Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with Marketing Expert, George Kosch May 6th, 2011.

During today’s basic training George welcomed new Worldprofit Members and provided an overview of the Worldprofit Home Business System.

Members were instructed to follow the online training levels so they could understand how to use the tools, software and resources available. 

By following the online training, newbies can stay on track, and focus on the activities that will produce results and move toward graduation as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant.  Many people are new to building an online business and the bootcamp is designed to keep you focused on doing the task that are most important.  Too many newcomers get caught up in the learning and never actually start applying what they have leaned so sales can be generated.  George spent a considerable amount of time covering Safelist Marketing and the critical importance of consistent promotion.  He outlined the do’s and don’t and common errors he sees people making when they first get started that sabotages their success.  Questions were answered throughout the 45 minute basic training session.

Following the basic training session, George moved on to provide some updates on some new features in the member area. Specifically, updates have been made to the Ad Tracker system.  With these improvements, members can now check their daily stats as well as a 10 day summary.  George reminded everyone that the minimum goal per day is 200 hits.     George shared that a new service is being tested at and invited members to join and provide feedback.  The site is being developed as a way for the world to showcase their home business.    In addition, George announced that new ClickBank products have been added and are now posted in the member area.

During the advanced Marketer’s session of today’s training George covered how to know the best places to advertise, covered the importance of Landing Pages and cloaked URL’s, as well as how to increase conversions, and the use of iMacros.  George warned people from using fake traffic or robotic traffic sources and stated his favourite trusted advertising sites. Paid advertising from the trusted list of sites posted to the Member area is recommended. People with questions about ClickBank were directed to watch the Jan 28th recorded training as well as the others listed in the Training section.  He also pointed out that the Top Selling CB Products are listed under the CB Promotion Kit.   George answered an important question about all the benefits of being a Monitor including traffic credits, associates, important sales training and other perks.    Success is directly related to how hard you work, it’s that simple.  Advertising aids, landing pages, banners and copy are all in the Member area, George encouraged members to make use of these and not try to re-invent the wheel.   For those who want to make banners for their own opportunities, George made a recommendation for a free online service.   A participant asked for an explanation about the type of prospects in the Prospect Manager so George provided a  summary of the capabilities within this organizing software.   George reminded Members to, "stick to the basics of promotion". Members should use the tools and resources in the Member area, to promote, promote, promote and be patient.  Use your Ad Tracker to see if your advertising is producing. 

Today’s session was really a brutally-honest direct conversation with George Kosch.  He made it clear that success is directly related to how hard and how smart you work, it’s that simple.  Building ANY business is tough, building an online business is no different.   George shared an amusing  true story about the importance of self-discipline and hard work and how some people have the grit for this and some don’t.  ALL Members have access to the exact same tools and resources and system.  If you are not making sales, take self-responsibility for this.  Review the training, review your actions, critically analyze your own performance.   George relayed a story about how when he was a military jet pilot instructor he had to fail some pilots out of the training.  ALL the pilot candidates had access to the same jet, the same instructors, the same training but not everyone made it to graduation to earn their wings.   Sometimes the reality is that not everyone has the "stuff" required to make it and this can apply to many aspects of life or business.  The Worldprofit system incorporates years of training, research and experience into one system that is created to build success for those who choose to follow it.

Today’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp training concluded after nearly 2 hours. A variety of topics were covered today, it is worth it to watch the recorded version posted to the Worldprofit member area.

George Kosch is both the Bootcamp Instructor and the Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc.

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