years now, I have followed George Kosch since the early days of Internet marketing.
And I appreciate Sandi Hunter’s perspective on the complete picture of our business.

Anyway, these partners are among the few,
the proud, the trustworthy —
marketers with Integrity —
people you can trust.

When I first found the Worldprofit website,
I re-visited it for months from my tickler file,
with the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ to watch the live presentation/video.

When I finally “gave myself the time” I signed up immediately.

Starting out (for the discount on a yearly plan)
knowing that would give me the commitment to
overcome my procrastination,
and give me a fair shot at success.

From experience with uncountable programs
(from both direct mail and the Internet)
I know it takes commitment to get a new venture off the ground.

So I worked almost full time for a couple weeks, getting set-up.
And I made a profit right from the first month with Worldprofit.

Plus just by following the training course a while,
I recruited my first Associate to accomplish even more than I did.

Of course, she only lasted a couple of years, but
I’m still working with and for folks she introduced to the program.
And I’m enjoying the extra profits from upgrading to Platinum Membership.

My best friends have always been those who last the longest;
We have more of a story to tell.

So my thanks for lasting long enough in this business to allow us to prosper.

Thanks for providing a business landscape where we can discover our direction.

And thanks for being real,
for your honesty and
the rare Integrity to guide us
where we decide to go.

Your Best Friend Forever,

Glen Brink
Littleton, CO US

Glen: Thank you so much for sending in your kind words. It means a lot to us.
We look forward to our ongoing friendship and seeing your online business continue to grow successfully!
Thank you for believing in us after all these years, and the services we offer.

Sandi Hunter, George Kosch