Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Dec 5, 2014. Focus: Common Mistakes made by new internet marketers and also how to avoid getting suckered by fake advertising sources.


Every Friday morning we offer you LIVE interactive training complete with questions and answers, demonstrations and updates on what is available to help you with your online marketing and building of your online business.

In today’s session your coach and personal instructor, George Kosch was direct and spent considerable time in the training to help newcomers get on the right path for earning online.
If you are NEW to Worldprofit and missed the LIVE training you WILL want to watch the recording.
If you aren’t making sales you WILL want to watch the recording.
If you are making sales now and want to make MORE sales, watch the recording.

Training Topics

A: Commons Mistakes newbies make.
Know these mistakes so you don’t make them, get frustrated and give up.

B: How to avoid getting suckered by fake advertising sources.

C: Infographic of the Worldprofit Bootcamp Success System

D: What, how and where you should be advertising and what you shouldn’t.

E: Overview of Bootcamp Training Lessons (now over 100 lessons, move forward / backward / move to specific lessons of interest to you)

F: How to search for specific content.

What’s new for Members.

Updates are now completed to Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder Software including the new Ad Tracker
George provided demonstration of these updates and how you benefit from the Ad Tracker.
Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder Software is INCLUDED in both Silver and Platinum VIP membership and is one of our most used software programs.

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder with Ad Tracking System

-The tracking works with ALL landing pages you build – for any of your business ops, affiliate programs
-Easy to use
-The Tracker identifies referring URL, IP Address and the time your page was viewed.
-Fully automatic – you don’t have to do anything to activate it

Simply create your landing pages, promote them, and the Ad Tracking is automatic.
Know right away where you are getting clicks from!
Check your Ad Tracker data to know instantly which are your best producing advertising sources.
No more guessing what is working and what’s not, just check your Ad Tracker for the real data.

Watch the HELP Video located in your Member are to understand how to benefit from this software.
This software alone is worth your monthly membership cost, it’s that powerful.

Featured Worldprofit Services

Website Management System

George Kosch provided a demonstration of how to create pages for specific products you wish to promote.
Also he showed how to add Affilate Code to your site using the AFFILIATE CENTER.

Video Locker – Post your videos. Quickly, easily.


Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session today.
We appreciate your input, questions and requests – it keeps the training focus on you and your needs.

The recording of the Dec 5th training is posted to your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section (top menu).

Next LIVE training and coaching session with internet marketing expert, George Kosch is Friday Dec 12th at 8 AM CT.

We hope to see you then. If you have requests for specific training topics but cannot attend the LIVE training submit them via Tech Support ticket PRIOR to the training and George will cover then you can watch the recording later for your answers.

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Help for NEW Worldprofit Members just getting started.

1. Are you following Worldprofit’s bootcamp online training? Go at your own pace but DO the tasks for each lesson to progress and learn.

2. Have you attended either the LIVE training on Friday mornings, or watched the recorded version? If not DO!

3. Are you promoting consistently? Where, what and how often are you promoting?
Those who get sales use the landing pages we provide and promote those to generate leads and sales.

4. Have you asked for help? If you need help submit a SUPPORT FORM. On the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.

We provide the tools and resources. Dig in, get busy. Do the work – get the results.

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