Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Oct 7, 2011

Today’s Home Business bootcamp training was nothing short of BRILLIANT! 

In his typical laid-back manner, Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor,  George  Kosch spoke frankly and intelligently on the critical factors of building an online business.

George dished the goods on why some advertising sources are an absolute waste of time and money.
He discussed the expense and complexity of Google Advertising and stressed  the value of using other trusted advertising course.     The key word is TRUSTED sources.  George reminded members that Worldprofit has a list of trusted, advertising sources within the member area along with advertising materials and the Ad Tracker tool for tracking the results of ad campaigns.

George reminded Members that you must do the work to make the sales!  Patience and consistent effort to promote EVERY single DAY! You eat every day right? You MUST promote every day to FEED your business!
No product sells itself – products sell because the are PROMOTED consistently.

Three words to take away from today’s training…


After covering various types of advertising the disadvantage and advantages, George then tackled the question of why do some people make it in this business and why some don’t?

George revealed more details about the new Safelist services that Worldprofit will be releasing shortly. On screen he showed the basic structure and functionality of the Safelists that Members will be able to use and own.  Much more work has yet to be completed before this new Safelist service is ready, stay tuned for updates.

Following the demonstration of the Safelist service, George took questions from the answers.  He spent some time talking about paid sign ups and why leads from those sources and questionable countries are a waste of money.  The source of the leads matters, not the number of leads is what is important.  That is why Worldprofit created a list of recommended advertising sources and posted it within the Worldprofit Member area.  Look for this under Advertising / Traffic.

After the recording concluded, George spent some time on advanced topics including Search Engine Optimization, specifically SEO Nuke and social networking tool, Google Plus.

Thank you to all who attended the LIVE training today – you have taken the first step to being on your way to building your own successful online business.

For current Members who missed the LIVE session today of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, the recording will be posted later today.

For Non-Members, you can learn more about how to earn at home from the Home Business Experts, get a free Associate Membership at

Next Session: The next Worldprofit LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training is Friday Oct 14th at 10 AM CT.