Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch June 14, 2013.

George Kosch, bootcamp instructor welcomed Worldprofit Members to the LIVE training session.

The number one question we hear is,   “How do I make money online?” Followed by “What’s the key?”

The way to make money online is by building a list.

Making money online is an ACTION you must take consistently to generate leads and make sales. Without a list you have no one to sell your products and services.  You have no one to buy what you are offering.

So how do you build a list?

You use landing pages to generate leads with an optin to your list/newsletter.

How do you get people to see your landing pages so they can optin to your list?

You must promote consistently.  Your focus in earning online should be 100% on promotion.

At Worldprofit we teach you how to generate leads, and build your list.  In the Worldprofit system leads are referred to as free Associate members. The concept, the requirement to generate leads from consistence promotion is fundamental to selling ANYTHING online. We teach you how to do so within the Worldprofit framework, but what we teach you to do, and the resources and tools we provide can be applied to building any online business, and selling any product or service.

You need to ask yourself each day, how many free Associate Members (leads)  have I generated today from my promotion (landing pages)? To see a conversion to sales you need to work on this every day.

When you are signing up free Associate members you are also building your list. Remember you can sell anything you like to your list. Worldprofit provides you with a number of your own list options, and don’t forget we send a newsletter out to ALL Associates on your behalf with incentives, offers and specials to encourage logins.

When you have a growing list you can make sales from your list. George referenced several income streams within your Member area as an example, the CB Maximizer, the Offer Builder, the Money Maker kit and the FastCash program.

DISCUSSION:  Got something else you want to promote? A product or service of your own?  Here’s what to do.

So now that you understand the value of the list and the critical importance of consistently working to build that list you should start to see how you use that list to promote any product or service you like!  The larger the list the higher the likelihood of seeing sales.

The list provides you with the power and ability to:

-generate leads -make sales
-benefit from leverage (buy this and get that)
-do ad swaps with OTHER list owners (expand your marketing reach)
-use your list to promote whatever you like, affiliate programs, products, services, your own stuff etc.

DEMONSTRATION and discussion:  George demonstrated how to send out a promotion 

New product Announcements

George revealed two new products coming soon.

1. The Easy Deal Builder.  We’ve purchased a developer’s license from this vendor as we like this software so much and want to make it available to our Worldprofit Members. This product will help you easily promote your own sites allowing you the power of leverage and list building to make more sales – of whatever you are selling.  We will do the installation and set up which can be difficult for non-techies.  Planned release by end of June at a discounted rate exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.


2. The Advanced Ad Tracker. Silver and Platinum VIP Members currently get the Ad Tracker included in the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership at no cost and we will continue to do this. We are however, developing an ADVANCED version of this software for more serious experienced marketers who require more detailed  ad tracking analysis and data summaries.  We are working on this now and will be releasing this mid-summer at a discounted rate exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

DISCUSSION: The Millionaire Mindset – the growth of a business.

George provided the example of the farmer who decides he wants to make money growing apples but has only one tree. He isn’t happy with just a few apples and a little profit. He learns he must plant more trees to get more apples.  It takes a while to grow the trees and get the apples, there is no such thing as INSTANT apples.   Then he has to nurture those trees, buy fertilizer, work hard to increase his apple harvest, invest in equipment to farm his orchard, find people to buy his apples.  If you want more apples (and more money) you have to invest,  put in the time,  and work your business consistently to make it grow.

DEMONSTRATION: At request of a member, George provided a demonstration of how to use Safe-Swaps.


The recording of the July 14, 2013 Home Business Bootcamp will be posted within 24 hours to the Worldprofit Member area.

Next LIVE training session with George Kosch  is June 21st at 8 AM CT.

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