Interview with George Kosch, co-founder of Worldprofit Inc. on the occasion of the company’s 19th Birthday

George Kosch is one of the three co-founders of home business training company Worldprofit Inc., that this month marks it’s 19th birthday.

The following in an except from an interview with George Kosch conducted Aug 14th, 2013.

George, I understand that you attended the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and following that you served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Most of that time you were training to become a jet fighter pilot, and once successful, you then went on to teach others to fly jet aircraft. Can you tell us something about how your experiences in the military shaped who you are today and especially helped you build your own company, Worldprofit?

"Well, one incredibly valuable thing you learn in the military is discipline. You learn the value of not just hard work, but goal-oriented consistent hard work.  I recall during my basic training that we had to learn how to build and clean our own rifle. I can’t remember how many steps were involved exactly but I’m sure it was well over 50 steps involved with this one life-saving task. Our sergeants were tough and had high expectations for all the recruits, at one point I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do this one task, yet alone graduate from basic training. In teaching us what to do they broke the overall goal down into several small but manageable tasks. We had to do each step over and over again until we mastered disassembling our rifle, cleaning it, then reassembling it. It took some of us longer that others but we all had to stick to it and learn – no excuses! Once we had mastered the skill, the final challenge was to do the entire rifle assembly and cleaning from start to finish BLIND-FOLDED within a set time on the stopwatch.  (Part of the grim reality in military training is that the enemy doesn’t wait for daylight to allow you to leisurely  prepare your rifle, so survival means begin able to do so quickly in pitch blackness.)  My reason for sharing this story with you is this. When we started Worldprofit back in 1994, I was fresh out of the military. The Internet was not what it is today. Much of what we did back then to build an online company meant having to be a pioneer in the industry, there was no manual of how to build an online company.    We had to learn, build and develop our own products, services and customer base.   The discipline I learned in the military gave me a "never give up" attitude about business and kept us strong and focused through good times and tough times.   You see, Worldprofit is a training company that provides website hosting, software, traffic, SEO tools, and specialized software to small and home based business owners.  Everyday was a learning experience. We had to try things, fall on our face, pick ourselves up and figure out what we needed to do to provide unique, in-demand services to our home based customer in an industry that changes daily. It was overwhelming at times.  We  lived through the dot com crashes and saw other companies going down around us. I credit my training in the military for teaching me that any problem can be solved by breaking it down into small parts, then working at it consistently to find a solution or reach a goal.  I’ve applied that thinking in my personal life to achieve success and also in my business life and the model we use at Worldprofit. I created Worldprofit’s Bootcamp years ago for our customers (Members) to break down the tasks they need to know into small achievable tasks to help them build their own online business. I know it is overwhelming when people first decide to start an online business there is so much to learn. We’ve been there.  Goal setting,  focus,  practice and repetition does not come easy to some and unless their is solid training and  support many will give up before they reach their goal.    What we’ve done at Worldprofit is break all that learning down into self-paced lesson plans covering topics including search engine optimization, website development, lead tools, traffic strategies, online marketing, blogging, article marketing, social media and more. We teach this in an online self-paced training program, complimented with LIVE interactive training that I do personally each and every week via webcast, along with offering 7 days a week of technical and marketing support for our members."

George as you, and Worldprofit enter your 20th year in business, any thoughts you would like to share on the future for online entrepreneurs?

" I think it is just going to keep getting better and better for anyone who wants to work at home and make income from home.  When we started this company many of the resources we offer now simply weren’t possible and weren’t even a realistic option for non-techies. Technology has become simpler for everyone to use and profit from.  Today our Worldprofit Members can enjoy easy-to-use and understand traffic analysis  tools,  graphic design software, lead tools, e-marketing resources, e-book creation and more.  Setting up a website even 10 years ago was tough without specific training.  Today you can have a website up and running in minutes. Blogging is both profitable and easy to do. Selling online is safe and secure for both sellers and buyers.  Creating your own e-book and selling it online now is simple when it used to be quite complicated and time consuming.  People used to look at you funny if you said you were making money online, now it is more common, but still not easy if you don’t have access to the support, resources and reputable products and services. That’s where we come in. It’s our goal at Worldprofit to continue to be the #1 choice for online home business training by providing all the best resources and tools in one place.  We know that it’s not just about having the tools, though. People need and want help, and mentoring along the way to achieve their goals and know what to do with those tools.  I owe my Sergeant in basic training  a big THANK YOU. He taught me a lot more than how to assemble and clean my rifle. He taught me the importance  of self discipline, practice, focus and goal setting; skills applicable to LIFE. Thanks Searg!"

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