Publish your own custom ebooks with Worldprofit’s Custom Ebook Creator

We were so pleased when we received an incredible uplifting note from Worldprofit Member Brenda Mohammed!
I asked Brenda if I could share it with you and she agreed, so here it is..

"To Worldprofit Technical Support

I just want to let you know that I published my True Story on Amazon Kindle two days ago.


Already I have received emails from two buyers who said that they purchased it for close relatives who are stricken with cancer and it is helping them to have positive thoughts.

I only started publishing EBooks last month because of Worldprofit’s Custom EBook Creator.
It is so easy to use.

To me that is the best part of Worldprofit’s training, because I love writing.

Worldprofit should advertise the Custom Ebook Creator more.
I do not think that Worldprofit members know the value of this tool."

Here is the link to the ebook by Brenda Mohammed titled: I am Cancer Free.” It’s her own personal story.

NOTE from Worldprofit Technical Support: Worldprofit Members you can find the Custom Ebook Creator in your member area.
On the LEFT Menu select ARTICLE/EBOOK Marketing then select "CUSTOM EBOOK CREATOR"

Thank you Brenda, first for sharing your tremendous personal news and also for letting us know that a Worldprofit service is helping you to share your story. 
We are so happy for you.

~ The Worldprofit Tech Support Team