Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, session on Jan 21, 2011.


George Kosch, Instructor for Home Business Bootcamp started with the Beginner’s Session.
Worldprofit welcomed a number of new Members recently, and many took advantage of today’s training to learn how to earn from home.
Time was spent reviewing the bootcamp levels necessary to be completed in order to graduate as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.  
George showed on-screen the exact tasks that new members need to do to get off to a good start and on the road to earning online from reputable sources.
After answering questions from Members, George concluded the Beginners Session.  
For those Members unable to attend the live training, the session was recorded so can be viewed later today with the Member area.

Following the Beginners Session, George moved on to a specialized training session for Members who have graduated from the basic training and earned the designation of Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.
Today’s training focuses on SEO Strategies, Article marketing, and Blogging, all three being critical components for building an online business.

Bootcamp Topics included:

-WordPress Blogs
-Mango Blogs
-SEO Tools accessible by Worldprofit members
-Article Marketing – The Article Directory and the Article Publisher (free for all Worldprofit Members)
-What you need to know about the major search engines and getting your content indexed
-How to generate more traffic using tools included in your member area.
-The Free Promo Code Center – free advertising for Member access
-Business building strategies that work.
-Recommended Marketing Tools

Comments from today’s Bootcamp Training Participants

Annette:  Wonderful as always George thank you.
Anik: I will really like that George !!!!!
Wayland: Thanks George – you always get me energized to go a little further
Lance: Awesome, I was wondering how that worked
Allan: George. I love how you take this things and breaks them into pictures easy to understand, and REMEMBER!
Wayland: Blog – what we are looking at – it is the best
Lance: Very Nice
Arvell: great!
Mary:: Thank you George and have a great weekend
Lothel: Thanks George!  Very informative as always!
Lance: Hooah!  Great Training!
Susan: are you going to be doing this type of session on a weekly or monthly basis
Gregg: Thanks, George
Anik: Thank you George for this great training
Jonathan:George Thanks that was ausome have great weekend
Allan: WOW! Great training again George. Thanks a lot.
Wayland: Thanks George, Sandi, Justin and everyone else behind the scenes making this all work!
Jonathan: Well Said Wayland huge thanks from me as well

Thank you to each of you who attended the Live Training!
We appreciate your comments, feedback and for using the training we provide.
Your input helps us develop and refine services for the benefit of all Members.
We look forward to seeing you at next week’s Home Business Training Session

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Celebrating our 17th year in business in 2011.

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