She did it again! Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for February 2014.


Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for February 2014.

Congratulations to Linda and…..

to the following keeners who made the TOP 20 Sellers list. Here’s the final standings.

1. Linda Elze
2. Wallace Johnson
3. Howard Martell
4. Leo Laurent
5. Noel Livingston
6. Anita Ludski
7. Anthony Slate
8. Dori ONeill
9. Pam Sudo
10. Robert Janeczko
11. William Buck
12. Bruce Lee Wright
13. Danielle Herbert
14. Eva Mena
15. Garrett L Hutsko
17. Hugh Hamilton
18. Jason Gilmore
19. Jay Rodhouse
20. Lisa Martiniuk

In February we noticed that some of you….

made your first sale! BRAVO!

– earned a CASH BONUS for achieving new sales volume!

– earned higher commission by upgrading to Platinum VIP Membership

– achieved a personal best, making the most sales you’ve ever made

– graduated from the Basic Bootcamp Training – hooooray!

– increased your number of Associates by doing more promotion!

– were able to apply commissions earned to cover your monthly membership cost

– increased your click rate data on your Ad Tracker by expanding your promotion

– took the time to THANK the Worldprofit Monitors for helping close your sales

Now, if you didn’t make a sale this month, don’t worry help, training and support is available.

Here’s what you should do if you are eager to earn but just aren’t there yet.

1. If you haven’t already started the Home Business Bootcamp Training lessons, login now and get started.
2. Try to attend Friday’s LIVE training with George Kosch or watch the recording.
3. If you get stuck on any of the Bootcamp Lessons, submit a Support ticket and we are here to help you.
(The link to SUPPORT is on the TOP MENU).

REMEMBER! The people on the Top Sellers list started just like you did on Day 1, Lesson 1. They had to learn what to do and how to do it. They committed themselves to Worldprofit’s training. Do the same and there is no reason why YOUR name can’t be on that list. We’re here to help you, so dig into the training today.

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