Google Quality Rater Guidelines of BBB Reviews

Worldprofit Inc, has been an accredited Member of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau since November 2000 with an A Rating.

So we were delighted to learn that Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines has reaffirmed the BBB as a trustworthy source of information about a business’s reputation and a vital tool for consumer’s looking for FACT based unbiased information.

"In an update to their Quality Rater Guidelines released earlier this year, Google has reaffirmed BBB as a trustworthy source for information about a business’s reputation. Quality Raters are contract employees for Google who evaluate search results produced by the search engine giant. They’re given actual results from real searches, asked to visit the pages that appear in the list, and report back to Google on how well the page quality resolves the original search. While they can’t directly change results, their feedback does become part of Google’s algorithm, which is an automated system used to rank pages."

Source BBB North, a Year in Review.