New products added to Money Makers Kit in your Worldprofit Member area.


We’ve just added a new money making product to the Money Makers Promo Kit in your Worldprofit member area.

That brings the TOTAL number of products in the Money Makers Promo Kit to 56.

That’s 56 products you can promote to keep ALL the commission to yourself!

Remember! At Worldprofit we teach you how to earn from MULTIPLE sources and provide various products and services you can promote to earn commission.

You will find these products by looking on the LEFT MENU for the MONEY MAKERS section then click on MONDAY MAKERS PROMO KIT.

–> BEFORE you start promoting these products we recommend you watch the short SCREENCAST that George Kosch recorded for you.
You will find it near the top of the page within the Money Makers Promo Kit section.

The most recently added products are closer to the top of the page.

Want to make money online – every day?

PROMOTE every day!


Says George Kosch….

I’m hoping to see you at my LIVE Home Business bootcamp training on Friday at 8 AM CT.

If you can’t attend my LIVE training, I’ll be recording it and posting to the TRAINING section within 24 hours.
Past recordings can be searched for by topic at

I’m so proud to see so many of you digging into the training and posting the ads.
Nothing makes an instructor happier then seeing students who do the work start getting results.

Keep up the good work, give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t stop promoting!

See you Friday morning.

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