14 Ways to Make Money with Worldprofit’s Earn at Home System

Here, we introduce you to several ways you can earn money using the Worldprofit Home Business Training and Earn at Home System.

How You Earn Money with Worldprofit (by promoting our products / services – or your own!):

– The Worldprofit Dealership is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships. This allows you to promote Worldprofit web-based services including Memberships to earn a commission on the service sold.

– Silver Members earn 20% for sales referrals of Worldprofit services; Platinum VIP Members earn 30%. Both Memberships include 5% bonus commission sponsored Dealer group sales volume. Bonuses up to $1,000 are also paid on New Sales Volumes.

– Promote the turn-key sites in the FAST CASH MONEY MAKING program and keep 100% of your sales earnings.

– Promote the products in the Resellers Club to earn 80% commission

– Promote the products in the Money Makers Program to earn various commission as set by the hand-selected vendors (50 – 100% in most cases)

– Sells ads at Read-4-Cash to earn
80% commission

– Promote ClickBank products to earn
100% of what you sell – the ClickBank Website Plugin puts over 10,000 products on your site!

– Promote the 20+ Streams of Income Services from various recommended online sources

-Add the Amazon Storefront to your website -it’s easy – just use the link under CONTENT MANAGEMENT section

-Use the Affiliate Center to add your own Affiliate programs to your site, or add any or all of the 70+ Affiliates we recommend

-If you have one of the pre-built blogs offered by Worldprofit add your Affiliate programs, PLR, ClickBank, etc and monetize the site for yet another revenue source

– Use the tools and traffic included in your Membership to sell ANYTHING YOU wish to promote including Affiliate products, services, PLR products. You are NOT limited to selling only Worldprofit products and services. This includes use of the Prospect manager, your Newsletter, the Safelist Promo Blaster, the Promo Code Center and more to promote YOUR opportunities and affiliate programs. Lessons are included on each of these tools.

-Add pre-built embedded or full page Landing pages to your site, OR create and add your own custom Landing pages to promote other affiliate programs you are involved with. Do this within the CONTENT MENAGEMENT section of your Members area, select ADD LANDING PAGES and ADD LANDING PAGES II.

– PLUS, if you have the Safelist Plugin, you earn 50% on the sales of ads. If you own the Safelist Exchange (Stand Alone Version) you get 100% of the revenue for advertising and memberships. (More on the Safelist Exchange Plugin and Stand Alone Version in the lesson titled as such).

Where to find out HOW MUCH you can MAKE and On What Products and Services

We have provided you with a Commission Chart so you can see the products and services you can sell to earn, plus how much you make, and bonuses you can earn.

In your Member area on the left menu select SALES AND COMMISSION. Within that section you can access the Commission Chart, your Monthly Commission Report and details on bonus payouts of up to $1,000!

Look for the following sections in your Member area for details on these REVENUE PRODUCING Programs including:
PLR STORE/THE VAULT, Resellers Club, 20+ Income Streams, Money Makers Promo Kit, Fast Cash Money Making program.

SUGGESTION: If you are interested in more information on the traffic included in your Membership and how you can direct this to other opportunities you are promoting, look for the lessons titled, TRAFFIC GENERATION and MONEY MAKERS PROGRAM and AFFILIATE MARKETING.

For more learning on the money-making topics covered here, consult the following Home Business Bootcamp lessons:

-The Affiliate Center
-The PLR Store
-The ClickBank Website Plugin
-20+ Streams of Income
-Content Management (Amazon, Landing Pages, Wibyia and other add-ons)
-Safelist Advertising
-Safelist Plugin, and Safelist (Stand Alone Version)
-FastCash Money Making Program

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