Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch November 11, 2011.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Training is LIVE and interactive with detailed focus on helping people learn to earn online with reputable streams of income.

First some service updates from Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch.

INSTANT SET UPS for new Members!  Improvements are now completed for set ups.  New Silver and Platinum members who purchase and pick a pre-registered domain name, get set up INSTANTLY.  This used to take up to 48 hours, but now is completed within minutes of the order being placed. For for those who pick their own domain name, set up will still take up to 48 hours.  We urge new Members to pick a pre-registered name so they can be set up INSTANTLY.

NEW Home Business BOOTCAMP LESSONS: We now have over 40 lessons with more to come. A Lesson Summary is listed under HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.  Members can change to any other lesson you like, jump ahead, go back, zero in on exactly what you are having trouble with or want additional learning.  This allows greater control for Members to control pace and depth of their learning, as well as help our Support Team direct members to the lessons that will further their understanding and progress.   Our goal was to simplify the bootcamp while adding more in-depth detailed lessons on critical topics directly related to building an online business.

Following the service updates, George Kosch moved into the Training Component of today’s Home Business Bootcamp.

George answered questions from participants pertaining to the following topics: training, advertising, Safelists, leads, clickbank sales, Personal Live Business Center, RoboForm,  WordPress, missed emails (spam filters),  value of additional email addresses (Gmail recommended.) For complete discussion watch the video recording of today’s Bootcamp Training.

A reminder to Members that free products are posted regularly to The Worldprofit Vault (available in your Member area). Before you buy any new product, check the Vault first as we may have it included free for you already.  For NEW MEMBERS!  For Members who are stuck! Read this.

If you are a new Member, if you are stuck, if you are not sure what do to next, DO THIS right away:

Watch this training  Video:  TITLE: BOOTCAMP MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS Access is in your Member area, TOP MENU select TRAINING. It’s the FIRST VIDEO posted there.  You must learn the fundamentals or you will get stuck and frustrated. Watch the video. We tell you this over and over again for a reason, the video is critical, and your success depends on your understanding of the basics.

What’s coming:

Providing and option for Members to convert Bootcamp Lessons to PDF to print out. Option for Members to email to yourself a specific Bootcamp lesson Top  Monitors – We want to recognize the fine people who invest personal time to help others in our community. We appreciate your time commitment and will be adding a Top Monitors section to the Member area. RapBank and Click2Sell are still scheduled for inclusion in the Promo Kit. Work continues on both the Safelist Plugin AND the Safelist Exchange (stand alone version)

If you missed today’s LIVE training, you can access the training within your Worldprofit Member area, on TOP MENU, select TRAINING.

If you are not a Member and would like to learn more about Worldprofit’s Home Business Training Program and Earn-At-Home Systems, visit our website. Get a free Associate Membership to see how we can help you build a profitable home based business from reputable streams of income.  Now in it’s 18th year of business, Worldprofit is the #1  home business training program of people around the world.  We hope to earn your business soon.