Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch December 9th, 2011.

Bootcamp Instructor and marketing expert, George Kosch covered a lot of material for participants.

Training topics:

Solo Emails
Sales Conversions
Landing Pages
Ad Examples
Monitor Network
Personal Live Business Center (PLBC)
Associate Memberships
Ad Tracker
Bootcamp Training Lessons
Spam – why you need to check your spam folder to avoid missing important communication, payment notices, support replies etc.

Following the training component, George Kosch provided important updates relevant to Worldprofit Members.


1. Automation for Monitors now in place.
Monitors received a more detailed description of these changes by email so look for that if you are a Monitor.

2. New Safelist Exchange service available from Worldprofit – Overview of System

George did an onscreen walk-through tour of the new Safelist Exchange Service.
Specifically he reviewed:
-Admin settings and owner controls
-Payment system – Alert Pay and PayPal only
-How you make money with the system through list building and sale of advertising
-What went into the development of this new system and why.
-Scalable for one click easy system updates as required

We will accept just a few more pre-orders prior to the price increase. More details are below. For those interested in cost submit a Support Ticket to request a quote.
For those who have already purchased you will be set up in the order you placed your order.

–>> VIDEO: Here is a video George has recorded that explains the Safelist Exchange System

What is the new Worldprofit Safelist Exchange Service (stand alone version)?

If you have always wanted to have your OWN Safelist and generate advertising revenues – now you can! Sell advertising, sell Memberships, and/or promote your own opportunities and affiliate programs – the advertising revenue is 100% yours. The Safelist Exchange is a money-maker here’s why!


-You are the owner of the Safelist Exchange – you get the power of both a Safelist System AND an Ad Exchange all in one.
-You can pick whatever domain name you like for your Safelist Exchange.
-You keep 100% of the advertising and membership revenue generated by the site – login ads, solo ads, credit purchases, header ads and more – what you sell is yours!
-Ecommerce is already built-in so you just have to enter your how you want to get paid for advertising revenues (PayPal or Alert Pay).
-Custom design of your main is included so your Safelist is 100% unique.
-You get an Easy-to-use ADMIN panel for managing accounts, memberships, ad approvals and more. We set up the defaults so you are off and running – no fussing about with settings.
-Technical Support is included! Worldprofit provides Technical Support to YOU and to YOUR Members, 7 Days a Week.
-Your Members can promote to our entire network of partners. This means that even though your Safelist Exchange may be brand new you don’t have to start with zero Members.
-You know all the traffic tools, and advertising options included in your Member area? Guess what? You can now also use that power to promote your own Safelist Exchange.
-Management of the mail server, database and webserver is included! This is a HUGE Advantage – we keep you up and running, secure your Safelist and update it as required to keep your exchange cutting-edge and never dated.
-Worldprofit has developed the software used for your Safelist Exchange – this means you get access direct to the developer and are never left on your own once you have made your purchase. Support is ongoing and direct from the source.
-You don’t have to get bogged down with the Tech Support – Worldprofit handles this – you are free to focus on promoting your Safelist Exchange and generating your advertising revenues.

Comparison to what other companies offer.

Put bluntly, there is no other company offering what Worldprofit’s Safelist Exchange includes, here’s why.

Other companies will set you up with a generic cookie-cutter Safelist, often an out-dated or error-ridden script, then you are on your own. It’s up to you to generate Members from ZERO. As the Safelist owner, other companies expect you to provide your own Tech Support to your Members. It’s up to YOU to figure out how to administrate and manage your Safelist AND YOU provide tech support 7 days a week to your Members.

Other companies simply do not have the technical support resources that Worldprofit offers. This is where Worldprofit is head and shoulders above the rest – others will sell you a service then good luck getting support. Worldprofit has built this Safelist Exchange software and supports it 100%. Remember, since 1994 we have built our business platform helping people create their own successful online business, this is just one more service we now offer and stand behind.

Summary: Getting your own Safelist Exchange from Worldprofit means this. You own the Safelist. You collect 100% of the revenues you generate. Worldprofit sets the Safelist up for you and provides you and your members ongoing Technical Support.–> For those interested in cost of the new Safelist Exchange, submit a Support Ticket to request pricing.

3. Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Service – coming soon.

4. Questions and Answers
George answered questions from participants throughout the training today.

NOTE: Worldprofit apologizes for the technical interruptions during today’s LIVE program. If you feel you missed anything, the recording will NOT have the same choppiness and breaks so please watch the recorded version posted in the Member area.
On the top menu look under the Training Session and view the Dec 9th Bootcamp Video Training.

Worldprofit’s Next Live Home Business Training is Friday Dec 16th, 2011.