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If you are an author you will want to check out this new free Article Directory. First of all, you can submit unlimited articles at no cost, but the reason you will want to do this is to:

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5 Critical Points you MUST include in your Landing Page to see results!

Landing Pages are also called Capture Pages and sometimes Splash Pages.  The purpose is always the same,  to convert a reader into a lead.  Landing pages are usually a few lines of copy or a pitch and a contact information form.  If people are interested they fill out the form to get more details on what you have to offer.    Landing pages are usually a short page that people land on when they respond to a post or advertising link you have placed online.
Put simply, people read your Landing page and are either not interested and click away or,  are interested, respond and provide you with their contact information. They do this in  exchange for receiving information on your offer, product or services.
We have built Landing Pages for our own purposes to promote our offers but we have also built Landing Pages for our customers.  When building a Landing Page never forget your #1 purpose – to get a lead!  It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, you need a steady supply of leads. Landing Pages are an effective way to do this and in some cases produce better results than a website.   Landing Pages allow you to target a specific niche with a very specific offer while most websites are usually more generic in focus and broad reaching. Both a website AND Landing pages should be part of your marketing strategy
These are the 5 Critical Points you MUST include in your Landing Page if you are going to see results.
Critical Point # 1 when building a Landing Page
State your offer with short punchy copy that is heaping with benefits for the reader. Tell people what they are going to get in simple easy to understand terms, make an offer, put value on the offer, limit the offer.  Talk directly to the reader with the wording you use.
Example of good copy: “Our 32 Page Report Tells YOU in Step-By-Step Detail exactly how to get 50,000 Visitors to your website! $29.95 Value! FREE but you MUST act now to get this limited offer!”
Example of poor copy: “Fill out this form and we will send you a report with information on getting traffic.
Critical Point # 2 when building a Landing Page
Limit use of graphics and if you do use graphics make sure they are fast loading and only used to emphasize your message.  Graphics should be colorful, theme related, and direct the eye to your copy. Graphics and copy whould work together to motivate a response.
Critical Point # 3 when building a Landing Page
Include a contact form.  Some people don’t include a form on their Landing Page, you MUST have a form.
Building an online business means building a mailing list of interested people.  If you don’t collect the contact details of your prospects you are wasting your time and throwing away a valuable marketing advantage.
Critical Point # 4 when building a Landing Page
Include an Offer.  Don’t TELL on your landing page, SELL on your landing page. Sell the fact that you have something that the buyer wants, something they must have and must get today!  Give them the benefits of what the product or service is to motivate action, do this with an offer. Buy this and get that. Buy now, save $  etc.   Make your offer interesting, something they simply can’t refuse.
Critical Point # 5 when building a Landing Page
If you are going to make your Landing Page longer than one screen, make sure all your critical information and attention getting copy is on the top of the page so it doesn’t get missed.  Remember when your English teacher said leave your most powerful points till the end of your essay? Not true, when creating marketing copy. Put your most powerful words and pitch at the very top of the page, drive home the points later on, then yes close with power but make sure the top of your page, the part that loads first is going to draw people in to actually get them to read to the bottom of your page.
Here are some examples of some effective landing pages.
Final Note: At Worldprofit, we offer custom design services including Landing page design, website design, banners, software development, home business reources, SEO and more.  

Make Money while you get certified as an E-Business Consultant!

Do you LOVE The Internet?
Do you LOVE working from home?
Do you LOVE making money?

Worldprofit Inc., now in it’s 16th year of business, offers an E-Business Consultant’s course.   We call it our Bootcamp Training Program. When you graduate from the course you earn the designation of being a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC).  The best part is as you are taking the course you are also a Worldprofit Dealer meaning you can EARN while you LEARN! That’s right, as you learn about building a successful online business, you have the ability to promote our line of web-based services and earn referral commissions.  The skills and resources you will acquire can you help you build any online business. If you plan to sell ANYTHING online you can benefit from Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Training Course.

Worldprofit’s Bootcamp training is a series of lessons that must be completed to ensure an understanding of the Worldprofit Home Business System including but not limited to the following:

-The Worldprofit system for generating money online from home – for ANY business
-The Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Package
-Lead generation Systems
-Prospect Management
-Newsletter Management
-Landing Pages for Lead Generation
-Advertising and Marketing
-Multiple Streams of Income (Affiliate Programs)
-Traffic Generation
-Traffic Exchange Systems
-Safelist Systems
-The Worldprofit Monitor Network
-Worldprofit’s Resellers Club
-ClickBank Selling
-Worldprofit Dealership
-Site Content Management
-Sales Training
-Interactive Websites
-Worldprofit’s Dealership (Commissions, Bonuses, Products and Services)

Worldprofit’s Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC) is the second stage of the Bootcamp Training. This advanced training is a series of online modules that must be completed to ensure an understanding of the Worldprofit Home Business System including but not limited to the following:

-Generating money online from home for any business or affiliate you are involved with
-The Silver and Platinum Package
-Lead generation
-Prospect management
-Newsletter management
-Landing Pages
-Advertising and Marketing
-Multiple Streams of Income (Affiliate Programs)
-Traffic Generation
-Traffic Exchange Systems
-Safelist Systems
-Monitor Network
-Reseller Products
-ClickBank Selling
-Worldprofit Dealership (Commissions, Bonuses, Products and Services)
-Site Content Management
-Sales Training
-Interactive Websites
-Webcast systems
-Video and audio recording systems
-Social Networking Sites
-Google Pay Per Click
-Traffic Generation – Advanced

George Kosch is the Bootcamp Instructor. George has created the online training program and supplements this with LIVE weekly training sessions. Using live webcasting and DeskTop Sharing, he helps students follow along to see for themselves what steps must be taken to build and promote a profitable online business. George is the Technical Director at Worldprofit and also the co-founder of the company. What he teaches, the secrets he reveals, the strategies he demonstrates and the software he profiles, are all the things he himself does and utilizes everyday to build traffic and make sales. You won’t hear “pie in the sky”, or “get rich quick pitches” from George.  You will, however catch his enthusiasm for how fun and profitable working from home can be! Just roll up your sleeves and get busy with the tools, and tactics George shares with you and you will be on the path to building your own online business.  When you have completed the Bootcamp Training course you will have earned the designation of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.

We’ve been helping people around the world build their own successful home business since 1994.  Will you let us help you too?

Become a free Asssociate member to find out more:

Go to

Worldprofit Surpasses 500,000 Members and reaches new milestone

From humble upstarts on a kitchen table, Edmonton based Worldprofit Inc., reaches a new milestone of over 500,000 members. Today, Worldprofit President, Sandi Hunter announced that the company has reached a new milestone of 500,000 Members.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” commented Sandi. “We’ve been working hard to build an easy to use system that our members can use to build a successful home based business – no matter what they are selling.”

” Sandi Hunter, President and Worldprofit Co-founder also noted, “The number of home based businesses continues to increase, our goal is to provide these people with education, training, website hosting and design, traffic tools, prospect generation, specialized software, and home business resources. With the right tools and the right training anyone can operate a successful and profitable business from their home. What we have tried to do is offer all those tools, resources and training resources from one source –”

Worldprofit Technical Director, and Co-Founder, George Kosch added, “Companies that don’t keep up with what is current simply don’t stand the test of time. We use web-based technologies like webcasting to interact with our customers on a daily basis. This personal interaction and connection is critical to understanding the needs of our customers and our prospective buyers so we can stay on the cutting edge. We started by offering a Reseller Program for only our services, now people selling anything online can benefit from Worldprofit support, training and educational resources.”

In closing, Sandi Hunter added, “There is so much more we want to do. We work in an ever-changing industry and every day brings the opportunity to be better. We welcome that challenge as Worldprofit commences the move toward the 1 Million Member mark. ”

Worldprofit: The Home Business Experts website is located at:

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with Backlinking

Want higher ranking at Google and other search engines? Read this! It is way easier than you think!  Yes, even for the little advertiser with a small budget for promoting online.

Here’s what you need to know. Search engines like Google want unique content so that users get valid and useful search returns when they do a search.   Some search engines,  Google included,  also determine a website’s popularity by the number of links to it.   The more links to a site (referred to as backlinks), often the higher ranked the website is when someone searches.

Now at first you may think, how does this help me? 
How am I going to get people to link to my site so my site is viewed as more popular and I get higher search engine ranking?  Well don’t run off yet.

Brilliant questions, now here are the answers!

1. Sweat Labour. If you have lots of time and energy you can manually post to forums, blog till your blue, join social networking sites, tweet, write and post articles, participate in discussions, include resource boxes and more. When you do these activities, ALWAYS include a link to your website. Even better – include lots of your key words in the copy adjacent to your website address. This method DOES work, and it does take time, a lot of time. Yes, you are the one linking to your site, but some links back to your site are better than no links back to your site. Combine backlinks with the keywords you want people to use to find your site!

Example: Worldprofit, Home Business Experts since 1994.


2. You can take advantage of various automated programs that provide the advantages of creating backlinks to your site. These are automated programs where you fulfill the Search Engines need for unique content and YOUR need for backlinks to your site.

Here are some examples of automated programs that allow you to publish articles, blogs, tweets etc to create backlinks to your site. Saves you time and all methods are well within Google’s guidelines.

Articles with Backlinks to your site

Mass Article Control:

Article Marketing:

Article Submitter:

Super Article Traffic

Forum Poster Software

Forum Poster Pro:

Niche Blog Finder

Twitter Traffic (remember Google indexes Twitter content as well)


Social Networking Sites:

Whether you use manual backlinking methods to increase your Search Engine Indexing, or you try any or all of the automated methods, you will be spending your time wisely to get your site ranked. Backlinking works to increase search engine ranking for your site.

Worldprofit Review Team

Trouble Managing Your Passwords? RoboForm to the Rescue!

Are you going insane trying to remember all your passwords but want extra security?
Now you can Find Your Favorite Sites, Eliminate Repetitious Form Filling & Never Forget A Login Again!

Worldprofit highly recommends a Password Manager Tool called RoboForm. Here’s why:

RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor’s Choice, and CNET’s Software of the Year.

RoboForm allows you to:
-Manage your passwords and Log In automatically.
-Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click.
-Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security.
-Generate random passwords to maximize password strength.
-Fight Phishing by entering passwords only on matching web sites.
-Defeat Keyloggers by not using the keyboard to type passwords.
-Back up your passwords and copy them between computers.
-Synchronize passwords between computers using GoodSync.

You can get a free trial of RoboForm, see if you like it, then buy it direct from

Now here’s the best part! Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get a handy free tool in the Resellers Club, called “Mastering Roboform”.  Once you buy RoboForm from the site above, you can use “Mastering Roboform” to know how to use if most effectively to save time!  To get “Mastering RoboForm” , login to your Dealer Member area, download it for your own use – PLUS you can sell “Mastering Roboform” to earn 80% commission.


The Support team at

Start using Social Networking sites or miss out on valuable ways to attract customers and make sales!

Easy! Fun! Profitable! From Twitter to Facebook and more – what you need to know.

At one time, anyone over 40 dismissed Social Networking sites as a complete waste of time as far as business purposes. This is 100% wrong, any business owner who thinks so should seriously read on and even consider hiring someone to build a company’s online promotion and presence using social networking sites.

Specifically, we are talking about using sites like:

Community Sites
Blogging sites
Squidoo and many many others.

Here’s why:

1. Posting information about your company, products or services helps build your online presence, allows you control over the content, allows inclusion of links to your website, blogs, profiles etc.

2. The fact that you have more content online about your company, product or services gives the Search engines more unique content to index about you and therefore helps with your ranking in search engines.

3. Building an online presence makes you more findable by both search engines and your customers, and prospective customers.

4. Building an online presence gives your company a face, creates an impression, makes you more approachable  and all of these things helps build relations with existing customers and attracts new customers.

5. It’s FREE! How often do you get free advertising in this world?
Signing up for an account in various social networking sites is free and costs you nothing but the time it takes to build your profile, and do updates as needed.

I hope I have you convinced. Here are some good products I have purchased, used and found valuable in teaching the newbie how to use Social Networking sites to build traffic and sales.

Squidoo Profits:

Social Marketing Secrets:

Unlimited Social Traffic:

Tweet Virus: Guide to Twitter:

Twitter Guide to Twitter Profits:

Yahoo Traffic:

Twitter Secrets:

Money Making Blogs: How to:

Here are our personal favorites for social networking! 

Blogger by Google at and our site at:

WordPress you are at it right now – thanks WordPress! and we are at:

Squidoo at and our site is at:

Our own community site at for all topics related to home business.


Delicious at:


Worldprofit Free Classified Ads

Back in 1994, Worldprofit built a classified ad system where people could place ads for free.  Back then the technology was not what it is today and this site was released long before the biggies like Yahoo and Craigslist came online.  We had to remove the site recently as updates were needed and there were some admin problems but we are happy to report we have now released the site again with new and improved features. Specifically:

-People can still place unlimited classifed ads – free at the site – that hasn’t changed!

-Users can create a Personal or Business Account

 -Users can create a Profile for their business

-Users can respond to email or queries directly from interested ad responders

-The category and subcategory is selected by the user

-The site is searchable by category or by all ad postings

We have created our Worldprofit Classified Ad Site to have a Home Business focus, so ads posted should be related to doing business from home, home business opportunities, services related to home business and internet related business programs.

You are asking where do I go to place my free classifieds ads? Go to:

The Unlimited free classified ad site at  is compliments of

If you find any bugs let us know as no doubt the programmers will still have to iron out a few wrinkles, we apologize if there are and will do our best to fix, but remember it is free 😉

April 3, 2009 Bootcamp Training Recording Now Posted to Worldprofit Member area

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Package owners can login to the Member area to watch the recorded version of George Kosch’s April 3rd Bootcamp Workshop.  George reveals a new Twitter tool that will jack your followers and should net you some sales.  After George shared this secret we had two Dealers make sales within 2 hours.

To access the training, LOGIN to your Member area, left Menu look under “Bootcamp Training: then click on “Recorded Workshop”.

Next Friday April 10th there will be another LIVE Training program and George will be showing you how Worldprofit is increasing the inventory of products you can sell once again AND making a commission increase announcement.  Watch for more announcements this week as we put the finishing touches on this application.  Whatever you do, do NOT miss the next training workshop.  If you want to make money with this company then BE at the training session.

The  change we are working on right now is going to allow an income stream that pays you 100% commission by Worldprofit partnering with one of the most popular online companies.   Stay tuned for details this week – this is exciting!

New Products Added to Worldprofit’s Resellers Club

Today we added 3 new products to the Resellers Club. Worldprofit Silver and Platinum package owners can now login to their Member area to download these free for your own use. You can also promote them and earn 80% commission on sales. We’ve included one-click links so you can post the products easily to your Newsletter, or use the Landing pages, or add the products to your website.

Our goal is to add a minimum of $400 worth of products to the Resellers Club each month. We select only software and products that are NEW, topical and of good value. The products we release cannot be found free online – all of them have an actual retail value, we buy them, along with the Resale rights, then make them available to our Silver and Platinum members. We select products that we have reviewed that we think will help you build your online home business, and help build your website traffic.

Essentially, in the last 6 months, we have completely overhauled the Silver and Platinum packages to increase the value, the tools, training, support, and the commissions payable to our Members. We are not done yet! Much more to do!

We will post more announcements as we release more products and accomplish more of the goals we set for 2009 with our “RE-MASTERED” Silver and Platinum packages.

To our loyal customers around the world, thank you for believing in the value of what we offer at Worldprofit, and for your supportive patience while we have been making these changes and improvements.  There is more to come as we work hard to support you too!