Overcoming Adversity, an inspiring story from new Worldprofit Member, Peggy Sunday.

We received a testimonial from someone today who’s story, quite frankly left us speechless. Someone who’s determination in the face of darkness is both inspiring and uplifting. A heart felt story, that makes one sit back and think about the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

Thank you PEGGY SUNDAY for sending us your story, allowing us to share in your journey, and the opportunity to welcome you into our Home Business Community at Worldprofit. We are so glad you found your way to us. You are not alone in our Membership  here, and are among some of the finest people you will ever meet.

I asked Peggy if I could share her story with our Members, and she agreed.

“George  & all Worldprofit Associates and Leaders, I Peggy Sunday started Internet Marketing in January of 2013 after coming to what I call the end of my rope. Everything bombarded on me all at once with in five years I lost everything that was ever important too me.

   My sister passed away in 2008 leaving me to take care of her three daughters and eight grandchildren. (Literally). Than I was injured in an accident that left me with partial paralysis on my left side in 08. After having my third back surgery and having to sell my company I ran for 16 years. I was really down on my luck. Just when I thought it was getting better in 2011 (BAM) “It all hit me,” I lost everything I owned. My house, My Cars, even my baby Pomeranian puppies I could not take with me when I moved.

   After being injured I had to go on disability, well guess what? Disability had to cut me back big time in 2011 leaving me to lose my beautiful five bedroom totally remodeled home on six partially wooded lots in a nice small community. What made it even worse was right before Christmas last year 2012 I was served with a five day foreclosure notice. I had five days to get everything I owned and accumulated out of my house. “I wanted to just lay down and die at that point!” How was my little old self going to move all this stuff in five days? Yes, “I KNEW RIGHT THAN AT THAT POINT OF MY LIFE I WANTED TO LAY DOWN AND DIE! Well…….. I realized right than I had two choices, I could pull my head out of my butt and get tough and do this, or I could just go ahead and kill myself and get it over with.

   Well of course not being suicidal, I got my head out of my butt and said ( I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH THIS EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME) I toughened up pulled up my BIG girl pants up and started to look online for a Internet Home Based Business I knew I could make money with. The only problem was I was broke, I had no money to buy into anything. I kept searching and searching, I started out saying o.k. well I will learn on my own from scratch. So I started studying every online course that was ever made.

  Than to make matters even worse I was scammed to take a $3,000.00 loan out for mentoring. Well I did and no sooner I did with in four weeks my coach quit calling me. I fought for three months to get my money back I had already paid into the loan. Plus I wanted to cancel the loan because it was fraudulent.

FINALLY after eight months of going through every program known to man I FOUND WORLDPROFIT!!!” Ever since I found you, I have learned how to go through every step of this program. I have learned what it takes too succeed in this business! I have also learned the most important valuable lesson yet that I have had the hardest time learning. (TIME MANAGEMENT, Organization skills) they were the hardest thing for me to learn. But I did it thanks too George Kosch and this program, he has it down pat. This is by far the greatest system I have seen out there on the net today. AND I”VE BEEN THROUGH THEM ALL!

I just wanted to thank you George, Sandi & everyone at Worldprofit for making such a BIG difference in my life! “

Peggy Sunday, (CEO Powerful Profit Enterprises)
Piper City, IL. USA.

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