Has your Affiliate company disappeared? What you need to know. Your Wallet will thank you

We offer a number of advertising services at Worldprofit for affiliate marketers.

Our customers post ads at our sites for their Affiliate program to generate leads and sales.

I am continually amazed at how many of the Affiliate Links submitted are dead after just a few weeks, or months.
The web page gone, nothing left but an error message starting at me, PAGE NOT FOUND.

Where do these websites go?

There’s more then one possible answer to that question.

Some affiliate programs come out hot. They’ve got impressive squeeze pages, polished videos and glossy presentations.
They promise you the world. They get you in, get your money, then they are gone.

In the affiliate marketing industry some of these unscrupulous vendors even have an expression for what they knowingly plan out then do, they call it

The Pump and Dump.

They get you in with the incredible pitch and promise, then deliver (or not) something of low or no value, then they disappear.

Other sketchy vendors rely on

The Bait and Switch method.

They promise you this, instead you get that, not what you were promised, and not what you paid for, then they disappear. No response to phone calls, emails, or support requests, simply vanished. Bye bye.

Some companies that are designed to be "here today and gone tomorrow", pitch products with catchy names instead of operating under a company name. The reason? They can pitch then drop the product instantly when the authorities catch up with them, or the online reviews get to many, or their payment processor flags them then shuts them down completely. Sadly for you, for these companies their goal from Day 1, is to make as much money as possible then to disappear before anyone catches up to them.

So what do you look for to make sure you don’t fall prey to one of these schemes?

  1. Ask yourself, is what I am being told realistic? Honestly. If some one wants to sell you a product for $12 and tells you it’s worth $1200 you’ve got to question that. Look for actual VALUE.
  2. Be aware that a common practice in some (not all) affiliate marketing pitches, is to tell you the cost is small. So you buy in for $10, then there’s the upsell for $27 and another upsell for $47 and another one for $97, then you can get the big enchilada for another $197 – and still you don’t have what you need to actually do anything, and what you do have is of little value. Before you bite, determine what exactly are you getting and is it worth it, is the value true or is it hype, and what’s the refund policy for the product or service.
  3. Be aware that we now live in a world of fake. It’s the new reality. Reviews can be faked, video endorsements can be paid for, testimonials can be generated by software, bots spit out fake leads, IP addresses can be spoofed. You may not be a sophisticated techie but you are smart. Look for what seems ridiculous, look for what seems unlikely and implausible, when you see it you will know it Use your head. If you buy Product XYZ for $3 you are not going to become a Millionaire. If you buy Product ABC you are not going to get rich overnight, without doing any work, laying on a beach in Tahiti. Don’t fall for this.

Sound logic and reason must prevail in your decision making to protect your hard earned money. Keep these points in mind.

  • One fancy product or glitzy gadget is not the SECRET to making money online.
  • Starting and growing ANY business to the point where you are making consistent money takes time and effort.
  • Understand that if you want to rely only on FREE stuff as your method of choice to earn online, you will have limited success and it will take you a long time to get anywhere. You’ll get frustrated. Guess what free sites and services do? They often DISAPEAR and with it your links, your blog, your free platform for your business. Poof. All gone. All that time you spent trying to save a buck is a wasted effort. If you rely solely on free ways to grow your income, you are not thinking like a business owner or someone who at least wants to be serious enough to make some actual money.
  • Why would you think you could make MILLIONS as an Affiliate marketers with little time, little knowledge and no training? Doctors, lawyers and engineers, PLUMBERS make lots of money, guess what they had to do first? Learn, train, invest a lot of time, effort and brain power, not to mention money, into their profession.
  • Making money online is like ANY offline business, you have to take the time to learn how to market online and you need a system to follow to generate leads and sales. Finally, you need mentorship, guidance, support and training to bring it all together. Once you have that system and training then YOU need to do the work and after more then two decades in this business, I can guarantee you starting your profitable business won’t happen on a beach with a Margarita and a cell phone in your hand.

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