Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Session on Jan 20th, 2012

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert George Kosch covered the following topics:
-Value and importance of "natural" link building
-Danger of being impatient and overdoing promotion (autopromotion) on social media (Twitter etc)
-Facebook Pages for Business Purposes
-Connecting all the links of your Social Media pages and profiles (Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Skype, Google +, to your website and blogs)
-Consistent Promotion: the fuel that drives your business growth
-Effective promotion campaigns include a link building strategy WITH active promotion and paid ads.
-Promote FIRST! Build your links, social media, blogs, reviews later. Promotion brings in the sales now, link building builds your business for the long term
-Social media is not enough. Active promotion – consistent promotion is the key – ads placed at reputable sites
-Value of Product Reviews for SEO and link building
-Safe-Swaps and Solo Ads: Demonstration and discussion
-Effectiveness of Safelist Marketing
-Connecting personally with prospects
-Your Day’s Business Building Agenda: First order of business: Make Money. Next task: do what is required to make that happen.
-95% rule (95% of your time should be spent on promotion) 
What’s coming:
Demonstration of how Worldprofit is working on the integration of WordPress blogs into the Silver and Platinum VIP websites.
The goal being for the blog (and all that extra content) to be within the core domain address. The reason is so Worldprofit Members get better SEO indexing and ranking from the larger content base.
Also in development, the integration of product reviews into Member sites following the same kind of SEO friendly structure.
Updates for Worldprofit’s Live Business Center will be added in next 2 weeks these will be of particular benefit to our Monitors.
Thank you to all Worldprofit Members who participated in today’s training both by attending and by posting your discussion comments. Worldprofit is a home business community, we all benefit by sharing and helping others.
Recorded version of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp: The recorded version of Jan 20th’s Training with George Kosch will be posted later today to the Worldprofit Member area and also to YouTube.
Next session of Worldprofit’s LIVE Home Business Training: Friday Jan 27th, 2012.
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