Review of George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp Training held Dec 30, 2016.

George Kosch, your Home Business Bootcamp coach, started the session promptly and thanked those attending the LIVE session.
If you couldn’t be there, a link to the recording is included below.

Questions and demonstration requests are encouraged in the training – these weekly sessions are all about helping YOU. For those Members unable to attend the LIVE training, you can submit your questions or requests for demonstrations, via a Support form then you can watch the recording later to get your answers or demonstrations.

Here’s a recap of the last training session of the year, held Dec 30th, 2016.
(Special thank you to George Kosch for providing training to our valued Members, every Friday for the last 52 weeks! Your dedication is appreciated).

Theme: How to Make 2017 your BEST year yet for online sales!

Is this the year you resolve to: EARN MORE MONEY ONLINE!

…and is this the year you will put into practice the tasks to accomplish your goal?

Here’s what you need to do to make MORE money online in 2017.

1. Set your goals. Be realistic.
2. Focus on the online bootcamp training lessons, what you need to know and do is all in there!
3. Generate a steady supply of Associates. Associates are like GOLD. They start as free members and have the option to upgrade to Silver or purchase any number of other services. When Associates you refer make a purchase you earn commission! Our system is working behind the scenes to make Associates offers, provide incentives. special deals and more. When they login they are greeted by one of our Monitors who make them an offer to upgrade. The Monitors are working for you to try and close sales for you! Our system is working to try and get sales for you. All you have to do is promote. We teach you what you need to do in the bootcamp training. Our support team is here to help you 7 days a week. You are in the ABSOLUTE best place to grow your own online business today, tomorrow and for years to come! We teach you to build an online business, we are not a biz op. Get serious about a business. Treat it like a business and nurture it, care for it, grow it.
4. Learn the basics of promotion and you learn to FLY!!!! You can apply these skills to any or all your online business programs.
5. Once you have learned the basics, expand your promotion. Promote to more places, promote more often.
6. Vow to learn one new thing each day about marketing online. Your Member area is filled with tools, resources, ebooks, training lessons, and more. Take some time everyday to learn something new. As your comprehension grows, apply what you learn to make your business grow.
7. Resolve to do the WORK consistently to get the results. It’s not about watching the videos, and reading the lessons. It’s about DOING. Apply what you learn to promote as we teach you in the bootcamp. Don’t dabble. Don’t fluff. Dig in and DO consistently.
8. Resolve to grow your email marketing list. You need leads AND you need to grow your own email list. That way if your programs changes, if your products change, if your affiliates change, you have a LIST of prospects. Every profitable business owner, online and OFF, has an email marketing list. Make growing yours a PRIORITY. Again, the tools to do so are in your Member area, and we teach you how in the bootcamp lesson.
9. Believe in yourself and that you are worth making this WORK! Understand that everyone gets frustrated at some point when they learn a new skill. The Top Sellers in our program are no different. They started just like you, on LESSON 1, they stuck with it, determined to grow their own online business. They put in the effort and today they are enjoying the results. You can do this too!
10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everything you need to be successful is all here at Worldprofit in one member area. Take advantage of the online training, the help available through our Support team 7 days a week, the LIVE interactive training each week and the hundreds of resources at your fingertips. We’ve been here for over 20 years supporting our Members, we can help you too.

Questions discussed and answered from participants.

1. What are the Worldprofit Traffic Injections?
2. What is the Worldprofit Community ( ?
3. How can I use Worldprofit’s included Landing Page Builder?
-to promote Worldprofit
-to promote my own biz ops and affiliates
-to grow my list
-to add LIVE Sales Chat to my landing pages
-Lead Capture
Note: Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder is accessible under the LEFT MENU under the WEBSITE MANAGEMENT section
4. How to access the HELP Videos for each product, services, or software offered by Worldprofit?
5. Your included Ad Tracker, why it’s so important to evaluating your online promotion efforts.


1. The Report Card has been updated! A number of Worldprofit Members have been asking what happened to the Report Card that allows you to track your progress. We had removed it to do updates. It is now back and accessible in your Member area on LEFT MENU at the top directly below where your name appears you will see in red font, “YOUR REPORT CARD” click on that.
2. We are looking for new Monitors to join our Team. Learn and get some nice perks too! Submit a Support ticket and we’ll send you details.
3. There is NO monitor meeting this Saturday.

Remember! Need any help with accessing or using your Worldprofit services?

Any questions, or concerns, submit a Support Ticket so we can help you.
We are here 7 days a week / 365 days to assist you. Use us! Please!


Worldprofit Members can review the recording of the DEC 30th, 2016 bootcamp training in your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE Training session today.
We appreciate your comments, questions, and feedback so the training is meaningful to both the individual and all members.

—> The next LIVE training session is Friday Jan 6, 2017 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Happy New Year to all!

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