Review: Home Business Bootcamp presented by George Kosch, March 4, 2011

George Kosch commenced this week’s Beginner’s training session with an overview of the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.
For new Members, George discussed the basics of the Worldprofit program, inclusions, options and resources.

George emphasized the importance of CONSISTENT efforts for downline building, list building, daily promotion, ad tracking, and traffic generation to the Landing Pages.  Emphasis placed on necessary tasks to build a successful online business that must be done every day. 

Many people continue to get off track, George urged Members to review Bootcamp Training Video version 1C to focus on what is most important for results.  

Questions from participants were answered by George to wrap up the 45 minute Beginner’s Session, immediately followed by the Advanced Marketer’s Session.

The Advanced Marketer’s training session was primarily for graduates of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training (Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultants and Master Certified E-Business Consultants). George spent close to an hour discussing how to add an additional stream of income by promoting ClickBank products.

Topics included:

-how to check that you are using the CORRECT link so you get credit for sales 
-how to know which products are hot and selling well – the Worldprofit Featured CB product "Star" system.
-Worldprofit Ad Tracker – how to use it to analyze traffic
-Viral URL has an Ad Tracking System that we recommend, if you want another one in addition to the free Ad Tracker that Worldprofit provides  
-demonstration of promotional tools within Member area
-display of self-made ClickBank sales
-discussion of role of Safelists in promotion of ClickBank.
-Importance of Signature Blocks for backlinks
-Using Social Media for promotion
-Imacros – how they save you time
-SEO Promotion Tool Kit (free for Members) Plus, recommendation of SEO Link Robot (a paid program).
-CB Product reviews very helpful for promotion, backlinks to your site and sales
-URL Rotator for CB products to be included in new design layouts to be released shortly
-The new design will also include integrated CB Maximizer links for those Members who have purchased CB Maximizer

George reiterated that there is NO secret to making ClickBank sales other than the obvious advise to promote daily, especially the FEATURED products listed in the member area, and  use the Safelists recommended.
Members were reminded to not try to take shortcuts, and BUY leads or visitors from non-recommended sources.   

Members posed questions to George throughout the program inviting further discussion.  

Comments from today’s Home Business Training Session

Sheryl: Thanks, George, and everyone who helped.  Greatly appreciated and definately helpful.  Bye and everyone have an awesome day!
william: Thank you for this training
Jonathan: Ausome Job George look forward to the upcoming months huge potential in ways i cant even begin to explain
Tony: Thank you George, once again a fantastic training session
Chantal: thanks soooo much george and everyone
Vanda: Thanks George for a very informative training session. Thanks for all your help from support:-)
Arvell: great class, as always. Thanks so much
Alun: Thanks George, great session..

The Home Business Bootcamp Training is part of Worldprofit’s Certified E-Business Consultant program.
Each week live interactive training is offered via webcast complete with DeskTop Training to supplement a graduated online bootcamp training program.   
Started in 1994, Worldprofit Inc, has grown to be known as the Home Business Experts.
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Recording of Friday March 4, 2011 Beginner and Advanced Marketing Sessions will be posted in Training Library within Worldprofit Member area.
Next LIVE Home Business Training Session: Friday March 11, 2011
Instructor: George Kosch, Marketing Expert, Web Developer, Worldprofit Co-Founder