Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch March 10th, 2017.

Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch kicked off the training session by pointing out some important sections of the Worldprofit Member area.
He drew reference to how to access the training and the importance of the online bootcamp lessons.
New Members should start the online training immediately and pay close attention to Lesson 3 for mastery of the fundamentals.

Featured Services and Demonstrations

Walk-through a Safelist Sign up. How Safelists work and why they work.
CB Maximizer
CB Promo Kit
Sales Funnels

Discussion Topics

Monitor Program; what it is and how to get started in the training. We’re looking for nice people to join our Monitor Team. It’s a great way to learn, stand out, and earn some nice perks for volunteering your time. If interested submit a Support Ticket and we will send details on the training.

About Worldprofit

Worldprofit is a community of real people helping others around the world to grow their own successful online business.
In Worldprofit company promotions, you will never see any images of exotic cars and expensive homes with promises of quick riches to lure people in.
What you will get is 20+ years of seasoned experience with real people offering honest help, proven tools and the resources required to build a legitimate online business. We invite our members to get serious about building an online business – one you can call your own! This is a completely different mindset then that of being a “biz-opper.” Dig into our training. Invest in YOURSELF! Set time aside to learn what you need to do to build your business. Be a DO-ER not a dabbler. You can earn as you learn at Worldprofit by following the training, taking action to grow your business all the while enjoying our help and support along the way.

What’s NEW!

Our Platinum VIP Members can now enjoy unlimited access THREE new advanced training and marketing courses at no extra cost.
We have just added the following VIDEO training programs:
Ultimate Amazon Selling (added March 9, 2017)
Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0 (added March 9, 2017)
Fast Cash Mechanics (added previously)
These are comprehensive training programs that Worldprofit has purchased the rights to for the exclusive use of our Platinum VIP Members.

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session. We had lots of great questions today!

The recording of the March 10 training can be viewed in the Worldprofit Member area under the TRAINING section.

The next LIVE training session with Worldprofit’s George Kosch is FRIDAY March 17th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

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