Bots don’t buy! What every affiliate marketer needs to know about fake leads.

The bots are taking over. It’s a full out "bot-invasion"!

No, it’s not the theme of a science-fiction novel.

It’s the reality and growing plague facing affiliate marketers.

Sadly it’s sucking money out of the pockets of unsuspecting newbies, and more experienced marketers too!
Trusting, gullible marketers buy what sounds like a good deal at a low price, watch what looks like a lot of traffic or leads come in, but no clicks are no conversions/ How can this be, when statistically even a dud ad should get SOME clicks at least.

Unscrupulous advertising vendors exploiting lead and traffic hungry affiliate marketers by selling fake leads and traffic.
These lead peddlers have grown highly skilled at providing unsuspecting buyers with leads and subscribers that look real but in reality are fake.
It goes far beyond that, it’s not just worthless lead lists (that’s been going on long before the Internet, its sophisticated automated methods they use to have Bots click on your links, bots fill out your forms, and bots visit your site. Your numbers go up! Your leads go up! Your traffic skyrockets. You think it’s real, it appears real, it’s not. Fake. All fake. The worst part is, Bots don’t buy.

So what’s an affiliate marketer to do so you don’t waste your time and money on robotic traffic?

Be a smart and REALISTIC marketer. Here’s what to look for in determining if a lead source or traffic source is real.
You know that not every click is going to generate a sale but you do know that at least some clicks should convert to a sale.

When analyzing your clicks here’s what to look for these are guidelines only to consider…

-IP Tracking (this is not fool proof, IP’s can be spoofed). IP’s should vary in general although this is not always a problem in the case where the leads are coming from a single source website address then distributed out to buyers.
-look for patterns in the name entry on your form fields. Example, all data is entered the same way – humans don’t enter data the same way each time, they make spelling mistakes, they use first name, last name, initial, first name only. Compare to bots that enter date perfectly every time, in the exact same manner.
-look for themes. Example all the leads, origin are from the same geographical area. This would not apply if purchasing region specific leads
-Human leads respond to emails, the phone number is valid, they may be willing to chat when invited. Think about it – if YOU request information about a product or service you are likely going to respond in some way.
-Understand that Bots don’t respond to emails, they don’t answer the phone, they don’t interact or chat with you after requesting information
-If using an email authentication system, humans will confirm or authenticate an email or information request, bots never do.
-How is the traffic being generated? Paid ads? Rotational Advertising? For what term? Where will your ads be posted? Ask for disclosure on sourcing. Can you yourself sign up for the ad posting service to see your ads/

Recognizing fake lead and traffic vendors BEFORE you buy.

It’s not easy. You have to be smart, do your homework, be realistic.
Extremely low cost price points with ridiculous pitches and claims that seem to be good to be true should ring a warning bell in your head.

When you see subject lines like this in your email box, instantly be SKEPTICAL!





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Remember! Bots don’t buy! Make sure your traffic and your leads are REAL. Test new sources but analyze your traffic, your click rate, look for verification and source.

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