Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with Marketing Expert, George Kosch June 10, 2011

The Beginner’s session of the Bootcamp Training was devoted to Worldprofit newcomers. George covered a number of the basics of the Worldprofit Home Business Training System.
Emphasis was placed on the how and why of signing up Associates and how this one action leads to multiple sources of income directly and indirectly.
George spent time helping new Members understand the Worldprofit home business system complete with diagrams and examples and instruction. The Worldprofit Monitor Network was explained along with the details of how the system works to make Members sales.
The Live Business Center is unique to Worldprofit and allows a personal interaction with people from around the world interested in a home business program.
George reminded Members why they must promote the Landing Pages and NOT their website.  Some members are still not understanding this so are urged to watch the training videos again to understand why.   He concluded the session warning people NOT to be an analyst, but instead to be a DOER!   If you are reading this and think this may be you, watch the recorded version of today’s training to get the full explanation of why being an analyst will send you on the path to failure.   Newbies should concentrate on the basics of promotion to generate Associates and start getting RESULTS, and not focus on the intricacies and technical details of the system.
The Advanced Training Session followed the basic training.  This session is for more advanced marketers, those Members who have more experience, and graduates of the Bootcamp Training program.  George explained the Fast Track Ad Co-op.  100% of funds generated from FastTrack purchases are invested into paid trust advertising sources, as Associate sign ups come in they are emailed to the Dealer who has purchased FastTrack leads.   Details of this program and the advertising sources are in the Member area under ADVERTISING/Traffic section for full disclosure.      Discussion was held on on the critical importance of list building from promotion, landing pages, blogs and trusted advertising resources.  The Worldprofit system has the tools, resources and training for sales success – all Members need to add is consistent HARD WORK.   Each and every Member has access to the exact same tools and resources – the only difference is the person using the system.
George answered a variety of questions on various topics including how to add a Newsletter sign up to a Blog, how to de-activate a plugin on WordPress, how to benefit from Viral In-Box.   For the complete Q and A, watch the recorded version of today’s training or better yet attend the next LIVE training to get your own questions answered.  George announced that a new ClickBank product review is in the Article Directory and more PLR products were added to the Worldprofit Member area today.
George Kosch is both the Bootcamp Instructor and the Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc.
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