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Happy Birthday Wallace Johnson!

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to our long time friend and colleague, Wallace Johnson.

On April 18th, Wallace celebrates his 93rd birthday and he continually proves that age is no obstacle in building a successful online business.
He started his online business with Worldprofit well into his 80’s.

For those of you who may not know Wallace, he’s a long time loyal Platinum VIP Member, MCEC, and SR member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.
Before Wallace came to Worldprofit he was a former Test Pilot with the USA Apollo Project Lunar Landing Mission and now he’s an online success story with a portfolio of online business interests under the umbrella – Spaceship DEWAJ. Wallace has had quite a unique and interesting life! Read his very interesting blog at

Wallace is an active and successful online business owner, who maintains his own safelist, and his primary site is:

If you’re lucky, one of these days, you may catch Wallace, Monitoring in our LIVE Business Center. He volunteers to help others learn how to earn online by making success happen with hard work and determination. If you see him today, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wallace, our friend, it’s our distinct pleasure to know and have worked with you over the last 10+ years.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch
Worldprofit Inc.

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