Review of Worldprofit’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Friday Sept 16, 2016.

George Kosch kicked off a powerful training session today!

Theme of training session: Prospects and Affiliate Sales. How to use Worldprofit’s system to generate leads, and traffic for any and all your affiliate programs.


1. THANK YOU to our valued Monitors who volunteered time over the summer to keep Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center operational.
Now that we are into the fall season, not just the weather is going to be brisk, so too are sales. It’s an exciting time of year – the best sales quarter in our industry and YOU are in the right place at the right time to profit.
We are looking for new Monitors to join our team. To inquire about training and perks, submit a Support Ticket we will send you the details.

2. It’s time to freshen things up! We will be recording a new Silver membership presentation video, recording new training videos for the bootcamp training lessons, and updating the writting lessons. Linda Elze has recorded a new training video for our Monitor Team.

3. Regular Monitor Meetings will resume in the next week or so, watch for details.

Training Topics.

New to Worldprofit? George outlined what new members should do to get started today and how to get the MOST out of the online and LIVE training sessions.

George spent considerable time explaining how Worldprofit’s system helps you generate leads, how to handle leads, how to convert leads using the tools and resources in your member area. Worldprofit’s system is effective for sales in any affiliate marketing program.

There are over 100 tools included in the basic Silver Membership and evern more in the Platinum VIP Membership. George focused on just a handful of these tools to help Members understand how to use these to generate leads, build traffic, close sales, and grow your own email marketing list. Master the basics of marketing as we teach it and apply these strategies and skills to ANY online affiliate business you are involved with, not just promotion of Worldprofit services. The Silver Membership is comprehensive and includes everything you need to start growing your own profitable online business right now, without purchasing anything else. Some Members make the decision to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership to enjoy more privileges, more traffic and to earn a higher commission grade.

How to generate leads, handle and close Affiliate sales.

Featured Resources, Tools and Software exclusive to Worldprofit Members.

Prospect Manager (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Associates: Who’s Logged In. (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Ebook Creator (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Call Loop (not included (optional recommended service)
Landing Page Builder ((included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Prebuilt Offers, Ad Examples, Landing Pages, OTO’s ((included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Offer Building System (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Newsletter Software (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Virtual Sales Assistant (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Universal Bonus Builder (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Lead Funnel (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Link Builder (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Personal Live Business Center (included in Platinum VIP Membership only)
Autoresponder (included in Platinum VIP Membership only)
Cool Tools (optional and recommended)
LIVE site chat (optional and recommended)

This is just a SAMPLER of the resources included in your Membership and they all ALL geared to one thing – helping you make money.

Key Requirements for online success that is covered and included in Worldprofit’s training system.

Continual Lead Generation from reputable QUALITY sources
List Building Strategies
Traffic Growth
Offers and conversion strategies
Promotion Mastery

Promotion is the key to sales.
Whether you are promoting your own affiliate programs, or you are promoting Worldprofit services (or both) you must prmomte consistently to see results. In your Worldprofit Member area are all the tools you need to do your promotion, along with recommended places to promote, the bootcamp training teaches you how to access and maximize your earnings. We also recommend the best places to promote so you get the best results.
If you want to make money online you MUST master promotion!

How Worldprofit’s system is working for you in the background to help increase your sales.

1. We offer Help and Support 7 Days a week to your Associates and your Dealers
2. We email out a Newsletter every few days to ALL Associates to stay in contact and for brand recognition.
3. We email out to ALL Associates special offers, incentives and One Time Offers to entice trackable sales.
4. Upon logging in to their Member area, Associates see special limited timer trackabee offers to encourage upgrades or upsells.
5. Worldprofit’s Live Business Center is operational 24 hours a day. When Associates you refer login they are greeted by one of our Monitors who offer assistance, direction and make a Special LIVE upgrade offer. When Associates you refer upgrade or make a purchase, you earn the commission.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session. Your questions are the best way to learn! Ask, watch, learn then DO. Master the basics and you are well on your way to building your own successful online business. We are here to help you every step of the way.

The next LIVE interactive bootcamp training session with your instructor and coach, George Kosch is Friday Sept 23, 2016 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Any questions? Remember, help is available 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Simply submit a Support ticket.
The link is located on the TOP MENU in your Member area. No hype just help.

A few comments from the people who matter most! Our Members!!

Wallace: Well Done George, Carry On!

Irena: Thank you George. Great trainings.

Vaurn: thx..George

Garry: great session George

ken: thanks George for your candor

Robert: Thank You George another great session

Linda: awesome as usual George ty

Joyce: Ok, Thanks George. And I appreciate all of the extra free things you gave us with this system!

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