Interview with Linda Elze. Consultant, Mentor and Top Seller at Worldprofit

Linda Elze
Linda Elze

I’ve always said if you want to be good at something, find someone who is already good at it, analyze what they do, then do it!

So, I sat down for a chin wag with Worldprofit’s Top Seller Linda Elze to find out what makes her so GOOD at what she does. What is that exactly? Linda has successfully built a highly profitable online business by providing something that people want – a legitimate way to earn money from home using the power of the Internet.

Here’s some of that conversation.

Linda, in your role as a Home Business Consultant for Worldprofit what is it people are looking for?

People want to be able to earn money while clicking away at their computer. They want extra money so they can buy something nice for the grandkids. In some cases people are in their homes not by choice but due to accident, injury or disability so they have lots of time to do an online business. Some people are looking for affiliate marketing types of businesses, meaning they promote a link and they get a commission. Others, want something more long term and professional. Often they don’t have a lot of experience doing online marketing, so they are looking for training and mentorship. I talk to a lot of people who know they can earn legitimate online income but are leery of all the promises and pitches out there, they don’t know where to start and who to trust. They need help getting going. That’s where I come in.

How have you turned this need into your own successful business?

Well. Some time ago now, I found myself in a situation where I lost my job. I had to feed my family. I needed money and I needed it now. I had some experience in sales but the internet was a scary thing to me which I knew nothing about. I tried this and I tried that meeting with failure after failure. Thankfully I found Worldprofit’s earn at home program when I was at wit’s end. I sunk my teeth into the training and George Kosch’s bootcamp. The terms he used, the stuff he was talking about, good Lord, I was lost and felt overwhelmed but I am no quitter. I stuck with it, I made mistakes lots of em, but I believed in this company and that the training was first rate based on real world hands-on experience not hype. It took me a while to see a return but I never gave up. I started with a basic Silver membership and when I was able to I upgraded to a Platinum VIP Membership which included more traffic, software and tools to help me further grow my business. The beauty of it all is this. As I was learning, I was earning. I introduced others to Worldprofit’s earn at home training program so they could learn too. As I built my business over the years, I discovered that I knew a lot about online marketing based on my experience that could benefit others. I found that others were just like me all those years ago looking for a way to earn money from home but didn’t know where to start. I began coaching others, offered my mentorship and consulting services. I found I could save people, time money and frustration of looking for the perfect online business, I already knew what it was! I’ve seen the claims of quick riches, they are bunk. If you want to earn online you got to work hard. The work is easy though if you know were to concentrate your efforts, what to promote, and how to promote it for maximum results. That’s what Worldprofit provides, multiple streams of income, training, support, valuable resources – I simply refer people to Worldprofit. It’s so rewarding to be able to help other people improve their financial situation and provide a way to earn extra income.

Linda, can you tell me more about what people are looking for that you have introduced them to at Worldprofit?

Sure, most people either are looking for a legitimate online business, or they are in a business already and they need traffic, leads, support and training to building that business. I encounter a lot of people who have wasted so much money on gimmicks and promises so they are impressed when they learn about Worldprofit. Worldprofit’s training program, developed over 20 years, teaches people how to promote any online business program. They teach a model for their own products and services but the traffic generation strategies, and lead tools can be used for the growth of any business. They teach marketing skills, lead capture, social media tactics, article marketing, search engine strategies and more.

Linda, if you could put your finger on one thing you do that would help others make more sales what would it be?

Pick up the phone! In this day of email and automation somewhere along the way people forgot about connecting with people on a personal level. You can still use email, and autoresponders and such but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. When I call people they are amazed that I called! They often tell me no one has ever called them as I have done. I simply introduce myself and let them know I am a real person, and available to help them build their own online business. Talking to people, as an individual is so important for building trust. It sets you apart as a professional and often results in a long term business relationship beneficial for both you and your customers. When you are sincere and genuine, people know it, they want to do business with you.

What about goals Linda? Successful people set goals, can you talk about that?

Absolutely…my goal is to make one sale a day minimum…I’d rather have two sales of course! I call people. I relate to people as a sincere REAL person not a marketer, not a machine or an autoresponder. When I call people I simply present myself as someone interested in earning their business offering something I truly believe in and am passionate about. When I talk to people I get a sense of their frustration in finding an online business that is right for them so in that way my goals match their own. In providing what they need or want, I achieve my own goals. It’s a win-win for me and my customers.

Anything else you would like to offer Linda to help others follow in your steps of success?

Yes, stop looking for the perfect system. The time you waste looking is time you could be spent making money. The money you waste trying to “buy” success would be better spent on one program that provides everything you need in one place. I wish I had known that all those years about before I was lucky enough to find Worldprofit. Make a commitment to yourself to learn, follow Worldprofit’s bootcamp training program, give yourself some time to see results. I see too many people give up before they have given themselves enough time to get a taste of success.

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