Review: Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training session on Friday Nov 28th, 2014 by Internet Marketing Expert, George Kosch.

Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch opened the training session with a warm HAPPY THANKSGIVING wish to our friends and Worldprofit family members in the USA.

Then it was down to business with a solid overview of how Worldprofit helps you make money.

George described the Worldprofit system, the steps involved, what we do for you, and what you need to do for yourself.

He detailed how you can use this training and system to earn from the services Worldprofit provides and also YOUR OWN affiliate programs, MLM etc.

George then covered how the training works for you. For new members, your first and most important step?
Start the online training lessons (please!)


Promotion Basics
How to find your ads/landing pages/banners/swipes and more
Cloaking Links
Browser Compatability and Recommendation for FireFox
Website Management System
Header Banner Creator
Amazon Store
Video Locker

Member Updates

The Landing Page Builder improvements are completed.
Tabs have been added to make things easier for you.
You can EASILY and QUICK create video landing pages, ebook give aways, Google hang outs. Choose from a variety of backgrounds both basic and more sophisticated. You can integrate the Live Business Center, or add your own graphics to the splash pages.
The Landing Page Builder is INCLUDED in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
Why would you buy software to create landing pages when you already get Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder at no cost!
This is just one example of a valued added software package included in your membership.
Your membership is a ONE STOP Resource for all the tools and software and training you need to be not just a successful internet marketer, but a profitable online business owner. We are talking about building increasing amounts of income with proven reputable strategies

What’s coming for Worldprofit members: .

1) Ability to add your own directory names to your site for key word title strings
2) Automatic Referral Link Tracking for the Landing Pages you create.
3) Video Ebook from George Kosch (rebrandable for Worldprofit Members)
4) More PLR products to be added soon for your PLR Store (applies to Platinum VIP Members)

Promotion Tips

ScreenShare of Ad Tracker Data – how to understand the data collected by your Ad Tracker.

George did a screeenshare of the Ad Tracker Tool. (included in your Membership)

George provided an analysis of CRAP TRAFFIC. He revealed how to NOT get taken in by this kind of traffic.
He shared why THOUSANDS of Clicks on your Ad Tracker can mean NOTHING.
How to avoid Robotic Traffic. Don’t get taken in, George tells you what you must know.
When you rely only on free traffic sources you can’t target specific countries, you will get some good and some not good leads.
If you want the highest quality traffic from specific countries then paid advertising is your best option.
George shared his recommendations for good low cost paid ad sources.
This element of the training is very important, we see too many people waste time and money on garbage traffic.
Follow the training and George’s advise to avoid this, and put your time and energy into quality traffic to get the results you want to grow your business.

A few comments from participants

Angela: Just wanted to say Thanks George for all of these great Tools i’m having the time of my like with this i found everything i was looking for to help me with my home business it bring everything together for me its a NBA in a box lol

olabode: that is a very good idea to have separate landing page for our own individusl biz.

howie: what are some of the upcoming gadgets you will be inventing for us?

Randy: Virtural Sales assistant is a great tool

Mark: Expand a little about Live LBC in Android?

Petah: THank you all … I enjoyed this hour … it got a bit “greeky” for me – I learn that way …

Douglas: Thanks George and Sandi for the great info.

Garry: Thanks to the Worldprofit team Sandi George

Vijian: Thank you George

Lawrence: Thanks George

Concluding Remarks.

Thank you to everyone who attended the training session today.

Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch recorded version

Next LIVE Home Business Training with George Kosch is FRIDAY DEC 5th, 2014.
Come. Learn. Do. Profit.

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